RV living is NOT a vacation! Its not all campfires and beautiful hikes. It is real life! It may be more of a vacation if you are retired and without kids, but if you are doing this as a working family that includes kids it gets complicated. So here are the 6 ways that RV living is NOT a vacation.


Most people do not work while vacationing. If you do, you need to stop and enjoy that time!

To be able to continue our RV living journey, Robert and I both work.

I work from home part time, but often pick up extra hours when I can.

Robert works full time.

In addition to our jobs, we also run this blog, social media accounts, and our YouTube channel.

All that takes up time as well.

Even though we have jobs that give us quite a bit of freedom, we are still working quite a bit.


I don’t know about you, but I don’t do laundry when I’m on vacation.

Sure if one of the kiddos gets food on their clothes I’ll hand wash it out, but I’m not running loads of laundry or cleaning sheets on vacation.

Some people use laundry services where you drop it off and they clean and fold it for you, but most people I know are either using the laundry facilities at the RV parks or their own on-board washer/dryer units.

We use the on-site campground laundromats. We often debate whether we we should buy a portable washer, but…


RV living involves regular, everyday chores.

You are in a very small space so you are constantly keeping it organized and clean.

That’s pretty typical, you may even do that while you are on vacation, but you probably aren’t going to be scrubbing toilets, sinks, or vacuuming.

Vacation typically means having a break from all these things!! Can we say Room Service!!

Slow Travel

RV living means we get to travel slowly.

We don’t have a 2 week limit on where we can go. We can just go when we want and explore the area.

We tend to stay 30-90 days in one area. That gives us time to get to know the local area. Sure we do visit some touristy parts, but tend to live like the locals.

We have the time to explore at a leisurely pace. We can wake up late, make pancakes and then explore the area. We aren’t pressed for time.

Vacation means – get up and go every day so you can explore everything you can for the amount of time you have off.

RV Living
Finding and enjoying local spots. That’s what we love!

No Packing

This is such a great thing about RV living.

No matter where you go, you have everything you need with you.

We have gone on vacation and we have stayed at a hotel on the beach. It was great, but I hate having to pack!!

I’ve also gotten really bad at it since I’m use to having everything with me all the time!!

RV living is not just campfires and smores. It is real life, not a vacation!!


I don’t know about you, but I have never decorated on vacation.

Maybe I’m wrong.

If you are just going for a 2 week RV trip, do you decorate?

Then again, we have been in our RV for over a year and we still haven’t decorated.

I’m missing that part that likes to decorate and do crafts…

RV living is not just campfires and smores. It is real life, not a vacation!!

Final Thoughts

So, what do you think? Do you think RV living is like a vacation?

If we worked less and had an on-board washer/dryer I think RV living would feel more like a vacation.

Don’t get wrong though, this is the life we have chosen and we are enjoying it!! Let us know what you think in the comments!!

I’m a blogging, YouTubing, RVing, roadschooling mama of two who is married to the fantastic Robert (the other half of Exploring the Local Life).

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