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Dealing with a smelly and clogged RV toilet can quickly ruin any camping trip. The confined space of an RV means unpleasant odors have nowhere to escape. Fortunately, TST RV toilet treatment drop-ins provide an easy solution to freshen up your RV’s toilet and prevent clogs.

In short, TST drop-ins are small tablets that dissolve in your RV toilet tank to break down waste and tissue, control odors, and help prevent costly clogs. Using them regularly will keep your black tank clean and your RV toilet smelling fresh. While simple to use, understanding when and how to use TST tablets helps maximize their effectiveness.

In this guide, I will explain everything you need to know about using TST RV toilet treatment drop-ins. Equipped with this knowledge, you’ll be able to confidently use TST drop-ins to keep your RV toilet clean, fresh, and flowing freely.

How to Use TST RV Toilet Treatment Drop-Ins

How Many TST Tablets to Use

TST packages recommend adding 1 tablet per gallon of black tank capacity as a regular dose. For most RV toilets, 2-3 tablets per treatment is sufficient.

Follow these general guidelines for how many TST drop-ins to use based on your tank size:

  • 10-15 gallon tank – Use 2 tablets
  • 16-30 gallon tank – Use 3 tablets
  • 31-40 gallon tank – Use 4 tablets
  • 41-50 gallon tank – Use 5 tablets

To calculate your exact tank capacity, refer to your RV owner’s manual or tank manufacturer’s specs. When in doubt, start with 2-3 tablets until you get a feel for the right dosing. It’s better to use too few than overload the tank.

Note: Before long trips or storage, double the regular dose to provide extra cleaning power when the tank may go a while between emptying.

How to Add TST Tablets to Your RV Toilet

Adding TST tablets takes just a few simple steps:

Step 1: Open the Toilet Lid

Lift the toilet lid so you can access the bowl. Make sure not to open the black tank valve at this stage, which would empty the tank contents.

Step 2: Drop Tablets into the Bowl

Remove the measured TST dose from the package. Drop the tablets directly into the toilet bowl, carefully avoiding touching the sanitary surfaces.

Step 3: Flush the Toilet

Flush the toilet a few times after adding the tablets. This rinses the bowl and sends the tablets into the tank to start dissolving.

Step 4: Reseal Package

Fold over or seal up the remaining TST tablets to prevent moisture exposure. Store them in a cool, dry place until the next treatment.

And that’s all it takes! The tablets will slowly dissolve over several days to work their magic. Make sure to close the lid so guests aren’t surprised by the cleaning tablets.

How TST RV Toilet Treatment Drop-Ins Work

Before learning how to use TST tablets, it helps to understand what they do and how they work.

TST drop-ins contain a blend of active enzymes and chemicals designed to break down toilet waste and control odors. The active ingredients attack the main components of human waste – fats, oils, starches, proteins, and cellulose.

How TST RV Toilet Treatment Drop-Ins Work

The enzymes break down these substances into smaller particles that won’t stick to tank walls or clog pipes. Some of the organic matter gets converted into gases like carbon dioxide, which vent out of the tank. The chemicals also help suppress nasty odors emitted by the waste.

Here are the key benefits TST RV toilet drop-ins provide:

  • Break down and liquefy solid waste to prevent clogs
  • Reduce odors from the tank and RV toilet
  • Help waste slide through pipes and valves with less sticking
  • Freshen and deodorize the tank to keep smells at bay
  • Save costly repairs and maintenance by avoiding clogs

TST tablets work best when used preventatively before clogs and odors build up. Adding them to the tank regularly will provide continuous cleaning and prevent waste accumulation.

Active Ingredients in TST Tablets

TST tablets contain a blend of active enzymes, organic acids, and essential oil fragrances:

  • Protease and amylase – Breaks down proteins and starches
  • Lipase – Helps liquefy fats and oils
  • Cellulase – Dissolves toilet paper and waste
  • Citric acid – Provides cleaning and degreasing action
  • Pine oil – Natural disinfectant and deodorizer
  • Fragrances – Mask odors with pleasant scents

This combination of natural and synthetic ingredients targets all aspects of waste to prevent clogs and smells. The enzymes attack the toughest components while the acids and oils tackle odors.

TST tablets are safe for standard RV waste tanks when used as directed. They will not harm seals or pipes. The fragrances leave a light fresh scent in the bowl after dissolving.

When to Add TST Tablets to Your RV Toilet

Timing is important when adding TST tablets to your black tank. Here are the best times to drop them in:

1. Before First Use

Add 2-3 TST tablets to your empty black tank before using the RV toilet for the first time. This gives the active ingredients time to coat the tank interior before waste starts collecting. It provides a clean start.

2. After Emptying the Tank

After having your tank emptied at an RV dump station, add 2-3 TST tablets once you return to your campsite. This treats any residue left behind after pumping.

3. Before Long Trips or Storage

Add a full dose of TST tablets if you’ll be traveling for many hours between emptying the tank. The same applies before storing your RV for an extended time. The tablets will keep working to break down waste and prevent clogs or odors.

4. Monthly Maintenance

As part of monthly RV maintenance, add a measured dose of TST drop-ins to provide a cleaning boost. This helps dissolve any build-up happening inside the tank.

5. At First Sign of Odor

If you notice even a faint odor from the toilet, immediately add 2-3 TST tablets. This will treat the source of the smell and prevent it from growing worse. Catching odors early maximizes the effectiveness.

Take advantage of these key times to preemptively freshen your tank and avoid major issues down the road.

Tips for Getting the Most from TST Tablets

Follow these tips and best practices when using TST RV toilet drop-ins to maximize their effectiveness:

  • Add tablets at the right intervals and before issues arise
  • Stick to the recommended dosage based on tank capacity
  • Let tablets fully dissolve between treatments
  • Always flush immediately after adding tablets
  • Don’t use other tank treatment products at the same time
  • Replace drop-ins at least annually to refresh the potency
  • Clean the tank thoroughly between RV trips or seasons
  • Have the tank professionally pumped if clogs persist

Avoid overusing TST tablets or adding too many at once. Excessive use can damage plumbing seals and fittings inside the tank.

Comparing TST to Other RV Toilet Treatments

TST tablets aren’t the only option for cleaning and deodorizing RV toilets. Common alternatives include liquid RV tank treatments, bio-digestant packets, and bleach-based toilet bowl cleaners.

Here’s how TST tablets stack up against other popular products:

  • Liquid treatments – Require more effort to pour into the bowl. Can splash and spill. Often contain formaldehyde.
  • Bio-digestant packets – Need water to activate before use. Limited contact with tank walls. Shorter active life.
  • Bleach cleaners – Only treat the toilet bowl, not the full tank. It can harm seals with repeated use. Harsh chemical fumes.
  • TST tablets – Simple to drop into the bowl. Long 2-3 week dissolve time. Coats the entire tank interior. Enzyme-based formula.

For ease of use, cleaning power, and cost-effectiveness, TST RV toilet treatment drop-ins have some clear advantages. Their compact tablet form provides targeted cleaning exactly where it’s needed most.

Are TST Tablets Safe for RV Toilets?

When used properly, TST tablets are safe for your RV toilet’s tank and plumbing. However, you should still follow these precautions:

  • Avoid excessive use beyond the recommended dosage
  • Don’t use other tank treatments at the same time
  • Make sure tablets contact only toilet components
  • Have a professional inspect if clogs persist
  • Rinse the bowl well if tablets will sit for prolonged periods

TST tablets have a child and pet-safe design when stored out of reach. Take care to keep both groups away from the toilet bowl during treatment.

The active ingredients are strong enough to break down tough waste but are formulated not to damage RV toilets with periodic use. Just be smart about how often and how many tablets you add at once.

Related Queries

1. Where Can I Buy TST RV toilet Treatment Tablets?

You can purchase TST tablets at most RV supply stores, campground shops, Amazon, and directly from the manufacturer online. They come in various quantity packages to meet different budgets and tank sizes.

2. How Long Does Each Tst Tablet Last?

On average, each TST tablet will slowly dissolve over 2-3 weeks in the tank. Using the standard dosage, they continue working to break down waste and control odors for up to a month before needing to add more.

3. Should I Use TST Tablets With Every Flush?

No, only add tablets at the recommended intervals such as before trips or once monthly. Using them with every flush is excessive and can damage your tank. Let each standard dose fully dissolve before adding more.

4. What’s The Shelf Life Of TST Tablets?

Unopened TST tablet packages have a shelf life of up to 2 years from the production date stamped on the packaging. Write the date you opened a new package to reference when they should be replaced.

5. Can Tst Permanently Damage My Black Tank?

TST tablets are safe for RV toilet tanks when used properly per the package instructions. Severely excessive use could potentially damage components, but regular dosing will not cause issues. Discontinue use if leaks arise.

Wrap Up

Hopefully this guide has answered all your questions about how to use TST RV toilet treatment drop-ins. Taking a proactive approach with TST tablets will help keep your black tank clean, open, and odor-free for the long haul. Implementing a consistent tablet dosing regimen requires minimal effort but delivers maximum benefits. While RV toilets are never glamorous, TST drop-ins simplify the hassles small spaces can create. Now that you know when and how to effectively use them, you can spend less time worrying about clogs and smells, and more time enjoying the freedom of RV travel and camping. Don’t hesitate to refer back to this article if you have any other TST tablet usage questions. Thanks for reading and happy trials! Please drop a comment below if you have any other RV toilet care tips or tricks.

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