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Recreational vehicles, or RVs, allow travelers to explore the open road while enjoying the comforts of home. An RV blog chronicles experiences traveling cross-country in these motorhomes. As the RV lifestyle grows in popularity, YouTube has become a hub for RV bloggers to find community and share advice. 

In recent years, more people are ditching stationary living for the freedom of RV travel. RV sales hit record highs, indicating this way of life resonates now more than ever. RV bloggers capture the appeal through videos documenting their journeys. YouTube is the perfect platform for RV bloggers to take viewers along for the ride.

In a welcoming community, popular channels share tips on RV living, tours, travelogs, and more. For those considering life on the road, these RV bloggers motivate and inspire. From family-friendly channels to solo travelers, below are ten of the most popular RV bloggers on YouTube today. Their videos open up the wonders of exploring America close-up from an RV.

Popular RV Bloggers On Youtube

Criteria for Selection Top 10 Most Popular RV Bloggers On Youtube

A. Subscriber Count

– Indicates a channel’s overall reach and fanbase.

– Higher subscriber counts suggest a dedicated following and consistent interest in the content.

However, it’s not always a perfect measure of quality, as some channels might have inflated numbers through promotions or inactive subscribers.

B. View Count

– Measures the total number of times videos have been watched.

– Reflects a channel’s ability to attract viewers and generate interest in their content.

– High view counts can signal popular videos or topics that resonate with the audience. But it’s important to consider factors like video age and promotion strategies that might affect view counts.

C. Content Quality and Relevance

  • Essential factor for long-term success and viewer engagement.
  • Encompasses factors like:

– Provides valuable tips, insights, and entertainment for RV enthusiasts.

– Hosts are personable, captivating, and create enjoyable videos to watch.

– Videos are well-edited, visually appealing, and offer clear audio.

– Cater to the interests and needs of the RV community, addressing common questions, challenges, and trends.

D. Engagement Metrics (Likes, Comments, Shares)

-Demonstrate how actively viewers interact with the content.

-High engagement suggests viewers find the videos interesting, relatable, and worth sharing.

-Signals a strong connection between the channel and its audience.

  • Includes:
  • Likes: Indicate viewers’ enjoyment of the content.
  • Comments: Show active discussions, questions, and feedback from viewers.
  • Shares: Demonstrate a desire to spread the content to others, expanding the channel’s reach.

Keep Your Daydream (Marc & Tricia)

1. Creators: Marc & Tricia (Marc and Tricia started their channel in 2016 to document their experience giving up normal life to travel North America in their RV)

2. YouTube Channel: Keep Your Daydream – YouTube 

Subscriber Count: 512K+

3. Video Focus:

– Inspiring travel adventures that emphasize mindfulness, nature connection, and personal growth.

– Known for high quality cinematography and editing of their travel videos, Family-friendly content with a positive and upbeat tone.

– Topics include scenic explorations, RV tips and tricks, DIY projects, tour their RV renovations, discuss minimalist living,camping hacks, and heartwarming family moments.

4. What Makes Them Unique:

– Their focus on mindful travel and personal growth sets them apart from other RV channels.

– Marc & Tricia’s genuine personalities and infectious enthusiasm make their videos engaging and relatable.

– They offer valuable insights into balancing family life with full-time RVing.

– Their high-quality videography and editing showcase the beauty of their journeys.

If you’re looking for RV content that goes beyond just travel tips and stunning visuals, “Keep Your Daydream” is a great choice. Their focus on mindfulness, personal growth, and family life offers a unique perspective on the RV lifestyle. Their positive and inspiring approach is sure to leave you feeling motivated and ready to chase your own dreams.

A. Less Junk More Journey (Marissa & Nathan) 

1. Creators: Marissa & Nathan

– YouTube Channel: Less Junk, More Journey – YouTube 

– Subscriber Count: 243K+ (as of December 23, 2023)

– Start Date: 2017

2. Video Focus

– Transition from house to full-time RVing with a family of four (including Hensley and JJ).

– Family-friendly content centered around traveling with young children.

– Practical tips and advice on RV organization, boondocking, and national park adventures.

– Honest and relatable portrayal of the joys and challenges of RV life.

3. What Makes Them Unique

– Their strong focus on family travel resonates with many viewers.

– Marissa and Nathan’s down-to-earth personalities and real-life challenges make them relatable.

– They offer valuable insights into budget-conscious RVing and boondocking strategies.

– Their content is well-organized and visually appealing, including helpful resource lists and product recommendations.

Less Junk More Journey is popular for its genuine and relatable family-oriented content. Viewers appreciate the practical tips and insights they offer. Their honest portrayal of the challenges of RV life resonates with many viewers. Some viewers suggest they could include more in-depth technical RV information.

If you’re looking for inspiring family travel adventures and practical tips for RVing with kids, Less Junk More Journey is a fantastic channel. Their down-to-earth approach and emphasis on budget-conscious travel make them relatable to many viewers. While they might not delve into deep technical details, the focus on family life and enjoyable travel experiences truly sets them apart.

B. Long Long Honeymoon (Sean & Kristy)

1. Creators: Sean & Kristy

2. Video Focus

– Exploring the joys and challenges of full-time RV life in America.

– Cinematic travel videos showcasing stunning landscapes and breathtaking adventures.

– Focus on budget-friendly travel, hiking and DIY projects.

– Tips for boondocking, RV maintenance, and adapting to life on the road.

– Reviews of unique camping spots and recommendations for off-the-beaten-path destinations.

– Honest and humorous portrayal of their adventures and misadventures

3. What Makes Them Unique

– Their emphasis on budget-conscious RVing resonates with many viewers seeking affordable travel options.

– Sean’s background in filmmaking and Kristy’s sense of humor make their videos engaging and relatable.

– Their stunning videography and editing skills elevate their travel videos to cinematic experiences.

– They capture the thrill of adventure and the beauty of nature, inspiring viewers to explore the world.

– Their focus on unique camping spots and stealth camping makes them stand out from traditional RV channels.

– They share valuable DIY projects and tips for maintaining and customizing their RV.

– Their openness about the challenges and unexpected situations of RV life makes them relatable and authentic.

If you’re interested in the practical aspects of full-time RVing, budget travel tips, and DIY projects, Sean & Kristy’s Long Long Honeymoon is a great channel to follow. Their honest and humorous approach makes them relatable, and their willingness to share both the joys and challenges of life on the road provides valuable insights for aspiring and seasoned RVers alike.

C. RV Love (Marc & Julie Bennett)

1. Creators: Marc & Julie Bennett

2. Video Focus

– They’ve been living in their RV since 2014, giving them a wealth of knowledge and practical experience.

– Their video tours of their remodeled RV interior are known for their creativity and resourcefulness, offering inspiration for other RVers looking to personalize their living space.

– They provide helpful resources and guides for those considering the transition to full-time RV living, covering topics like planning, budgeting, and logistics.

– They share extensive knowledge and resources on boondocking, allowing viewers to explore off-grid camping options.

– They offer reviews on RV gear and modifications that make small-space living easier and more functional.

3. What Makes Them Unique

– Their content emphasizes helping viewers solve everyday RV challenges and improve their living experience.

– They share both the joys and challenges of RV life in a relatable and honest way.

– They actively interact with their viewers through comments, Q&A sessions, and live streams, fostering a sense of community among their audience.

Marc & Julie Bennett from RV Love are valuable resources for aspiring and seasoned RVers alike. Their practical advice, inspiring renovations, and relatable approach make them a popular and trusted source of information for the RV community.

D. RV Odd Couple (Mercedes & John)

1. Creators: Mercedes & John

2. Video Focus

Entertaining and insightful look at full-time RVing with contrasting personalities.

– John Focuses on DIY repairs, modifications, and technical aspects of RV life.

– Mercedes Shares tips for frugal RV living, cooking in a small kitchen, and raising a toddler on the road.

– Humorous interactions between the couple showcasing their contrasting personalities.

Their adorable pet dogs often join in the adventures, adding an extra layer of charm.

3. What Makes Them Unique

– John’s impulsive and hands-on nature contrasts with Mercedes’s calm and methodical approach, making for entertaining and relatable content.

– The channel offers something for everyone, from DIY RV enthusiasts to those interested in the day-to-day realities of traveling with a family.

– Mercedes provides valuable insights for budget-conscious RVers and families considering life on wheels with young children.

– Their adventures often feature their adorable dogs, adding an extra layer of cuteness and fun to the videos.

If you’re looking for a fun and informative channel about RV life with a unique twist, the RV Odd Couple is a great choice. Their contrasting personalities, practical tips, and heartwarming family moments make them a popular and engaging channel for viewers of all ages and interests.

E. Changing Lanes (Chad & Tara)

1. Creators: Chad & Tara

YouTube Channel: Changing Lanes – YouTube 

Subscriber Count: 272K+

2. Video Focus

– Inspiring travel stories and practical tips for full-time RV living in a class B camper van.

– Focus on transitioning to a nomadic lifestyle, rightsizing belongings, and van build tours.

– Motivational and encouraging approach to chasing your dreams and escaping the traditional 9-to-5 grind.

– Showcasing the beauty of their travels with stunning visuals and engaging storytelling.

– Their adorable dog Daisy often joins their adventures, adding a touch of cuteness.

3. What Makes Them Unique

– They cater specifically to those interested in the unique aspects of living in a smaller camper van.

– They share their own journey of leaving their jobs and hitting the road, offering hope and motivation to aspiring RVers.

– They provide valuable tips for downsizing belongings and designing functional and comfortable living spaces in a van.

– Their positive energy and enthusiasm are contagious, encouraging viewers to pursue their own dreams.

– Their videos are well-produced and visually appealing, making their travel adventures come alive.

Changing Lanes with Chad & Tara is a fantastic resource for anyone considering van life or simply seeking inspiration for travel and adventure. Their practical tips, relatable stories, and stunning visuals make them a top choice for RV bloggers. They are definitely contenders for the top 10, and their popularity and positive impact on the RV community are undeniable.

F. Nomadic Fanatic (Eric Jacobson)

1. Creator: Eric Jacobson

2. Video Focus:

– Down-to-earth perspective on solo RV adventures with his two cats, Tara & Opie.

– Budget-friendly tips for affordable RV living and travel, including boondocking and frugal campsite hacks.

– Honest and relatable portrayal of the joys and challenges of nomadic life on the road.

– Practical advice on RV maintenance, repairs, and DIY projects.

– Showcases beautiful destinations through stunning visuals and engaging storytelling.

3. What Makes Him Unique

– He caters to solo RVers and those considering venturing into the nomadic life alone, offering valuable advice and inspiration.

– His focus on affordable RV living and travel resonates with viewers seeking to explore the world without breaking the bank.

– He shares both the upsides and downsides of RV life, making his content relatable and realistic.

– His adorable cats, Tara & Opie, add a unique charm to his channel, drawing in viewers who love furry travel buddies.

– He provides valuable tips on RV maintenance, repairs, and DIY projects, empowering viewers to take care of their own rigs.

Nomadic Fanatic is a fantastic resource for solo travelers and budget-conscious RVers. Eric’s honest and relatable approach, practical advice, and stunning visuals make him a top choice for RV bloggers. While he might not always be in the top 10 according to every ranking, his positive impact on the RV community and the valuable insights he offers are undeniable.

G. New Jersey Outdoors Adventures (Patrick Botticelli)

1. Creator: Patrick Botticelli

2. Video Focus

– Host is the host and creative force behind the channel. He films and edits all the videos.

– The channel focuses on RVs, campervans, skoolie conversions, shuttle buses, and travel trailers, mainly in the New Jersey area. 

– Patrick features tours of unique RV and van builds, providing reviews and information about different setups and modifications. He also shares boondocking guides and RV gear reviews.

– Patrick aims to showcase creative RV and van builds in his home state of New Jersey and help educate viewers on all aspects of RV living through informative videos.

H. Getaway Couple (Rae & Janson)

1. Creators: Rae & Janson

2. Video Focus

– Young family exploring the US extensively with their dog Caremen in their fifth wheel RV.

– Focus on unspoiled nature, boondocking experiences, and utilizing Harvest Hosts.

– Open discussions about road challenges, lessons learned, and RV life realities.

– May offer a more relatable perspective for younger viewers considering full-time RVing.

3. What Makes Them Unique

– They cater to a younger audience seeking inspiration and practical tips for nomadic life.

– Their focus on off-the-beaten-path destinations and off-grid camping appeals to nature lovers and budget-conscious RVers.

– They showcase the benefits of Harvest Hosts membership for finding unique camping locations.

– Their honest approach to sharing both the joys and difficulties of RV life resonates with viewers seeking realistic insights.

If you’re interested in exploring lesser-known natural gems, boondocking adventures, and relatable insights into full-time RV life with a younger couple, Getaway Couple is definitely worth checking out. Their honest approach, focus on unspoiled destinations, and practical tips can be valuable for those planning their own nomadic journeys. Remember, subscriber count doesn’t always determine the quality or value of a channel. Consider what resonates with your interests and travel style when choosing RV bloggers to follow.

I. RV Lifestyle (Mike & Jennifer)

1. Creators: Mike & Jennifer Wendland

2. Video Focus

– Full-time RV living in a converted school bus since 2014.

– Emmy award-winning journalists sharing their travels, tips, mods, hacks, and equipment reviews.

– Openly discussing mental health struggles and alcoholism recovery, offering real-life perspectives.

– Encouraging viewers to embrace freedom, adventure, and finding peace on the road.

3. What Makes Them Unique

– Their long journey and journalistic skills provide valuable insights into different aspects of RV life.

– They offer helpful hints for RV modifications, hacks, and gear reviews, empowering viewers to personalize their living space.

– Their honest discussions about mental health struggles and recovery resonate with viewers facing similar challenges.

– They emphasize the importance of freedom, adventure, and finding inner peace on the road, offering inspiration for personal growth.

RV Lifestyle with Mike & Jennifer offers a unique blend of practical RV tips, inspiring travel stories, and honest discussions about mental health and recovery. Their diverse background, combined with their open and encouraging approach, makes them a valuable resource for viewers seeking personal growth, adventure, and a different perspective on RV life. Remember, while they might not be top 10 in every ranking, their impact on the RV community and the positive messages they share are undeniable.

J. RVgeeks (Peter & John)

1. Creators: Peter Knize & John Sullivan

2. Video Focus

– RV Geeks is widely recognized for its detailed and instructional videos on RV maintenance and repairs. They cover a range of topics, from basic maintenance tasks to more complex repairs, providing valuable insights for RV owners looking to handle issues on their own.

– The channel often features reviews of RV-related products, equipment, and accessories. These reviews aim to help viewers make informed decisions about the gear they might need for their RV lifestyle.

– While their primary focus is on maintenance and repairs, RV Geeks also shares practical travel tips and insights based on their own experiences on the road.

3. What Makes Them Unique

– RV Geeks stand out due to their extensive expertise in RV maintenance and repairs. Their videos are known for being thorough, well-explained, and easy to follow, making them valuable resources for both novice and experienced RV enthusiasts.

– The channel is recognized for its high-quality video production, ensuring that viewers can clearly see and understand the steps involved in maintenance or repair tasks.

– RV Geeks actively engages with their audience by responding to comments, addressing questions, and fostering a sense of community among RV enthusiasts. Their approachable style and willingness to share knowledge contribute to their popularity in the RV community.

Questions and Answers (Q&A)

1. How do these bloggers make money?

While ad revenue plays a part, many top RV bloggers diversify their income. They might offer sponsorships, sell custom merchandise, or create online courses related to RVing skills. Some even write travel guides or e-books based on their adventures.

2. What makes an RV blogger “popular”?

Popularity often boils down to a combination of factors. Engaging personalities, informative content, stunning visuals, and a focus on specific niches within the RV community all contribute. Building a strong connection with their viewers is key!

3. Do I need a fancy RV to follow these channels?

Absolutely not! Top RV bloggers showcase a diverse range of rigs, from converted vans to Class A motorhomes. They often focus on tips and tricks for making the most of any RV size or budget.

4. Which bloggers are good for beginners?

Several channels cater specifically to those new to RV life. Look for bloggers who offer detailed tutorials, explain RV terminology, and share honest insights into both the joys and challenges of hitting the road.

5. Can I actually learn everything I need to know from YouTube?

While RV bloggers offer a wealth of valuable information, it’s always wise to do your own research and consult professionals for technical aspects. Consider YouTube as a springboard for further learning and inspiration.

Summing Up

The RV bloggers highlighted represent the diversity of content created by road warriors. From family adventures to solo journeys, their unique perspectives provide insight into this ever-popular lifestyle. The welcoming community found on YouTube enables RV culture to flourish. Whether you’re a seasoned full-timer or only dream of taking to the road, these top bloggers entertain, inform, and inspire RV travel and living. Engaging with them builds community so more people can join in the adventure.

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