We had no idea what we were getting into when we hitched up and drove away with 2 cats and a dog (and the kids and all our possessions).

We were so busy cleaning out the house and getting everything loaded up, that we didn’t really consider the ramifications of having pets along for the journey.

Here I discuss how to Full Time RV with pets.

Revised February 13, 2018
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I will be sharing our experience dealing with the following in our tiny travel trailer:

Limited Space

Fur Flurries

The Escapes



5 considerations when RVing with pets

Dealing with Limited Space

OK. This is really obvious, but I have to reiterate that RVing with pets means sharing an already small space with your four-legged children.

This means you will always be tripping over them or sitting down and putting your feet on top of them.

It means tripping over their food and water.

We are constantly spilling their water.

We also have dedicated the bottom of our pantry to pet food storage.

The cat food is fairly small, but Dessy’s food takes up quite a bit of space.

No one really has their own spot.

The cats of course just find a quiet spot somewhere (sometimes even in our closet) and just nap.

Dessy has a way of fitting under our dinette (it is cozy down there with fluffy carpeting).

She amazes us with her ability to occupy such a small space.

We initially purchased an awesome dog bed, but guess what, we just ended up tripping over it!!

Fur Everywhere…

Unless you have a pet that doesn’t shed (one of those fancy hypoallergenic dog breeds¬†) or a nice hairless cat (I know, there are others), you will be surrounded by fur…

Swirling bits of fur everywhere…

Our Dessy doesn’t shed much, really, she doesn’t, but we are constantly sweeping with little relief.

Things that have helped us deal with the never ending fur:

Our air purifier has really helped to pick up dust and dander. We can tell a difference when we don’t have it on.

Even our dehumidifier helps with purifying the air…bonus that it keeps the air comfortable. Pets + People = lots of humidity (especially in the South!)

We always keep a lint roller nearby and brush everyone outside…return the hair to whence it came.

5 considerations when RVing with pets
Bart loves looking out the window…

The Escape Artist

The likelihood of your pet escaping and getting lost is higher since you are always moving and your pet may not be familiar with the surroundings.

Our cat escaped one night without us realizing it.

We had to search the campground in the dark.

Luckily, we found her, but have been much more vigilant since then.

We have not implemented anything fancy, like a tracker or chip.

We simply ensure that we see the cat before we leave the RV and double check the outside to ensure that we don’t see her.

It has become a family affair to always check the RV for all pets when we have returned whether it be a simple walk around the campground or a full day out exploring.

5 Considerations When RVing with Pets


Not all RV parks will welcome Fido, especially if they have been identified as an “aggressive breed”.

This tends to include, but is not limited to, Rottweilers, Pit Bulls, German Shepherd, and Dobermans.

Make sure to disclose what kind of dog you have, even if they don’t ask, so you can avoid any unpleasantness when the park discovers you have a restricted pet.

Depending on their policies they may deny your stay.

Some places allow dogs, buy charge extra for the pets or even put you in a specific part of the park.

This may not be a problem at all for you, but is definitely something to keep in mind when traveling with your dog.

Some places also limit how many pets you have.

We have run into the “2 pet maximum” policy in the past… We have 3…rut row.

5 Considerations When RVing with Pets

Poopy Situations

Almost every park that allows dogs has a dog park or an area large enough for walking your dog and having him/her do their business.

We have been to some places though that are basically parking lots and don’t offer green space for happy doggy time.

The best places we have been to not only had a dog park/walk area, but they also provided plenty of doggy bags and receptacles. Making it super easy to take care your dog.

What about cats?

They tend to be more indoor and require a little box. So where does it go?

There have been some really creative folks that have created secret cubby areas for the litter box that grant the cat a more private experience.

We did not do that though and just keep our top entry litter box in our tub.

Is it the best? Not really.

It is simple though…most of the time.

Taking a shower or prepping it for the kid’s bath can be a pain, but overall it is the most out of the way place for it.

Final Thoughts

The biggest thing with RVing with pets – do your research.

Make phone calls, watch videos, and read various blogs.

Talk to other RVers with pets whenever you can to find out what they are doing.

Get on the forums and ask away.


Take a deep breath, you had your pet before hitting the road and things aren’t as complicated as you might think.

Just be vigilant and enjoy your journey with your furry babies.


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