At the end of the day, whether you RV on occasion or Full-Time it, all roads lead to a mattress. Many RV mattresses are low quality and some RVers don’t even last one night before running out to purchase a new mattress or mattress topper.

By default, a budget RV mattress solution can’t be over the top on price, but beyond that an RV mattress needs to be comfortable: soft or firm, supportive or compliant.

So what qualities should you look for in an Budget RV mattress? Our experience points us to the following 3 qualities: Durability, Minimal Weight, and Cost-Effectiveness.

1 Durability –

In the confined space of an RV, your RV mattress becomes not just a place to sleep but also another piece of furniture for dining, play, and work. The mattress is going to get scraped, bumped and folded. If you blog, or work from home, you’re just as likely to be as productive with your covers around you as you are at the dinner table.

The mattress will get more dirt and spills than the norm for the amount of actual sleep that will happen on the mattress. If you have kids, you can count on extra wear! Our queen mattress does triple duty as a wrestling ring, bounce house, and play forest.

If you have pets, you’ll see even greater use! Cats are known for having their way with furniture. They can’t help it, they are cats! In addition our dog Dessy clawed out a cozy burrow in our daughters mattress as well. Thank goodness our girl is little and has plenty of room to sleep and play but woe to the parent that has to sleep with her! It’s to the hole for you!

Durability is key, so think durability, or at least plan to dress your RV mattress with extra bed linens or covers.

RV mattresses are often quite uncomfortable. Most people replace them soon after purchasing their RVs. Here are three of the qualities that are most important when researching the right budget RV mattress.

2 Minimal Weight –

Weight is always a factor when RV’ing it so you have to look for a comfortable, durable mattress that is lightweight. You can’t have an RV with 3 or more beds sporting big spring mattresses and not start to impact your maximum payload! Not to mention it can be tough trying to fit mattresses through smaller than normal doors and tight RV spaces. And you certainly don’t want to hoist a heavy mattress high to get to underbed storage everyday.

If you have a wide latitude on available payload, a traditional mattress could be perfect for you. However be sure to measure carefully, both for the space you have, and the actual mattress you buy. Dimensions are not fixed by law! If like us, space and payload is at a premium, a dual foam mattress or quality mattress topper may just work. But pay attention to detail. Many lightweight RV suitable mattresses and toppers are part polyester fill and part memory foam. Higher quality units will have one or more types of memory foam aiding in firmness and comfort, and less fill.

RV mattresses are often quite uncomfortable. Most people replace them soon after purchasing their RVs. Here are three of the qualities that are most important when researching the right budget RV mattress.

3 Cost-Effectiveness –

You can expect that an RV mattress will have a shorter than normal useful life than in a traditional home. Our base mattresses that came with the RV were intolerable in a week.  But guess what? We’ve dealt with them for over a year! We’ll replace them soon enough, but first have to decide if we’re going to remodel! Your RV mattress will also experience greater temperature extremes, and have greater exposure to the environment. As a result, you will have to replace it sooner. If you’re a traditional shopper and like to go to stores, prepare an attack plan of several stores to visit and mattresses to see. You want to be time efficient, and to be able to compare “feel”.

RV mattresses are often quite uncomfortable. Most people replace them soon after purchasing their RVs. Here are three of the qualities that are most important when researching the right budget RV mattress.

Final Thoughts –

If you’re willing to buy based on what you see on the internet, you can browse ad infinitum.  Be sure to read reviews extensively to make a more educated purchase as well and be sure you can return it if you’re not satisfied.

Finally, remember to be sure to find an RV mattress that’s comfortable for you, can stand up to rough treatment, is RV friendly, and won’t break the bank.

Ready to shop? Check out some available mattresses and toppers: 

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8 thoughts on “3 Qualities Every Budget RV Mattress Must Have

    1. The mattresses in our house would not have fit our RV beds. Glad you were able to bring yours!! That saved you a bit of money and discomfort!!

  1. What kind of mattress was in your RV when you bought it?

    Almost all the mattresses in the new Class A’s we looked at felt better to me than what we have in our house (and paid a fortune for). I have high hopes, but we may be mattress shopping too, because we are *not* getting a brand new RV.

    1. We still have the original mattresses. Yikes. They are very thin – 5 inches in the master and 2 inches in the kids’ bunks. It didn’t take long for them to flatten out or to get holes in them. I think our RV is also for families that want to skip tent camping. I think lots of Class A’s are built with couples in mind, couples that are probably looking at spending more time in their RVs. That’s probably why the mattresses seem to be better. I could be wrong though. We didn’t look at many Class A’s.

  2. You definitely need to have a great mattress in your RV. We love the one we bought from Amazon. It’s durable, lightweight and so so comfortable! Oh…and CHEAP!

    1. Hi Sylvia,

      Are you wanting a topper for your sofa? I would start looking at Walmart, to see what they have. If you want it shipped quickly to you, you can also shop Amazon. We haven’t purchased one yet, but we would probably go with Amazon because it is much easier to shop and we love getting things shipped directly to us no matter where we are.

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