Low Point Drain on Camper | Things You Must Know

If you’re new to RVing, it’s pretty normal that you don’t know all the functionalities of your RV camper. An RV camper comes with many features and accessories, and the low point drain is significantly one of them. You may know that your camper has a water system where water are flowing through it to get used in the toilet, shower, sink, etc. Sometimes you’re required to drain out all water, for example, during winterization. And this is the time when you’ve to use the low-point drain.

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Low Point Drain on Camper

What Is Low Point Drain on Camper?

The low point drain is basically a small valve (one for each cold and hot water) placed underneath the camper in order to empty the water system; especially for winterization, safe storage, and regular cleaning. For your information, it’s pretty important to clean your water lines and winterize the camper in winter. 

Low Point Drain on Camper

When the temperature drops in winter and gets sub-zero, the water in the lines gets frozen. And eventually, it expands and causes bursts and leaks in pipes. In the worst-case scenario, the damage can be so expensive. 

temperature drops in winter and gets sub-zero

How Do You Open and Close the Low Point Drain?

No matter whether you’re opening or closing the low point drain, both are pretty simple tasks. Let’s start with the opening procedure first. In most cases, the low point drain valve comes with a twist knob to open or close it. According to the standard opening method, all you need to do is twist the knob to the open position. This way the water will start draining. It’s a quicker and easier process. And the standard closing method is quite the opposite. You just have to twist the knob to the close position. 

Open and Close the Low Point Drain

Pretty simple, isn’t it? But there are some consideration points here. If you straightforwardly use the valve to drain out the water, it’ll pool underneath your camper, which obviously won’t be pleasant at all, especially if you’re on muddy ground. Therefore, it’ll be better if you make use of a hose to drain out the water in a safe place, away from your camper. And of course, keep in mind that don’t drain the water at a place where it can be bothering or problematic for others. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does the low point drain empty the water heater?

Yes, it does. The low point drain valve always drains out water from the entire water system including plumbing. That clearly means it’ll also empty your water heater along with all water. 

Why is my low point drain leaking?

The low-point drain is made for draining and emptying the water system of an RV. But when it’s leaking, it means it’s occurring due to the water pressure with any outer impact. The most possible reason can be the valve is slightly opened, or the knob gets loose or defective.


Thus far, we’ve shared the must-know things about a camper’s low point drain. Every part of your camper has its specific purpose. Being an RVer, you should know them all. As the low point drain is also an important part, it’s mandatory for you to know about it too. And now that you know it, we hope that you have a better RVing experience, especially with the water system. If you find this post informative, support us with your valuable feedback. 

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