How To Level A 5th Wheel Without A Truck | Just 5 Steps   

A 5th wheel is a convenient way to live on the road. You tow it with your truck, car, or any vehicle anywhere and everywhere. And get all the amenities of an RV with more maneuverability. 

You can also permanently set it up as your home or hangout space if you want with some cinder blocks. Which is like a tree house, but for grown-ups. Some even live in it as their permanent home

No matter what it is you intend the 5th wheel to be, you need to level it. But as you need a vehicle to level it, how to level a 5th wheel without a truck?

Well, you can do with with a few simple things like a heavy-duty jack, cinder blocks, a level, and some chocks. You just lift it up, and place the blocks under the frame. Confused?

Let’s walk you through the steps today.

how to level a 5th wheel without a truck

Steps To Level A 5th Wheel Without A Truck | The Easy Way

While your 5th wheel is attached to a truck, it can be easily leveled. But without it? It’s a bit different. But it’s not something that a camper like you can handle. Here are a few things you will need to level your 5th wheel.

  • A level.
  • Trailer jacks or a jack.
  • Chocks.
  • Cinder blocks.
  • Wood planks. 

When you have everything in order, start with the steps.

Step 1: Ensure The 5th Wheel Is Not Moving

After you are happy with your 5th wheel spot, you have to ensure that it is not moving. You don’t want it running down a hill on something. So use some chocks under the wheels to ensure they stay in place. 

Step 2: Check The Level From All Sides

When your wheels are secured, use a level to check the 5th wheel from all 4 corners. You can also check it by placing it on the tires. 

Step 3: Use A Jack To Adjust The Leveling

If the levels are not satisfactory, use trailer jacks on the corner you want to level and start the motor to lift it up. A traditional jack is required if you are going to use cinder blocks instead of a trailer jack.

Use A Jack To Adjust The Leveling

Step 4: Insert Cinder Blocks And Wood Planks

While you are using cinder blocks to level your 5th wheel, make sure they are placed under the frame. Always use wood planks in the middle where the block and the trailer frame meet. Or the cinder block will damage your trailer frame.

Step 5: Recheck The Level And Enjoy

Again check on all sides with the level. If it is leveled perfectly, you can take off the chocks and begin enjoying your 5th wheel.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions and Answers)

How do I level my RV without a truck?

You can level your RV with the hydraulic or manual jacks that come with the RV. If your RV didn’t come with one, you can use tongue jacks to place trailer jacks under it. Use a level to check if your RV is leveled properly and adjust accordingly. 

Can you level a fifth wheel with the slides out?

Yes. You can level a fifth wheel with the slides out. If there is an auto leveler on your fifth wheel, you can press the auto level button and it will automatically level the RV. If not, then you can always use a level to check and manually lift the fifth wheel to the right level.


Leveling a 5th wheel without a truck is easier if you are already on relatively leveled ground. Also, make sure the ground is sturdy. Or no matter how hard you try, loose ground will cause the trailer to tilt slowly as the jack or block starts to sink. Make sure you place the trailer jacks under the frame, not the outer frame in any way. 

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