Leaving RV Air Conditioning Running | Is It Okay? 

Only an experienced RVer will admit the importance of an air-conditioner in an RV. RVers are used to tripping, camping, or boondocking at distant places; where the temperature may not be favorable. The fact is excessive heat can dull the pleasure of camping by affecting both physical and mental health, turning the pleasant natural escape into a sweaty, horrible experience. 

Therefore, it’s clear that an air-conditioner must be included in the must-have or essential items list for RV camping or living. But at this point, a question can most likely arise in one’s mind – Is it okay to leave the RV air conditioner running? The answer is YES but under some circumstances

Leaving RV Air Conditioning Running

Can You Leave Your Air Conditioning Running?

Yes, you can leave your air-conditioner running continuously while it’s connected to a power source. For instance, if your RV is connected to the power hookup or the shore power, there won’t be any issues to run the air-conditioner all day long. The same goes for the generator too. As long as the generator is supplying power to the air-conditioner, it can run continuously. 

Now if you’re wondering whether you should run your air-conditioner non-stop for days, we’ll recommend not to do that. Even though RV air-conditioners are designed in a way that they can operate continuously; they’re electronics after all and have a tolerance point. That’s why it’s better not to exceed that point, meaning you should give your air-conditioner occasional breaks so that it can operate without facing any overheating-related issues.

There’s an effective method to ensure your RV air-conditioner is maintained properly, which is adjusting the thermostat to let the compressor power cycle on and off. This way the air-conditioner stays out from accumulating ice particles and moisture and operates efficiently without any stress. 

Things to Consider While Leaving Your Air Conditioning Running

So far, we’ve discussed the eligibility of an RV air-conditioner in terms of running continuously. But you also need to keep in mind that there are some factors that come into consideration while doing so. Those are –

  • If you leave your air-conditioner running, you’re ensuring that it consumes energy continuously which may be unnecessary.
  • If you leave your air-conditioner running, the blower fan’s motor and balls become weaken faster and require a repair or replacement sooner. 
  • If you leave your air-conditioner running, it’ll overheat at a point. This overheating will eventually damage the compressor motor and ultimately, the air-conditioner will fail to serve.
  • If you leave your air-conditioner running, the evaporator coil will accumulate dust and debris and be frozen over time. 


Lastly, it can be said that you can leave your RV air-conditioner running for a long time if you want and there won’t be any problem; unless you keep it running for days without giving it any necessary break to cool down. Therefore, if you prefer to run your air-conditioner longer, make sure to check if it’s overheating off and on along with you have a power source capable of supplying continuous power. Let us know if this post proves useful by sharing your feedback in the comment section.  

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