How to Watch RVTV on ROKU? Just 3 Steps Behind

As a big RVing fan, I’m always looking for good RV shows to watch while traveling in my camper or just kicking back at home. So finding RVTV – a whole channel about the RV lifestyle – seemed awesome. Bummer it’s not on regular cable though. But I just learned it’s super easy to start watching RVTV on my ROKU! By doing a few simple things, now I can watch in just a few quick steps. RVTV has great stuff like repair tips and dreamy RV travel shows. This channel gives me entertaining RVing stuff to turn on whenever I want. Read this and you can start streaming RVTV too on your ROKU device in no time!

How to Watch RVTV on ROKU

Is ROKU streaming RVTV?

Yes, you can stream RVTV on ROKU devices. These services carry live RVTV and allow you to access current and past RVTV shows through video on demand. However, if you were asking the same question before September of 2023, then the answer you will have is a big no. Before September 2023, ROKU didn’t stream RVTV! Both ROKU and RV are hot topics across the USA and that’s why ROKU has decided to stream RVTV now successfully, they are streaming RVTV and they have promised they will bring RVTV to each household in the US. 

Is RVTV Free on ROKU?

Yes, RVTV is free on ROKU if you already have an active ROKU subscription. Once you have an ROKU account and device set up, you can add the RVTV channel app and access all its content at no extra charge.

The RVTV ROKU app allows you to watch live RVTV streams plus a selection of shows and specials on-demand, with advertising breaks. Adding it does not require signing up for anything extra or paying any additional fees besides your existing ROKU payment.

Steps for Watching RVTV on ROKU 

Follow these straightforward steps to start streaming RVTV on your ROKU:

Step 1. Get a ROKU Device 

If you don’t already have one, purchase a ROKU streaming player. Models that work for RVTV include the ROKU Express, Premiere, Streaming Stick, and Ultra.

Step 2. Log In and Search for RVTV Channel

Now, log in to your ROKU account and then go to the Travel section. There look for the RVTV channel. If you couldn’t find it there then you can search for the channel. Go to search control and type RVTV. 

Log In and Search for RVTV Channel

Step 3. Click & Add

After finding out the RVTV channel, hit that Add Channel button, and voila! RVTV is now officially part of your Roku family. Give it a few seconds to download, and then you can enjoy it without any issues!

Add Channel button

How to Find Scheduled Shows on RVTV?

Finding upcoming shows airing on RVTV is easy:

  • Go to the RVTV website at rvtv.tv
  • Click on the Schedule section at the top
Find Scheduled Shows on RVTV
  • Here you will see listings for all scheduled programs sorted by date
scheduled programs sorted by date
  • Scroll to view showtimes for current and future dates
  • Specials and series will be shown with their broadcast time

This schedule page on RVTV’s website provides a handy reference to see what RV programs are coming up. Whether you want to catch the latest episode of RV Handyman or set a reminder for a special feature on RV vacations, the listings make it simple.

Check back often, as RVTV may update its offerings and schedule from time to time. Having the showtimes at your fingertips on rvtv.tv makes it convenient to know exactly when your favorite recreational vehicle shows will air live so you won’t miss out.

Bonus Tips – Steps to Watch Roanok Valley TV (RVTV) on ROKU

Good news, cord-cutters! You can still enjoy RVTV’s local programming on your Roku device. Here’s how:

1. Add the RVTV Channel:

  • Open the Roku Channel Store on your Roku device.
  • Search for Roanoke Valley Television or use the code MZ6ZQV5.
  • Select Add Channel to install the RVTV channel.

2. Tune in and Enjoy:

  • Once installed, the RVTV channel will appear in your Roku lineup.
  • Select the channel to start watching live coverage.


In closing, accessing RVTV through streaming services on ROKU offers a flexible way to watch RV lifestyle programming. With the RVTV channel properly configured, you can enjoy RVTV anywhere – at home or on the road. Check for free trials to sample RVTV before selecting the best streaming package to meet your needs. Most importantly, settle in and enjoy the entertaining RV shows available right from your ROKU device!

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