What Is RVTV? All You Need to Know

If you’re an RVer, you know the struggle of finding something good to watch on TV while traveling. Most channels just don’t cut it. Either reception fizzles out in remote areas or the shows aren’t relevant to the RV lifestyle. Well RVTV is here to save the day! Launched in 2023, RVTV serves up programming made exclusively for RVers. We’re talking reviews of the latest rigs, tips for scoring sweet camping spots, DIY maintenance how-to’s, gorgeous scenic footage, and more. Whether caught in a rainstorm or chilling at the campsite, RVTV has you covered with entertainment that speaks to life on the road. Read on to learn all about it!

What Is RVTV

When RVTV was Launched and Who is the Owner of It?

RVTV or Recreational Vehicle TV is a 24/7 television channel dedicated to the recreational vehicle (RV) lifestyle and travel-themed programming. It launched on May 17, 2023, and is owned by Cannella Media, a company specializing in direct-to-consumer marketing within the automotive and recreational vehicle industries.
Cannella Media is a company that specializes in direct-to-consumer marketing within the automotive and recreational vehicle industries. The company owns and operates a number of other automotive and RV-related businesses, including a dealership network, a financing company, and an insurance company.
Cannella Media launched RVTV in order to reach a wider audience of RV enthusiasts. The company believes that RVing is a growing trend and that there is a demand for high-quality RV-themed programming. RVTV has been met with positive reviews from critics and viewers alike. The channel has been praised for its informative and entertaining programming, as well as its beautiful visuals.

What Does RVTV Offer?

RVTV offers a wide variety of specialized RV programming tailored specifically to RVer viewers. This includes:

RV Reviews and Comparisons – In-depth reviews and head-to-head comparisons of new and popular RV models help buyers evaluate options.

New Model Features – Previews showcase the latest features for upcoming RV model year releases. Keep current on industry innovations.

Destinations/RV Travel – RV travel experts offer insights, tips, and hidden gems for better and safer RVing across North America’s top towing and camping spots.

RV Lifestyle- Shows cover the RV lifestyle from all angles, including traveling as a family or with pets in your RV.

How to DIY – Step-by-step tutorials for DIY upgrades, maintenance, winterization, and general RV repair how-to’s help RVers keep their rigs in top shape.

Accessories – The latest RV gadgets, gizmos, and gear put to the test. Plus, highlights of innovative new camping accessories.

RV Share and Rentals – Guidance on peer-to-peer RV rental services and pro tips for renting out your own RV to cover costs.

Newest Tech – Showcases of cutting-edge RV technology innovations that enhance connectivity, efficiency, convenience, and comfort on board.

Featured RV Parks – On-the-ground reports from unique and picturesque RV parks across the region. Uncover new favorites to add to your must-stay list.

With this diverse mix of shows and topics, RVTV fully covers the spectrum of recreational vehicle lifestyle interests and needs through expert perspectives.

What Makes RVTV Unique?

As the first free over-the-air broadcast network created exclusively for recreational vehicle owners, RVTV has several unique advantages:

Specialized RV Programming – No other free TV network caters as specifically to RV enthusiasts. The shows match the interests, needs, and lifestyles of traveling motorhome and travel trailer owners.

Cross-Country Over-the-Air Reach – RVTV has partnered with local broadcast affiliates across North America to deliver clear antenna signals carrying RVTV wherever RVers roam. No internet or cable is required.

Constantly Updated Programming – New RV-themed shows and footage are added regularly to keep content fresh and engaging for frequent RV travelers.

On-Demand Access – In addition to 24/7 broadcast channels, RVTV programs are available on streaming platforms like ROKU and Amazon Fire TV. This allows time-shifted and on-demand viewing.

Interactive Elements – RVTV integrates opportunities for viewer participation through periodic contests, product giveaways, and the ability to submit user-generated videos.

With knowledgeable hosts, high production quality, and a dedication to providing content RVers truly desire, RVTV has carved an invigorating niche at the intersection of outdoor recreation and broadcast entertainment.

How Can Viewers Access RVTV?

The ability to access RVTV anywhere while traveling by RV is what makes the network so valuable for its audience. So how can you start watching?

RVTV for Free On Over 65 Broadcast Channels

The primary way most viewers access RVTV programming is by tuning in to their local over-the-air RVTV affiliate channel using an antenna.

Spanning, RVTV currently has over 65 active affiliate broadcasting partners that carry the RVTV network feed over the air in their regional area on a dedicated channel.

Wherever RVers travel around the country with their RV, they can simply scan for channels on their TV using an antenna to locate the local RVTV affiliate station and enjoy all their favorite RVTV shows.

The RVTV website provides a list of regions with RVTV affiliate stations and lists their channel positions. 

Access RVTV through Streaming Platforms

In addition to over-the-air broadcasts, RVTV is also available through several popular streaming channels. This provides alternative access online through platforms like:

ROKU – RVTV has a dedicated channel on ROKU streaming devices, which allows viewing on connected TVs or directly from ROKU mobile apps.

Amazon Fire TV – Similarly, RVTV can be accessed 24/7 through the Amazon Fire TV streaming platform that supports Fire TV streaming sticks, cubes, and integrated Fire TV Edition televisions.

However, RVTV doesn’t have any smartphone applications yet. So, if you are thinking about streaming it on your smartphone or Tab then you will need to do it using the ROKU app. 

So beyond local affiliate broadcasts, RVers can tap into national RVTV programming on-demand when internet access is available at campsites or on the road.

How to Find Out Broadcast Channel and Channel Position of RVTV?

To access RVTV programming over the air in your local area, you first need to identify the RVTV affiliate station broadcasting in your region along with the channel position where RVTV is carried.

The easiest way to find local RVTV channel information is by visiting the RVTV website at rvtv.tv and navigating to the Channel Finder tool under the Watch RVTV tab.

Simply, get into the website, head to the Where to Watch section, and you will get the list of broadcast stations’ names along with the channel position.

In ROKU and Fire stick, simply add the RVTV channel from the channel store and enjoy RVTV shows for free!

Final Verdict

RVTV delivers the specialized travel, adventure, how-to, and general entertainment programming that RV owners demand but can’t find through conventional TV sources while on the move.

As a free over-the-air RV enthusiasts network, it provides road-tested information, stunning scenic footage, and engaging shows uniquely tailored for the recreational vehicle lifestyle.

Through a growing roster of broadcasting affiliates, availability on streaming platforms, and constantly updated content, RVTV provides RVers with an essential entertainment companion offering travel insights and trip inspiration everywhere the open road may lead them.

So for RV travelers seeking adventure, knowledge, entertainment, and community all from the comfort of their motorhome or trailer, RVTV is the ultimate on-the-go network.

Tune into the nation’s first recreational vehicle television channel for endless discoveries that await your next destination. Where will RVTV take you?

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