Water Coming Out of Hose Under Camper | How to Fix It?

Maintaining an RV isn’t a piece of cake. Unlike any standard vehicle, RVs are always compact with lots of household items and features. So it won’t be wrong to say that owning an RV is actually owning a mobile house. And as you’ve to take care of every single matter of your house to keep it good, the same goes with an RV too. 

So, if you’ve owned a camper for a long time, you may already have faced several issues regarding its components. A leaking hose underneath the camper is another example of such an issue. It’s quite annoying and needs to be fixed ASAP. This post contains all you need to know to overcome this problem. Just keep reading till the end.

Water Coming Out of Hose Under Camper

How to Prevent Water From Coming Out of Hose Underneath Camper?

There are basically two types of hose installed underneath a camper. One is a fresh water hose and the other one is a gray water hose. The first one is responsible for connecting the camper to a city water supply or a freshwater tank and the other one is to drain wastewater (from sinks, showers, bathtubs) from the camper. 

In case you don’t know which one is leaking and want to know that, you can determine it from the hose’s placement. The freshwater hose is typically placed near the front, whereas the gray water hose is typically placed near the back. But if they both are on the same side, you can check the water quality. Also, as it’s leaking continuously, most probably it’s the freshwater hose. 

But why is the hose leaking? The simple reason is it could have been ruptured, punctured, or simply loosened. No matter what hose is causing this issue, it has to be fixed soon so that any other component may not get hampered. First of all, check for what is the actual cause of this issue and –

  • If there’s a rupture or puncture, make use of a patch kit first to patch it up. If it fails then it means the damage is severe and it needs to be replaced. 
  • If the check valve is damaged, there’s no way to repair it properly and it’s better to replace it in this case.
  • If there’s a loose connection, make sure to tighten the connection at the hose and at the tank or water supply. If the gasket is too damaged to apply or the hose is too worn out, replace it. 
  • Sometimes overfilled tanks cause this issue due to excessive water pressure. If this is the same in your case, drain some water from the tank.

That’s it!

Relevant Questionnaire

Why is water coming out of the tube under my camper?

Most campers have a dedicated tube underneath them for the condensation from the exhaust or AC, especially the AC. Although it’s pretty conventional, it can make you wonder if you aren’t familiar with it. So, if you notice water coming out of the tube while the AC is running, it’s probably the AC condensation. 

Is it normal for a camper to leak water?

Obviously, it isn’t normal for a camper to leak water unless it age a lot. Over time, a camper has to face so many outer impacts and elements, making it wear out and vulnerable. Its outer components are more prone to get damaged as they’re always exposed. When a camper is at the end of its lifespan, it’s normal for it to leak. Otherwise, it’s a noticeable issue. 

Final Thoughts

That’s all about the issue where water is leaking from a hose underneath the camper including the reasons behind it and the ways to fix it. As you can see, the fixes are pretty simple to apply and you don’t need any special skill or tools. Just make sure to apply them accordingly. Let us know which one is causing the issue in your case and whether you successfully fix it. 

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