[ANSWERED] Does RV AC Run on Propane?

If you’re a regular RVer who spends most of the time RVing to distant places in different climates, you can’t deny the importance of an RV AC in hot, clumsy weather. There are various RV ACs depending on brand, shape and size, quality, features, etc available out there. But you can rarely find any RV AC that runs on propane. Typically, most RV ACs run on electricity instead of propane. 

Does RV AC Run on Propane

Is It Possible to Run RV AC on Propane?

This question arises in many RVers’ minds and the reason behind is very interesting. They notice their RV refrigerators are running on propane, so they start wondering if it’s possible for the ACs too.

The thing is modern or traditional RV ACs run on 110-volt AC electricity. Here, the typical power sources are shore power or a generator. Even the RV battery is considered a power source. Any kind of electricity source can be applicable to run the RV AC. This is because the compressor (most vital part of any AC) itself requires electricity to get powered. Yes, there are some RV ACs that have a propane option, but this is only for the fan. The compressor still needs to be powered by electricity.

If you’re looking for an RV AC that runs on propane, you’ll need to purchase a special unit. You can find them online on various affiliate websites. These units aren’t as common as electric ones and can be more expensive. For your information, there used to be a propane-fueled AC unit too. But the production stopped because the market couldn’t catch up.

People Additionally Ask

Is there any AC that runs on propane?

Yes, there is, but it isn’t available worldwide. In most continents, it’s considered prohibited because of the flammable nature of propane. It’s only available in Asia and Europe and due to low production, can’t make a huge impression in the market. 

What runs on propane in an RV?

There are several appliances that run on propane in an RV. Those are – furnaces, water heaters, stoves, ovens, refrigerators, propane grills, propane lights, etc. So, it can be said that most common RV appliances can be powered with propane if they’re compatible. 


So, it should be clear to you that most modern RV ACs run on electricity, not propane. The propane-fueled ones were conventional once upon a time, but now they’re produced only for specific continents like Europe and Asia in a comparatively low quantity. In America, almost all types of RV ACs are designed to get power from electricity. That’s all. If you find this post useful, it’ll be very supportive to share your genuine feedback. 

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