Can You Drive A Trailer With A Blown Tire? Is It Possible?

Driving on the road these days is harder than ever. Just 5 years before, you wouldn’t have to worry a lot about your vehicle’s fitness. It used to be sturdy, durable, and safe. But with a growing population and pollution, everything kind of wears off.

One of the things that come right after your vehicle gets dirty is a blown tire. And if it is a trailer, all that weight and pressure will get on it. And the tire will wear off sooner than any car tire.

But can you drive a trailer with a blown tire if it happens to you? Turns out, you can. As there is not only one tire on a trailer but four of them, you can drive the trailer until you get to change the tire. 

There are a few things you have to keep in mind while you are driving a trailer with a blown tire. And we are going to talk about them.

can you drive a trailer with a blown tire

Driving A Trailer With A Blown Tire | The Yay And Nays

So, as we have already mentioned you can drive a trailer with a blown tire, but that doesn’t mean you can drive it as a regular trailer at the same speed as before. The cruising speed will have to be toned down drastically and you will need to do a few other things. Otherwise, you might face a lot of trouble. 

Let’s get into what might happen while driving with a blown tire and what you need to do.

1. Drive Slow

The first thing you need to keep in check is the speed. You should not go fast and furious with your blown tire trailer. Rather go under 50 miles per hour. This will not only keep you safe but also the trailer from going all fishtail and swaying everywhere.

Also, it will ensure the other tires are balanced. 

2. Take Turns Slowly As Possible

When taking turns, do it extra slowly. As there is no pressure on one side of your trailer, it might tilt if you are taking turns too fast. So go slow. Slow and steady, keeps everything breezy.

Oh, and turn on the hazard lights, this will let the other vehicles know that you are in trouble and should keep a distance. 

3. Stop And Check Your Tire Pressure

If you are traveling for a long distance, you must stop by every 20/30 miles to check on the tire pressure. This will keep you safe and the trailer. Also, you will know if there is possible damage on the lone tire or the blown one. 

4. Get The Tire Changed

A blown tire is not only a hazard to you and your trailer, but also to other drivers on the road. It may get damaged further and burst. Which will fly towards other cars and cause an accident.

So it is best you get the tire fixed or changed as soon as possible. Don’t try to ride it all the way to your destination if there is an option to fix it sooner. 

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions and Answers)

What to do if a trailer tire blows?

The best course of action if a trailer tire blows is to get it changed. If you have a spare with you, pull over and change the tire. In case of not having a spare, drive slowly to the nearest tire shop to get it fixed. While driving do not exceed the speed of 50mph. 

What happens if you keep driving with a blown tire?

If you keep on driving with a blown tire, the trailer will start to sway from side to side. Which is hard to control. The worst case would be the tire bursting and causing an accident on the road. 

Can I drive 1 mile on a flat tire?

If you are driving a trailer, you can drive with a flat for 1 mile. But if it is a car, you cannot drive it. You risk not only damaging the rims but also the chassis of the car.


A blown tire is bad as it is. If you keep on driving with it with ease and without worries, you are harming not only yourself but being a potential hazard to other drivers on the road. So make sure you change it as soon as possible. It’s a trailer after all, and it will sway out of your control. 

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