How to Register a Trailer in CT? Steps Guideline

Undoubtedly, it’s very important to register your new trailer for many valid reasons including proof of ownership, legal compliances, taxes, insurance policy, etc. More or less every state requires their citizens to register their vehicles for the overall welfare and Connecticut isn’t an exception.

If you belong in Connecticut and just get yourself a new trailer, it’s your legal obligation that you’ve to register it for your own good. Obviously, not all trailer owners are familiar with the registration procedure for RVs, especially those who are having them for the first time. 

Therefore, we’re here to share the entire procedure for registering a trailer in Connecticut. We’ll talk about everything that you’ll need to know in this case, so read the entire post without skipping any part.

How to Register a Trailer in CT

Procedure for Registering a Trailer in CT

Before getting into the procedure straightforwardly, it’ll be better to know who actually requires the Connecticut DMV trailer registration. Those are –

  • First of all, registration is mandatory for trailer owners who use their trailers to transport within Connecticut.
  • Then it comes to businesses that use trailers for commercial usefulness. 
  • Last but not least, individuals who use trailers for recreational activities or simply personal usage. 

So, if you are considered as one of them, you must know the registration procedure. The fact is this procedure requires a series of steps and paperwork to get done to ensure you’re in compliance with Connecticut state regulations. Here’s the entire procedure described as conveniently as possible –

Step 1: Prepare Necessary Documentation

First, you need to prepare certain documents as they’ll be required in this case. Those are identification documents, ownership documents, and insurance documents. It’ll be very favorable if you manage an inspection report and add it to the required documentation. To get it, your trailer must pass the inspection at a Connecticut DMV-authorized inspection station or a licensed repair shop.

Step 2: Fill Out the Registration Form

Then you need to go for the registration application. You can start by visiting the local DMV hub or brunch office or the CT DMV website to obtain the trailer registration application form which is Form H-13B. Now, check for what information the form requires and provide them all. 

Step 3: Pay the Required Fees 

After filling out the form, you’ve to pay the required fees which probably include registration fees, title fees, and any additional fees (if needed).

Step 4: Confirm Registration Application 

Now, in order to confirm the registration application, you can take all the required documents (completed registration form, proof of payment, proof of ownership, proof of insurance, and the inspection report (if required)) to your local Connecticut DMV office and submit them. Otherwise, you can mail the soft copies of the documents to the address given on the form. 

Step 5: Obtain the Registration and Plate

Once you’re done with the application process, the DMV will issue a trailer registration certificate and license plate. When they’re completed, either DMV will mail them to you, or you may have to get them from the office. You should keep the registration certificate in your towing vehicle and attach the plate to the trailer. Remember to renew your trailer registration as required by Connecticut law.

Important Notes

Before applying for registration, if you purchased the trailer from a private seller or it’s a used trailer, you must make sure that there are no significant compliance issues on your trailer unless it can be an obstacle in your way of registering. Also, make sure that your trailer isn’t already registered with a plate. 

Another important note is the exact requirements for trailer registration vary depending on the trailer’s weight, purpose, and usage. So, it’s better to consult with the Connecticut DMV or review their website for proper clarification.


As you’ve read this far, we can assume that now you know how you can register your trailer in the state of Connecticut. Yes, the procedure may seem easy but it requires time and patience. Once you’ve registered your trailer, there’s nothing to worry about it anymore. If you find this post informative and useful, we’ll be grateful to have your kind feedback. Also, if you have any confusion or query, mention that too. 

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