How To Adjust A Camper Slide Out (Easy Guideline)

Camper slider outs are one of the things sent from God himself. It’s a convenient extension of your RV or camper, that gives you more space while you are putting. Introduced back in 1990, a lot of RVs and campers offer a slide-out option.

And if you have one, chances are you are going to use it. Who doesn’t like some extra legroom to explore around, right? But how to adjust a camper slide out, is the question.

Most slide-outs are operated via a motor, hydraulic pump, or cables. How much it extends is different from one manufacturer to another. But to adjust them is generally the same. You have to adjust the height, track, cables, and rollers to make it steady and firm. 

Confused? Don’t worry, we are going to guide you through every one of those. 

how to adjust a camper slide out

Ways To Adjust A Camper Slide-Out

There are 4 things you have to keep in mind while adjusting a camper or RV slide-out. Those are 

  • Adjusting The Height.
  • Adjusting The Slide Out Tracks.
  • Adjusting The Extended Cables.
  • Adjusting The Rollers.

The reason you should adjust them is to be convenient when you put out the slide while camping. Otherwise, it will look crooked, be uneven, or won’t open at all. Here is how you adjust all of them.

1. Adjusting The Height

Adjusting the height of your slide-out is the first step of the adjustment. You don’t want it to hang out like crazy and damage the whole RV. 

  1. Start with measuring out both sides of your slide out. Keep an eye on the gap. And deploy the slide-out. 
  2. Take a second measurement when the slide-outs are deployed. Make sure both sides are the same. 
  3. If everything is perfect, loosen the jam nuts. Don’t take them out. Just give them a crank.
  4. Apply this process of deploying and extracting the slide-outs and loosening and tightening the nuts until the RV is equal in height on both sides. 

2. Adjusting The Slide-Out Tracks

You might also have a problem with the slide-out tracks. This will make the slide-out come out unevenly and make noises all over. So you will have to adjust the tracks.

  1. Start by checking the motor if it is okay. If the motor is faulty and causing the issue, get it fixed.
  2. If the motor is fine, then you have to check the wiring and bolts on the side out. If they are too loose, the slide-out will be wobbly on their track. Tighten them. And loose wires also cause the same thing. So, yeah, tighten them too. 
  3. Lubricants are one of the essentials of any slide-out. If it is out, make sure you refill them. And you will have a fully adjusted and functional slide out every time. 

3. Adjusting The Extended Cables

This one is a bit tricky. As there are 3 types of RV or camper slide-out systems, motor, hydraulic, and cables. When the cables go out of alignment, the slide-out starts to malfunction. So you have to adjust them. 

  1. Each RV or camper has a sticker on them saying how the slide-out cables work. Check them inside your RV or slide out for it. You can also check the manual or even online.
  2. Mark the position of the nuts with a marker as directed in the manual or sticker. It should be color-coded, so you won’t have a problem with it. 
  3. And then proceed on tightening or loosening them. If you are unsure, ask a professional mechanic or RV technician to do it for you. The last thing you want is your slide out falling on you. 

4. Adjusting The Rollers

The last and most complicated slide-out adjustment is the rollers. The hard-to-reach components are not at all for beginners. And we suggest asking for professional help.

  1. If you have an idea about the rollers, access them from their position. 
  2. Slide out the section almost half the way to work comfortably. A pry bar will help you lift it up. 
  3. Lubricate them if necessary. And check if they are in place.

We strongly suggest you get professional help for this section. Because you might end up causing more harm than good. As it is complicated, some might also suggest trimming the edge of the case. But a professional might not require that. 

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers – FAQs

Are slide-outs adjustable?

Yes. RV and camper slideouts are adjustable through the nuts and bolts they are connected with. Just don’t take them out all the way, and loosen and tighten them accordingly. 

Can you adjust slide toppers?

Yes. You can adjust the slide topper by tightening or loosening the spring. Practice caution as there is so much tension in the spring and it will act like a rubber band or slingshot, but 100x stronger. 

What happens if your camper isn’t level?

If your camper isn’t level, your slides will malfunction. And if you keep on extending the slide-outs, they will get damaged. As the tension will be shifted to one side, they might also get due to the weight on one side. So make sure they are leveled and the weight is distributed accordingly. 


Adjusting for anything in life asks for a lot of knowledge and patience. The best thing to do while adjusting your slide-out is to check them with patience, and move on from there. If you have no idea at all about them, professional help for the first time will give you in-depth knowledge. There is no harm or embarrassment in learning something new, so don’t let your pride damage your favorite RV or camper. Happy RVing!

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