How To Turn On Dometic Furnace In Camper (Only 4 Steps Away)

Dometic has been producing camping appliances for a very long time. Since its going public in 2015, they have come up with a lot of outdoor camping gear, recreational vehicle, marine, and RV appliances.

One of them is the furnace you will find in a lot of RVs. As Sweden has given us a lot, dometic furnaces are for campers, hunters, or any RVer. But how to turn on a dometic furnace in a camper? 

If you are encountering one for the first time, it’s fairly easy to operate. You just have to turn the thermostat to your desired temperature and press the furnace button. And it will start working.

We will go on walk you through the steps for your convenience.

How To Turn On Dometic Furnace In Camper

Step By Step Guide To Turn On Dometic Furnace In Camper/Rv

Operating your dometic furnace is easy as it gets. It can be electric, gas, or a combination of both. No matter what the power source is, the operation is the same. Here is how you turn on your camper’s dometic furnace.

Step 1: Make Sure Your Battery Is Charged

Always check your battery and propane tanks before turning on the furnace. A drained battery will end you stranded in the winter. Which nobody wants to happen to them. Then proceed to the next step.

Step 2: Set The Temp

There is always a control panel for your dometic furnace. Inside it, you will find the thermostat. Set your desired temperature.

Step 3: Turn The Furnace Switch On

While a lot of furnaces have the thermostat as the furnace switch, dometic has them separate in some models. So make sure you locate the ON or HEAT switch. And turn it on.

Step 4: Wait For The Heat

And you are done. Now wait for a few minutes and check the airflow of the furnace. If it is getting hotter, then you are good to go. Now sit back and relax in the snow outside. 

Note: You should always check your RVs manual for better information. As everything updates and different RVs have different models of domestic furnaces, it’s better to go on that route. You can also check it out on their website. 

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers (FAQs)

How do I reset my Dometic furnace?

You can reset your domestic furnace by simply turning it off for 30 seconds and then turning it back on. If that doesn’t work, disconnect the battery power of the furnace and wait for 5 minutes. That will reset it. 

Where is the restart button on a furnace?

Not all furnaces come with a restart button. If it does, it’s either in the control panel where the thermostat is, beside the blower, or next to the furnace motor. 

What tells the furnace to turn on?

Your thermostat is responsible for turning your furnace off and on. If the thermostat is damaged, your furnace won’t turn on, although the blower will work. 


A dometic furnace is one of the essential items in your RV. Knowing how it works and maintaining it will take you a long way. Always make sure to clean the air vents and the blower of your furnace. And also the propane tank valves should be cleaned for uninterrupted gas pressure. 

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