How To Tell If RV Tank Heaters Are Working (Easy and Straightforward)

Camping out in the wild in the winter requires a lot of preparation. The furnace should be up and running, you should have an extra propane tank, have the stoves working as you need hot drinks and food, and most importantly, your tank heater should be working.

Like any other heater, an RV tank heater is no different. It’s in the name itself, ‘Tank Heater’. These heaters keep your water tank and black tank from going solid. Which is a must if you are camping in a freezing state.

As they sit beneath the camper or RV, how to tell if RV tank heaters are working? Well, you can with just a few steps. You just have to check if the temperature is going over 32 degrees. We are going to guide you through the steps to do it. 

How To Tell If Rv Tank Heaters Are Working

Steps To Ensure Your RV Tank Heater Is Working

Tank heaters get power from your RVs battery. It has heating pads that are attached to the water tank. You will have a thermostat that turns the heater on and off when it is needed. The best way to check if it is working is to turn it on and proceed from there on.

Here are the steps you should follow to know if the RV tank heater is working

Step 1: Turn The Tank Heaters On

Obviously, you have to turn your RV tank heater on to know if it is on. So turn on the switch and proceed.

Step 2: Wait A Few Minutes And Check The Temperature

Give it a few minutes to do its thing. And start checking the temperature. There will be a thermostat that will indicate the temperature. You can place your hand on the heater too to check if it is getting hot.

Step 3: Use A Thermometer If It’s Handy

A thermometer can also do the work for you, but better. Use it to measure if the heater temp is going up. If it is, it’s working. 

Step 4: Use A Volt Or Amp Meter 

Ensuring the wiring is okay and the heater is drawing the perfect amp of electricity is the best way to be ensured that your tank heater is working. Use an amp or volt meter and use it to check the heater wiring. You should turn on the heater overnight and check it in the morning for this. So you will get two things at once, the temperature and also the amp. 

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions and Answers)

How does an RV tank heater work?

RV tank heaters are like heating pads that are attached to the bottom of your RV on the tanks. They get powered by your RVs battery. You can switch them on and off from your control panel.

Can I leave my RV tank heater on all the time?

Yes. You can leave your RV tank heaters all the time. As they are more of a heating pad construction rather than having a water source directly inside them, they won’t get damaged. Keep them on especially when you are in freezing temperatures. 


RV tank heaters are essential for winter camping. You just can’t use ice from your water tank and hope it will flow from the tap, do you? So make sure you turn them on every evening or all the time when doing your exploring. 

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