Putting Travel Trailer Up on Blocks | How to Do It?

If you’re planning for staying in your travel trailer for a longer period, it’s better to make sure that your trailer remains stabilized for the whole time. Obviously, you don’t want to shake your trailer every time while walking or keep your trailer in a tilt position. Therefore, putting your travel trailer up on the blocks can be a great option to ensure that your trailer stays stable and level. 

But here comes the relevant question – How to do that? Well, you can easily do that if you have the required equipment. In short, you need to lower the trailer nose first and place blocks underneath the trailer’s back end. Then lift the front end and again place blocks underneath. 

This is just the concept. Take a few minutes and read the entire post to get the detailed method.

Putting Travel Trailer Up on Blocks

How to Put Travel Trailer Up on Blocks

It’s true that doing so won’t only ensure a comfortably stable living space but also allow the wheels to get rid of the stress of bearing the trailer’s total weight. Now before getting into the detailed procedure, have a look at the equipment that you’ll need to make this happen. Those are –

  • Spirit Level
  • RV Jack 
  • Thick blue styrofoam sheet
  • Regular-grade cinder blocks
  • Quarter-inch plywood sheet

And one thing is a must which is level ground. Without a level ground, you can neither level your trailer nor stabilize it.

Now that you know the necessary equipment, it’s time to get into the procedure straightforwardly. To make things convenient, we’ll share it in the form of step-by-step directions. So, without wasting more time, get started!

Step 1: Level the Ground

First and foremost, it’s pretty important to choose a level ground for stabilizing your trailer. An unlevel ground won’t let your trailer be level and therefore, your trailer will tilt which is inappropriate in terms of stabilization. So, if you find a level ground appropriate for leveling and stabilizing, make use of it. If you can’t find one, choose a suitable location and level the ground. You can use the spirit level in this case.

Step 2: Lower the Front End

When you ensure a level ground, place the jack(s) on the frame points near your location and make use of it to lower the trailer’s nose or front end. This will raise the trailer’s back end so that you can start placing the blocks underneath it. Based on your trailer’s size, you’ll require one or more jacks. Most RVers use hardwood underneath the jack to make it more useful.

Step 3: Place the Blocks

Once the back end is higher, you need to start placing the cinder blocks one by one underneath. For your information, it’s better to place the blocks vertically in alternate directions for each layer. It’ll enhance the blocks carrying strength. But before placing the blocks, place thick blue styrofoam sheets first. It’ll save the lower layer of blocks from decaying. And between each two layers, use a quarter-inch plywood sheet so that the layers shouldn’t rub against each other. Make sure to place a plywood sheet between the top layer of blocks and the trailer’s frame. 

Step 4: Higher the Front End and Place Blocks

Now that you’ve placed blocks underneath the back end, to make each side even, it’s time to place blocks underneath the front end. So, raise the front end to make it higher. But at this point, you’ve to lift it slightly higher than the back end. Now place blocks in a similar way as mentioned above. Just keep in mind that the blocks must not interfere with any of the critical RV parts, such as propane gas lines. If you own a larger trailer then you need to create another pillar somewhere in the middle position of the trailer beside the front and back block pillars, to make the base more powerful and effective.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers (FAQs)

Should I put my travel trailer on blocks?

When it comes to staying in your travel trailer for a long time, you should put it on blocks. Doing so will make your trailer stable and level. Otherwise, the trailer may get tilt to any side and whenever you walk or move inside it, it’ll shake and make living unpleasant. So, it’ll be wise to put your trailer on blocks while you aren’t moving it for an extended period.

Why does a travel trailer need to be level?

The simple reason is if you don’t place your trailer on level ground, any side of the trailer will get tilt. As a result, any liquid like refrigerant fluid will tend to move to that tilted part of the trailer along with other accessories too. For instance, you don’t want your cups or bowls sliding down at a side, do you?

What is the best way to secure my travel trailer?

Follow these simple steps to secure your travel trailer from stealing – First of all, keep it out of public sight. When you’re at home, park it in a safe place away from the street, for example, the garage. Make use of a lock, such as a hitch lock. Make sure to utilize ball and pin locks to increase security. You can also use a tire boot lock. 


That’s all about putting a travel trailer on blocks. Now that you’ve read this far, we hope that you understand the entire procedure along with the benefits of doing this. But still, if you have any confusion or want to know anything more regarding this topic, feel free to knock us in the comment section. 

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