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How to Secure Coffee Maker in RV? Guide for Protection

RV travel is all about freedom—the open road, the changing scenery, and waking up each morning to a fresh backdrop outside your window. But there’s one essential amenity that makes this lifestyle possible: coffee!

As any RV enthusiast knows, that first cup of joe makes those early hours on the road much more bearable. But traversing the bumpy byways in a home on wheels poses unique challenges for your coffee maker. A simple turn can send it sliding across the countertop, transforming your precious brewer into a hurling hazard.

Have no fear! With some preparation and clever solutions, you can keep your coffee maker safe and enjoy your regular dosage of caffeine out on the road. This article will percolate some peace of mind so you can relax and savor the journey.

How to Secure Coffee Maker in RV?

The Dangers of Unsecure Coffee Maker

Before diving into remedies, it’s important to recognize the potential perils of traveling with your trusty coffee maker in an RV:

Sliding and Tipping Over

Sharp turns, abrupt stops, and going over uneven terrain can all send your coffee maker sliding across the counter or tipping over. Carafes and reservoirs full of water can make it top-heavy and prone to spilling.

Shattering Glass Parts

Many traditional coffee makers have glass carafes, filter baskets, and pot lids. These delicate parts are vulnerable to bumps, vibrations, and impacts that can cause cracks and breaks.

Leaks and Spills

If your coffee maker tips over or isn’t properly secured, hot coffee can spill out of the carafe or reservoir. This can lead to a sticky mess and potential burns.

Smart Storage Solutions to Secure Coffee Makers in RV

The best way to secure your coffee maker is to store it properly while traveling. Here are some RV-friendly options:

Dedicated Cabinets

Look for cabinets in your RV kitchen that have latches or positive locks. Safely stowing your machine inside will keep it protected and prevent shifting. Choosing a cabinet near your counter space makes for easy access when you’re ready for that first cup.

Under-Counter Brackets

Installing L-shaped brackets under your counter or shelf creates a handy cradle for your coffee maker. The brackets grip the base to hold it in place. Just be sure to measure carefully so it fits snugly without wiggle room.

Travel Mugs and Cases

Investing in a good insulated travel mug means you can brew coffee directly into a spill-proof container. Carrying cases with protective padding allow you to brew then securely transport your coffee maker to the ideal spot to enjoy your morning brew.

Securing Your Coffee Maker on Surfaces

Sometimes kitchen cabinet space is limited and you’ll need to leave your coffee maker out on the counter while traveling. Here are some tips to keep it in place:

Non-Slip Pads

Look for soft rubber mats designed to grip surfaces. Placing these under your coffee maker will create friction to hold it steady in its spot. They also absorb vibrations from the road.

Bungee Cords and Hooks

Make use of D-rings or hooks installed inside cabinets or on walls. Wrap a sturdy bungee cord around your coffee maker and securely hook each end in place to create a “bungee web.” This restraint system contains even the most excited coffee maker!

Museum Putty

Those little blobs of putty designed to secure artwork and collectibles work great to adhere your coffee maker to the counter. Just press small bits onto the bottom of the unit. The adhesion is solid but won’t leave a residue.

Coffee Makers Designed for Travel in RVs

If you’re in the market for a new coffee setup, consider compact, durable models designed with RV life in mind:

  • French Press: This simple, manual device is practically indestructible. It makes great-tasting coffee and requires no electricity.
  • Pour-Over Brewer: These single-cup drippers take up barely any space and make coffee right into your mug.
  • AeroPress: AeroPress uses air pressure to brew rich, delicious coffee in a sturdy, plastic cylinder. It couldn’t be easier to use on the go.

Handy Tips for Traveling With Coffee

  • Empty the water reservoir before hitting the road to prevent leaks and spills.
  • Store coffee grounds, filters, and accessories in sealed containers to contain mess.
  • Disassemble glass parts and pack them safely in padded bags for protection.
  • Bring backups of fragile items like carafes in case of breakage.
  • Keep a towel handy to absorb drips and spills during travel.

Securing Other Loose Items on the RV Counter

Your coffee maker isn’t the only item that can go rogue during travel. Use these tactics to contain other small appliances, tools, and galley items:

  • Place rubber mats or shelf liners inside cabinets and drawers to keep contents from shifting.
  • Store any glassware or fragile items in secured cabinets while traveling.
  • Child safety latches effectively keep cupboard doors closed, even during sharp turns.
  • Adhere hooks to the wall or cabinets to hang mugs, utensils, and towels in place.
  • Nestle smaller items among larger appliances to keep them stabilized.
  • Avoid overloading your counters. Stow any excess items in secure cabinets.

Enjoy the Ride – Your Coffee Is Taken Care Of!

With some preparation and strategic securing, you can brew up tasty coffee anywhere your RV adventures take you. As the miles roll by, enjoy the journey knowing your morning coffee ritual is safe. Just be sure to pull over before pouring that first rejuvenating cup!

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