Easy Explanation of What Size Jack Do I Need For My RV?

One of the most important things while going camping is where you will live. And if you already have an RV, then this checks out of the list. Because you have all the appliances to live in the outdoors. A fully functional bed, toilet, shower, stove, microwave, air conditioner, and heater.

Some high-end RVs also come with a lot more like washing machines, decks, generators, and solar system chargers. But the RV also needs some care. For instance, the tires might get flat, and you will need to change them. Without a jack, you are just sitting ducks!

So what size jack do I need for my RV obviously pops into your mind. While you scratch your head, we are here to tell you the exact number. The jack should have the capacity to lift the weight of your RV and half more. This means if your RV weighs 5,000 lbs, then you need a 3-ton jack. A bit too much?

Let’s talk more about why you need that kind of capacity today. 

What Size Jack Do I Need For My RV

The Right Size Jack For Your RV | Calculation And Selection 

First things first, an RV is not a regular vehicle. It weighs a lot and comes with a lot of cargo (appliances, passengers, and everything). Hence it needs a little more power to lift it up. 

This is why a regular vehicle jack won’t cut out for it. Any jack calculates in tons, meaning 1 ton = 2000 pounds. So if your RV weighs around 10,000 pounds, you will need a 6-ton jack to lift it efficiently. And the extra bit? That’s for extra capacity. As you don’t know when the weight might go up, better be prepared for it. 

Things You Need To Keep In Mind While Buying A Jack

So when you are going to buy a new jack for your RV, these are the things to keep in mind. 

1. Weight Of Your RV

You are lifting weights with your jack, not entering a beauty contest of a lightweight championship. So go bigger. This means putting in a little extra lifting capacity to your jack. This will help you a lot in the years to come. 

2. The Type Of Jack You Need

Hydraulic and electric jacks are the most common ones in the market. While the electric one is far easier to use, they cost a bit more. And the good old hydraulic is less expensive but does the work efficiently as the electric one. Both are great and you can go for either of them. 

3. Height That You Are Lifting

There is not only the lifting mechanism that is different from jacks, but the height they can lift is also a thing. Not all jacks can go all the way up and give you access to your RV undercarriage. Some will only lift up the RV to get access and change the tires. And some will lift it up to give you full access to the undercarriage. So go for the one you need. 

4. Safety Features And Quality Of The Jack

Jacks have handy features. You can lock them while they are lifted, some even fix them in one place so that they don’t accidentally move. Check these features before you buy them. You don’t want your RV crashing down on anything.

Also quality always matters. From the built material to the plastic and silicon guards, everything should come into consideration. But some extra bills to get the best one. Because you don’t go and buy a jack every day. 

Jack Sizes Depending On The RV Weight Suggestion

Every RV is unique in its size, weight, and cargo capacity. Each of these factors comes into play while you are investing in a jack. Still, we are going to give you an abrupt idea of what size and capacity of jack you need to look for depending on your RV’s weight.

RV Weight in Pounds (lbs)Required Jack Size (tons)
10,000 to 15,0006
15,000 to 20,00010
Over 20,000Consult with a professional

Short Questions and Answers

Can a 2-ton jack lift an RV?

If you have an RV that weighs somewhere between 4,000-5,000 lbs, a 2-ton jack can lift the RV. 

What size power jack do I need for my RV?

You will need to get a jack that has a bit more power than your RV weight. As jacks may come in tons, you can divide the RV’s weight by 2 and get the required jack size. Always add a few extra pounds to the jack to make it convenient. 

What kind of jack do I need to lift an RV?

You can use leveling sensor jacks to lift your RV but to access the undercarriage and change tires, you will need a hydraulic or electric jack. If your RV doesn’t come with a fitted leveling jack, you will need to invest in one. 

What size bottle jack do I need?

Bottle jacks are mostly used to change tires on any vehicle. It will range from 2 tons and can go up to 10 or more. Depending on your vehicle and weight, you have to get the exact one. For your convenience, 2 tons = 4,000 lbs. You can now do the math for your RV, truck, SUV, or even a car. 


Jacks are essential for any vehicle. And for an RV, we cannot emphasize more. Investing in a good quality jack is always a great decision that you will thank yourself for later on. So don’t go all cheap on it and get the best one.

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