What Does Service Leveling System Mean of A RV? Everything You Need to Know

RVs are convenient homes on wheels. Going camping in the wild or simply taking a tour across the country, an RV can not only cut you on the bank but also make it more comfortable. 

But while on the road, you cannot just park your RV anywhere and make it your home. As a huge vehicle, it needs a level surface to keep its balance and stability. Also, it ensures your safety while you are in it. 

This is where Service Leveling System comes in. What does Service Leveling System mean of a RV anyway? Well, it’s the manual or automatic leveling system that keeps your RV level even if the ground isn’t. Ensuring the safety of the RV, appliances inside, and you. 

There is more to what a leveling system can be. And we will need to discuss a bit more. 

what does service leveling system mean of a rv

Service Leveling System Meaning Of An RV| Use, Types, And Operation 

Ever seen a high rise or heavy weight crane expanding an extra arm on the bottom for stability? A service leveling system is the same thing, but more advanced and efficient and made for an RV. 

While you are parked in an uneven space, your RVs weight will shift due to the appliances and moving around. Leveling system can reduce that and stops damaging the RV and other accidents. 

The Use Of RV Service Level System

As we mentioned earlier, the RV level system is responsible for leveling your vehicle. It comes off out of the bottom, sides and can be automatic or manual. And it will keep your RVs weight balanced not causing harm to the suspension or body. Also, it helps distribute the appliance’s weight accordingly.

Types Of RV Service Level Systems

There are two types of RV service level system. 

1. Automatic Level System

As the name suggests, an automatic level system works with just a press of a button. It has motorized or hydraulics to level the RV. Some also come with sensors so you don’t have to do anything else or check it. 

But the only downside is that they can be a bit expensive. And with sensors, its even more. 

2. Manual Level System 

Manual-level systems require manual adjustment and operation. It can be totally manual with motorized or hydraulics. And they are mostly inexpensive and widely used in RVs.

Why Do You Need A Leveling System For Your RV

As of now, you might have got an idea of what is a leveling system and how it works. The reason for using them is to bring in extra support for the house in wheels so that the RV can carry the load of all the appliances and people inside it. Otherwise, if there’s a wrong pressure point and if the ground is not leveled, your RV will encounter serious damage to its frame and even can tilt. 

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions and Answers)

What does service ride control mean on a Denali?

If your Denali’s ‘Service Ride Control’ light is on, then it means there is a problem with the vehicle’s suspension system. A faulty sensor, a leaking airbag, or even a damaged control module can be the cause of it. 

Should RV be perfectly level?

Yes. RV should be perfectly level due to its appliances. The refrigerator, and air conditioning system have cooling components that need a level of service to work properly. If not, they won’t work and burn out. Also, there is the factor of damaging the structure of the RV. 


If you weren’t aware of a leveling system, no you have a clear idea. And if your RV doesn’t come with one, you can always go for one. It will do more good on rough camping and your RV structure will stay in shape. 

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