[6 Fixes] RV Slide Out Starts and Stops

RVers always rule with their RVs. With an RV, anyone can trip anywhere, camp anywhere, and move anywhere while having their own accommodation. And being an RVer, one may be familiar with RV slides. They are designed to expand the living space for the owner.

But things become difficult when the RV slide-out stops functioning properly and causes start and stop. To clarify, the slide automatically starts and then stucks or stops in a while. Well, there are a few reasons that cause this issue including voltage issues.

But you don’t have to worry anymore as we’re about to present the relevant reasons and solutions so that you can understand the situation better and solve the problem conveniently. 

RV Slide Out Starts and Stops

Why Does the RV Slide Out Start and Stop?

This issue has only a few reasons behind it. Those are –

  • The auto-reset fuse is tripped
  • The auto-reset fuse is defective
  • Battery voltage is low 
  • The motor or hydraulic pump is defective
  • There’s an issue with the slide controller
  • The slide-out is jammed

Now, we’ll go for the solutions according to these causes. 

How to Prevent Slide Out from Start and Stop?

The solutions are pretty simple so you don’t need to worry about any hassle. So, without wasting time, let’s straight get into them –

Solution 1: Make Sure the Battery Is Fine

When the battery gets low or defective, it forces the auto-reset fuse to trip. That’s why the slide-out stops and then starts again the fuse automatically resets. In this case, check for the battery’s health and make sure it’s fine to operate properly.

Solution 2: Replace the Auto-reset Fuse

When the auto-reset fuse gets defective (maybe blown), it can’t withstand the electricity load as it should, leads to a trip, and shows the same symptoms as the low battery scenario. So you need to replace the auto-reset fuse with a new one. 

Solution 3: Charge or Replace the Battery

When the battery voltage becomes low, the battery can’t deliver the required power to the slide motor for proper operation. Hence, with the power lack, the slide causes start and stop. You can charge up the battery. And if you find the battery is still showing problems, replace it with a fine one. 

Solution 4: Replace the Motor or Hydraulic Pump

When the associated motor or hydraulic pump for the slide gets defective, the slide can’t move smoothly as it should, resulting in the start and stop. You can’t do much here but replace the defective motor or hydraulic pump with a new one. 

Solution 5: Reset the Slide Controller 

When there’s an issue with the slide controller, it can’t operate properly and ultimately cause the slide to behave abnormally. You can also fix this particular issue by resetting the slide controller

So, start by locating your slide controller (you can use the manual if don’t know where it is). Then push the reset button 6 times and hold it until the LED lights start flashing on the 7th time. The flashing lights indicate that the slide controller is reset. 

Solution 6: Remove the Foreign Object

If there’s any foreign object stuck in the slide mechanism, it can jam the slide and lead it to start and stop. So, find out that foreign object and remove it from the system. 

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers(FAQs)

Why does my RV slide out keep stopping?

You can find many reasons that your RV slide keeps stopping. For example – faulty switch, faulty motor, faulty hydraulic pump, electrical power issues, lack of lubrication, jammed slide out, etc. You can’t fix them all by yourself unless you’re already a professional technician. 

What are the common RV slide problems?

There are 5 particular reasons that can prevent your RV slide from operating properly. Those are – power issues, leaks and foreign objects, lubrication issues, and defective motors. If you face any problem with your RV slide, you’ll find any of them causing this. 

What is the best RV slide mechanism?

According to users’ opinions, the rack and pinion system is the most reliable and effective RV slide mechanism. This mechanism utilizes arms under the slide box connected to the motor. 


By now, it should be clear to you that your RV slide does start and stop because of the associated accessories. Therefore, if you can find the issue in your case, you can easily solve it by applying the related solution. And there’s one last thing! Sometimes your slide’s battery connection can be blamed for this issue. So, don’t forget to keep the battery connection clean. 

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