How to Register a Pop-Up Camper Without Title

Registering and titling an untitled camper comes with some key challenges. Many RVers find themselves stuck with a camper they can’t legally use. Thankfully, with some persistence and know-how, you can register and title a used pop-up without the previous owner’s title.

The process requires compiling evidence of ownership, contacting the right agencies, and possibly obtaining a bonded title. While time-consuming, completing these steps lets you legally license, register your pop-up without a title, and hit the road.

In this guide, I’ve explained each step of legally registering a pop-up camper with no title. Follow this guide to compile the right documentation, connect with the relevant agencies, and get everything in order. Let’s get started below!

How to Register a Pop-Up Camper Without Title

Steps to Get Ownership Without a Title

To register a pop-up without a title, you have to go through a few steps. Here are the steps to follow:

Step 1: Gather the Evidences

The first step is gathering enough evidence to establish your ownership of the unlabeled pop-up. Without a title to prove prior ownership, you’ll need to provide alternate documentation. Here are some key documents and information to collect:

  • Bill of Sale: Get a bill of sale from the previous owner if possible. This should detail the VIN, sale date, price, and both parties’ names.
  • Registration Papers: See if the previous owner has expired registration paperwork showing their ownership.
  • VIN Documentation: Locate the 17-digit VIN number etched on the camper’s frame or body. Run a VIN check to get a title history report showing prior owners.
  • Receipts & Maintenance Records: Compile any receipts for the sale amount, repairs, maintenance, or improvements made to demonstrate ownership.
  • Photographs: Take time/date-stamped photographs of you in possession of the camper. Get shots of the exterior, interior, VIN, and your ownership documents.
  • Insurance Documentation: Obtain proof of current insurance in your name for the camper. This further validates your possession.
  • Sales Tax Payment: Submit documentation showing you’ve paid all relevant sales taxes on the camper purchase.

Step 2: Contact the DMV, Highway Patrol, and Local Law Enforcement

Once you’ve gathered ownership documentation, contact both the DMV and local law enforcement about titling the camper. Reach out to the following agencies:

  • The Department of Motor Vehicles: Explain you’ve purchased a used pop-up camper with no title. Provide all your ownership documentation. Ask about the next steps to register and title the camper in your name.
  • The Highway Patrol Office: Similarly, contact the highway patrol to notify them of your camper purchase. Offer your evidence of ownership and inquire about registering the untitled camper.
  • Local Law Enforcement: Notify local law enforcement (sheriff, police) that you’re in possession of an untitled camper. Provide documentation and ask for assistance titling it.

Being upfront with these agencies establishes you’re making a good-faith effort to properly title the camper. They can provide guidance on additional steps to take.

Step 3: Apply for a Bonded Title

Chances are the DMV will advise applying for a bonded title to register the pop up camper without a title. This involves getting a surety bond to guarantee your ownership. To get a bonded title:

  1. Complete Application: Fill out a bonded title application including camper details, ownership evidence, and application fee.
  2. Get Surety Bond: Purchase a surety bond for 1-1.5x the camper’s value from an insurance company. This guarantees your ownership. Add it to the application.
  3. Submit Fingerprints: You may need to provide fingerprints to further confirm identity and ownership. Include these with the application.
  4. Pay Title and Registration Fees: Cover any title, registration, or filing fees required to process the bonded title. Add payment to your application.
  5. Mail Completed Application: Make copies of the entire application and ownership documents to keep. Mail the originals to the DMV bonded title office.

If approved, the DMV will mail you a new title for the pop-up camper in your name. You can then register it normally with your local DMV office.

Tips for Registering a Pop-Up Camper Without a Title

Navigating the process requires persistence and diligence. Here are some top tips for successfully registering and titling a pop-up camper without a previous title:

  • Start ASAP – Don’t delay beginning the process. The longer you wait, the harder establishing ownership can become.
  • Be Persistent – Keep calling agencies and checking on the application until you get a resolution. Don’t let it fall through the cracks.
  • Triple Check VIN – Accurately verifying and documenting the camper’s VIN is critical for checking ownership history.
  • Gather Lots of Documentation – Overdocument your ownership claim to make your case airtight. The more evidence the better.
  • Keep Following Up – Don’t assume agencies are processing your application. Politely follow up weekly for updates.
  • Contact Local Officials – Get your sheriff, police, and other local officials aware of the situation in case questioned.
  • Review Laws – Check your specific state’s laws on titling bonded vehicles without titles so you understand the requirements.

With the right paperwork, persistence, and procedures, you can successfully register and title a used pop-up camper without a previous title document from the prior owner. While it takes effort and diligence, the payoff is getting to legally use and enjoy your new camper.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Process For Titling A Home-Built Rv Without Records?

For home-built RVs without title records, follow a similar process of gathering ownership evidence like receipts for parts/materials, registration attempts, logbooks detailing the build, photographs, etc. Submit these to the DMV along with a home-built affidavit to apply for a bonded title and registration.

Can You Get Temporary Registration For A Camper Without A Title?

Most states don’t allow temporary registration for untitled RVs. You need to go through the full bonded title application process to legally register and tag the camper before using it. Some states offer temporary trip permits, but these are limited.

What If The Previous Owner Doesn’t Have The Title And Refuses To Sign A Bill Of Sale?

Compile as much of your own ownership documentation as possible. Get a bill of sale from wherever you purchased the camper if different than the last titled owner. Submit your evidence to the DMV and request a bonded title without the previous owner’s paperwork.

Is There A Way To Register The Camper Until I Can Obtain A Bonded Title?

There is no legal way to temporarily register an untitled camper. You must complete the entire bonded title application process and obtain a title in your name before the camper can be registered and tagged.

What If The Camper Is Newer And I Don’t Have A Vin To Verify?

On newer campers, you should find the VIN etched on the frame near the hitch or stamped on a plate attached to the sidewall. Check owner’s manuals for model-specific VIN locations. If unreadable, a professional can attempt to recover and verify the VIN.


Purchasing a used pop-up camper without a title can get you a great deal, but also some headaches. With some diligence and paperwork, you can register and title an untitled camper. Now that you know the process, you can confidently buy a pop-up without a title and enjoy getting it legally tagged and on the road. The key steps are documenting all evidence of ownership, persistently contacting agencies, obtaining a bonded title, and following up until the camper is titled in your name. While time and effort are required, the reward is the freedom to use your new pop-up. Thanks for reading and best of luck titling your pop-up camper without a title. Please leave a comment below with any additional questions!

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