How To Open RV Compartment Lock Without Key | 5 Different Ways Covered

Owning a motor home is a splendid addition to your daily life. You can go out whenever and wherever you want and get all the comfort and luxury of your home. And if you are a digital nomad, then this is an experience of a lifetime. 

Like most vehicles, they do come with a lock. No matter if it is a fifth wheel or all-in-one RV, you might get locked out of it sometime. Yep! This happens to every one of us. So how to open the RV compartment lock without a key is your question right away. 

The answer is pretty simple. If the RV is an all-in-one vehicle and the window is slightly open, you can use a small string to pull out the lock or use a wire to flip it. For a 5th wheel though, you might have to find alternatives like windows or emergency doors. Whatever it is, you need to stay calm and proceed with the solution.

Today we are going to talk about 5 of the ways you can get your RV compartment unlocked without a key. 

How To Open RV Compartment Lock Without Key

Ways To Open RV Compartment Lock Without A Key | 5 Effective Ways

No matter what you do, do not panic. The more you panic, the harder the situation gets. Rather think about the solution and how to overcome it. Because it’s not a big deal once you figure out how to get back in. Let’s start with the ways you can unlock your RV.

1. The Wire Or String Trick

The first trick is for the RVs that have an all-in-one driver’s cab and living space. You can use a metal hanger and bend it to push the lock open from the driver’s side. It won’t work right away, but it will eventually with a few tries. And if your RV has a pull-up lock, you can also use a string to create a loop and unlock it. You will need to have the window a bit open for this one though. 

2. Check For Alternative Entrance (Windows Or Emergency Doors)

Most RVs have windows and emergency doors. And chances are you have one of them open or can be opened if not locked from the inside. You can slip inside or someone can slip inside and unlock the compartment for you. Easy peasy!

3. Pick The Lock Or Take The Door Lock Off

And if there is no way, the best course of action is to pick the lock. You might find a YouTube video on the matter. And a few certain tools from the toolbox will get you through with it. An Allen wrench and screwdriver will be the tool to go with. 

But if you are not experienced enough, we suggest you take the door lock off. With the screwdriver and some technique, you can do it with ease. And for some RV models, you can also take off the door. This is the more efficient way to get access to the compartment without damaging anything. 

4. Call a Locksmith

We have all been in places where we cannot get our minds together, let alone the lockpicking and door takedown. It’s a bit too much. So calling a locksmith is the best option. You can contact a locksmith at any time of the day in the area you are and they will open the compartment with ease. With a little fee, you will save a lot of elbow grease and frustration. 

5. Call For Help From The Campground Stuff

When you lock yourself out from your RV in a campground, if you don’t have any options like the ones mentioned above, you can ask for help from the campground staff. They will easily get you a solution as they face this kind of situation more often. And helping is caring, so do share your problem with them.

Preventive Measures

There are lessons in every aspect of our life. Burning our favorite dish, crisping or drying the Sunday roast, or locking yourself out of the RV, all are lessons that you always keep something alternative in hand, or don’t do it. To avoid this uncomfortable and nerve-wracking situation, you can keep an extra key in your wallet, or keep the RV technician in the area on your phone dialer list. This will save you a lot of time, and heartache.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions and Answers)

Can you open a lock without a key?

Yes. You can pick a lock with a lockpick or any screwdriver and Allen key. But you need to try it a few times if you are not pro at it. Also, you can open a lock with a wire or sting by pulling your RV’s lock from the outside in. 

How do you open a stuck RV compartment door?

If your RV compartment door is stuck, you will need to use a lubricant to open it. Yes WD 40 will help, but also silicon lubricants will do the best job in this case. Make sure to wipe off the excess as it might stain the paint. 

Are RV keys universal?

RV factory doors, that come with the RV have universal keys. So you can use it in all other RVs that have the same lock. Which is a security issue. And people change the lock afterward. 


So, there is a lesson to learn from getting locked outside. Even though you might be cautious, it might happen again. But with these solutions in mind, you can easily unlock or open an RV compartment door. And the best thing to do right away is not to panic. No matter how hard it sounds, it will help you get inside faster than a panicked state. 

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