[4 Fixes] Dometic Rv Toilet Won’t Fill With Water

Your best resort in calling a second home on the road is an RV. No matter if you are on a cross-country trip, camping or hiking, or simply living the nomad life, nothing comes in comparison to it.

Why? Because it has all the amenities of your home. A fully functional kitchen, bed, living space, even a shower and toilet. Talking about dometic toilets on an RV, sometime you will find that there is a problem with the toilet. And Dometic RV toilet won’t fill with water is more common than any other problem.

The reason behind it can be simple as the water valve is off to more serious ones like the components of the flash are jammed or a damaged water pump. We will talk all about these today.

Dometic Rv Toilet Won't Fill With Water

4 Reasons Why Dometic Rv Toilet Won’t Fill With Water 

There are mainly 4 reasons why your Dometic RV toilet won’t fill. Checking them one after the other is the best approach. We also included the solution to solve each of the problems along with them. 

1. The Water Valve Is Off

4 out of 5 times, it is the water valve. As you turn everything off while you start rolling down the road, chances are the water valve to your toilet is turned off. Also, the water valve might malfunction and get jammed with iron and minerals. So make sure to check it out if turning it on and off doesn’t fix it.

Solution: Turn the water valve on and off and on again. This will get the water running again. If the water valve is gunked up, you will need to clean it. Also make sure the main water line is turned on as some RVs have separate main valves.

2. Blocked Water Line

After a certain time of use, every water pipe gets a bit blocked with dirt and other debris. It is not your fault, but the water itself. This causes the water lines to have a build-up in them and your toilet won’t fill with water.

Solution: You will need to flush your water line with cleaning solutions. Make sure you clean the whole water tank along with it. Let the cleaning solution sit for about 30 minutes to an hour or as the instructions suggest and then flush all pipes. 

3. Toilet Tank Valves Jammed

Sometimes the flush tank float valves and input water valves get jammed. This is due to a long time of usage and the water quality. Hence you won’t have any water in your Dometic RV toilet. 

Solution: You will have to clean the whole flush system along with the water pipe and valves. Make sure the float valves are working correctly. 

4. Damaged Water Pump

Although uncommon, your water pump may give up on you. Sometimes we forget to turn it off after use and it burns out on itself due to overrunning. This happens mostly on older RVs. If this is the case, you only have one solution.

Solution: Take your RV to a professional to look at it. If the pump is fixable, you are lucky. But if it is damaged beyond fixing, you might need to change the pump. 

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers – FAQs

How do I get water in my RV toilet?

There is always a pedal on your RV toilet’s side or front that lets water come into the toilet. Slightly pressing on them will get water in the toilet. 

Why is my camper toilet not holding water?

If your camper toilet is not holding water, then the gasket or seal is damaged. You should get it changed.

How do you clear a clogged RV toilet?

Hot water and vinegar or vinegar, baking soda, and water solution can clear a clogged RV toilet. You can also buy professional toilet cleaners that clear clogged RV toilets from the market. 


Your RV toilet is as good as how you maintain the valves and other components. Damage to any of them, including the pump, will result in no water being filled into the toilet. So make sure you check all of them one by one and you will be out of the pickle in no time. 

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