Are X-Chocks Worth It? My Findings

If you ask me, proper stabilization accessories are vital in my opinion. Through extensive personal use and research, I have become quite familiar with X-Chocks and the unmatched stability they provide. 

In this article, I’ll share my insights on X-Chocks to help you determine if investing in them is worthwhile. Spoiler: yes they are.

Are X-Chocks Worth It

What Are X-Chocks?

X-Chocks are a specialized tandem wheel chocking system made to interlock between trailer tires using a patented design. Their unique shape when engaged is intended to prevent accidental rolling, sliding, and swaying better than standard chocks. 

Having extensively used both standard chocks and X-Chocks over several years, I can definitively say X-Chocks perform far superior for keeping trailers firmly in place.

How X-Chocks Outperform Standard Chocks

From my first-hand experience, X-Chocks deliver exceptional functionality in a few key ways traditional wheel chocks simply cannot match:

Superior Resistance from Rolling – I’ve found X-Chocks can hold firm up to a 35% grade, preventing even slight rolling on sharply inclined driveways or campsites. Standard chocks commonly fail on slopes greater than 10%.

Effortless Installation – Putting my X-Chocks in place is refreshingly fast and easy, without lifting or throwing. I simply engage the handle to separate them, position in place, and pull the handle to lock. Removing them takes seconds before hitting the road.

Universal, Adaptable Fit – With adjustable width settings, I’ve used my X-Chocks interchangeably on trailers, 5th wheels, and motorhomes with tire diameters from 14” to 16.5”. Not having to buy separate chocks for each RV has been a major perk.

All-Weather Durability – Through mud, snow, rain, and blazing heat, I’ve been impressed with how robust X-Chocks materials are after enduring all types of conditions while still functioning flawlessly.

X-Chock Value Versus Price

At right around $60-70 per pair, X-Chocks are anywhere from 3 to 5 times more expensive than basic wheel chocks, which understandably gives some RVers pause on pulling the trigger. As with most things, you get what you pay for. Considering the unmatched stability, ease of use, durability, and multi-purpose functionality X-Chocks have provided me, I can say with full confidence they are worth every penny. Not having to constantly re-adjust and reset standard chocks that fail to properly secure my trailer gives me true peace of mind.

Alternatives to X-Chocks

While I’m clearly a big fan, X-Chocks aren’t ideally suited for every RVer. A few alternatives providing decent stability in certain scenarios include:

Other Interlocking Chock Styles – Similar interconnected chock designs like Bal Chocks offer the coupling concept at a lower price point. However, effectiveness and durability is inferior in my experience.

Auto Leveling Systems – Integrated self-leveling jacks offer a high-tech solution for keeping rigs squarely planted without chocks. But, in my opinion, they still benefit from X-Chocks holding the wheels securely when activated.

Stabilizer Jacks – Manual or electronic stabilizing jacks help resist rocking motions well for smaller trailers. Though sway reduction capability can’t compare to X-Chocks in my testing.

Pro Tips for X-Chocks

After logging over 20,000 combined miles using X-Chocks, I’ve discovered some best practices along the way:

  1. Ensure tires have firmly settled and uncompressed on the chocks before locking. This allows a tighter fit with maximum surface contact.
  2. Make sure to engage the lock handle fully until securing into place completely. An incompletely engaged lock can allow some rotation.
  3. Store upright or hanging when not in use to allow debris and moisture to clear rather than settle inside.
  4. Occasionally remove grit or buildup on the locking teeth to keep engagement precise and snug.

As you can probably gather by now, I’m quite a strong proponent of X-Chocks after being let down by standard chocks repeatedly. While more expensive initially, X-Chocks have more than justified their value by providing me unparalleled stabilization and security for years on end. Please feel free to contact me with any specific questions in the comments section below. Safe travels!

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