How to Remove 5th Wheel Hitch From Truck Bed? Easy Steps Guide

Removing the 5th wheel hitch may seem difficult to many RVers, especially those who are newcomers to the RV world. But the truth is it’s easier than you think. You just have to understand the way of it. We all can agree that how useful the truck bed can be while moving things or storing things temporarily. But we can’t use it while the 5th wheel hitch is attached to it and the simple reason is the hitch takes up a larger amount of space of it. 

So, we’re going to share both the traditional and easiest methods of removing the 5th-wheel hitch to make things more convenient for you. Now, without any further ado, let’s get started!

How to Remove 5th Wheel Hitch From Truck Bed

Standard/Traditional Way to Remove 5th Wheel Hitch From Truck Bed

Before directly getting into the procedure, let us inform you about two things. One is various 5th-wheel hitch brands have various methods of removing the hitch. So, if you have any manual regarding your specific 5th wheel hitch then you can go for it. And the other one is the hitch comes with a lot of weight, you should be careful while removing it because it can be injurious if there’s any mistake.  

Now if you’re wondering then why we told you earlier that it’s an easy process? Well, with the word ‘ease’, we mean that you don’t need any specific degree or special knowledge about it. Anyone can do it if they know the simple steps of doing so. Typically, the hitch weight ranges from 130 to 200+ pounds. So, it’s clear that you’ll require strong machines like a crane part and lifting bracket part to lift and remove the hitch.

Okay, now that you know the basics, let’s step into the procedure straightforwardly –

Step 1: Start by whacking the bolts until it loosens the hitch’s tension (especially required for the hitch that has never been removed). 

Step 2: Then check for the four screws that meet the side rails under the truck and place a leveler there. You’ll need to place another person at the bottom with the regular key system and anchor the nut to prevent the bolt from sliding. 

Step 3: Next, ask your helper to anchor the nuts at the bottom while you loosen the bolts. 

Step 4: Finally, pull out the loosened bolts and remove the 5th wheel hitch by removing the metal slide rails. Make use of the aforementioned machines to lift the hitch. That’s it. 

But we’re again suggesting that you can go for the relevant removal method for your particular 5th-wheel hitch if it seems better.

Easiest Way to Remove 5th Wheel Hitch From Truck Bed

Here, we’ll talk about the easiest way to accomplish this task which requires a strong engine hoist. You can make use of a strong portable setup or robust joists to clutch the hoist and robust steel-braided cables to handle the hitch. Then –

Step 1: Connect the cables to the hitch and start the hoist.

Step 2: After that, lift the hitch at a height so that clearing the truck bed’s rear side becomes easy.

Step 3: Finally, get your truck out from the bottom of the hitch. As simple as that!

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers (FAQs)

Can a fifth-wheel hitch be removed easily? 

It mostly depends on how much your hitch weighs and in which way you’re going to remove the hitch. But in most cases, it’s comparatively easy. 

How strong is a fifth-wheel hitch? 

An average fifth-wheel hitch is strong enough that it’s capable of towing the weight between 16000 to 30000 pounds which is undoubtedly a heavy towing capacity range. 

How long does a fifth-wheel hitch last? 

Typically, most fifth-wheel hitches come with a lifetime warranty. But it has been found that if you don’t exceed the weight capacity and ensure proper maintenance, it can last longer like 12 years. 


That’s all about removing a 5th wheel hitch from the truck bed. You can see that both standard and easy procedures are convenient enough that you don’t have to face notable hassles. Therefore, make your choice with one of the methods and get the job done. If you have any confusion or need to know more on this topic, don’t hesitate to knock us.

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