Can You Plug A Trailer Tire? Proper Explanation for You

Trailers are amazing for a lot of things. You can have a portable home, carry your boat, or even transport goods on them. No matter what type of trailer it is, it works with a lot of weight.

And like any vehicle with whiles, the wheels get flat. Which is a bit of an inconvenience. But as tire tech is way more developed than just changing it, you can plug them. But can you plug a trailer tire? As they carry a lot of weight, it’s a concerning thought if it will be able to hold that small plug thingy.

Well, you can. If the damage is not significant, you can plug it with a kit. But it is not a permanent solution as it is not a car or truck, but a trailer. 

We are going to walk you through all the possibilities, permanent fixes, and what you might face if you keep on driving the trailer with a plug.

can you plug a trailer tire

Can You Plug A Trailer Tire On The Tread And Sidewall

Plugging a tire is easy. You just use the kit to drill a hole in the tire, insert the plug, then the cap and cut the excess, and seal it with a sealant. But there are some things you can and cannot do.

You can only plug a flat if it is on the tread. On the rough side of the tire to be exact. If the flat is on the sidewall, your plug won’t hold it for much long. 

Even if you can plug the tread, it is wise to get it patched as soon as possible as it is not a small vehicle. A trailer deals with a lot of weight. So you will keep on getting more flats and more plugs.

So to avoid that, getting it patched is the best permanent solution. 

What Problems You Might Face?

If you don’t patch your trailer tires and keep on driving it with the plug seal, here are the things you will face.

  • More flats in different places.
  • A lot of plugs in the tire making it look like a porcupine.
  • As weight increases, the air pressure will keep on decreasing fast.
  • Eventually, it will damage your rims. 

The Best Thing To Do With A Flat Trailer Tire

There are two best possible actions with a flat trailer tire. 

  1. Get it patched as soon as possible if the damage is not significant.
  2. Get a new tire if the sidewalls are damaged and the tire is worn off.

You don’t want to be stranded on the sides and keep on visiting the workshop to fill your tire with air every now and then. So better go for these options than relying on the plugs. 

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers – FAQs

Can I plug a tubeless trailer tire?

Yes, you can. But there are specific plugs for tubeless trailer tires. You have to use them instead of regular ones.

Should I repair trailer tires?

Yes. If the damage is not that significant, you have to repair and use the trailer tires. Although seriously damaged tires should be replaced at all costs. 

Can I plug a trailer tire sidewall?

No. Although you can plug your trailer tire sidewalls, they won’t stay sealed for long. The best course of action, if your tire sidewall is damaged, is to get it patched or replaced.

Do I have to use trailer tires on a trailer?

Yes! Trailer tires are different than regular car tires. They are more rugged and can take on weight. 


Plugging trailer tires are a temporary solution if you are out on the road. But as soon as you get to your nearest repair shop, you should get it checked. You will have to go for a patch or replace the tire as it is the best permanent solution. Don’t roam around with just a plug. 

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