What To Do With An Old Pop-Up Camper (Proper Guidance)

As recycling means taking care of the earth, we use old stuff all the time. Unless you don’t. Old stuff has a different vibe to it. Apart from the aesthetic and classic vibe also gives them a more comforting feel.

But what about an old pop up camper? If you have one or bought one recently, what to do with an old pop up camper? 

Well, you can do a lot with them. You can renovate it, turn it into a winter camping shelter, or even sell it part by part. We are going to talk all about that today.

What To Do With An Old Pop Up Camper

3 Things To Do With An Old Pop-Up Camper

No matter if you bought one or already have one, here are the three things you can do with your old pop-up camper.

1. Renovate It

Any DIY artist or winter camper loves renovating. And what better can be a pop-up camper? If you have one, you can change the fabric if it is worn out. And paint it new.

Also, you can put in some extra magic of your own. Then you can go on camping in the winter. As pop-up campers don’t have an AC or heater, it’s best for winter or spring camping when the weather is nice and cool.

Make sure to bring in a heater or fan. Also, you can rent it out to people who like winter camping if you are not feeling like it. Some extra bucks are always fun.

2. Turn It Into A Man Cave

Sometimes you don’t want to do camping with your old pop up camper. And to get a nostalgic tree house feel, you can turn it into a man cave. This is especially fun as it will just sit outside, and give you the natural breeze.

If there is a little bit of fixing is needed, you can do that. And get some alone time in it, reading a book, having some snacks. There’s nothing wrong to have some alone time, in your pop-up camper. Also if you are a family guy, the kids can use it as a sleepover camping in the backyard.

3. Sell It

Maybe you own a pop up camper and had your time with it. But don’t want it anymore. You can always sell it on eBay, Facebook or Craigslist. There are also campers and RV forums where they sell this stuff.

If the whole thing is not going easily, you can also sell it part by part. Which is also convenient and brings in more money. A win-win situation.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions and Answers)

How do I get rid of my pop-up camper?

You can ask an RV DIY expert to take your RV away if you don’t want it anymore. There are dedicated RV junkyards, where you can get rid of it. And also if you are a good soul, you can donate it to charity. 

Do pop up campers hold their value?

No. A pop up camper loses its value over the years. 50% of value goes away after 4 years, and over 80% over 10 years. 

Is a pop up camper better than a tent?

Yes. As pop-up campers have better structures and durability. The only place it fails to be convenient is the weight and carrying options. Traditional tents are rather better in carrying as they are lightweight and easier to manage. 

When did they stop making pop-up campers?

Regular tents are much better options today. Which are easier to carry, and have the same durability, but are more convenient. Which is why they stopped making pop-up campers back in 2011. 


Pop-up campers are like tents on steroids. So putting it to good use is easy. But if you don’t want it at all, there is always the option to sell it. A little bit of money doesn’t hurt anyone’s wallet, does it?

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