[Answered] What Is a Gaucho in a Camper? 

You need to consider a lot of things while purchasing an RV and sleeping space is mentioned-worthy among them. It can be a headache if you can’t decide how to manage the sleeping space unless you have a larger RV. And things become more difficult when you require additional sleeping space for family members or guests. 

Therefore, if you own an RV with insufficient space, you should look for a sleeping area that won’t take up much space. Yes, you can purchase any small bed or couch as your sleeping place according to your RV size, but is it worth it?

Gaucho is an excellent option in this case. It’s actually a pull-out bed specially designed for RVs or campers. Stick to the post till the end to know about Gaucho in detail. 

What Is a Gaucho in a Camper

What Is Gaucho Bed for a Camper?

A Gaucho bed is furniture that stays underneath a couch or sofa’s seating cushions and hides a frame with bed cushions that can be opened up or unfolded to make a bed. Gaucho beds can be compared to Japanese futon beds. They’re comparatively thinner and more rigid than regular beds, also neither large nor comfortable.

You’ve to understand that they aren’t made for offering comfortable sleeping like traditional beds but the least space to sleep. Obviously, it’s far better to sleep on a Gaucho bed than sleeping on the floor. Additionally, this multifunctional bed can be transformed into a couch to offer sitting space. 

What Size Is a Camper Gaucho Bed?

A camper Gaucho Bed never comes with a fixed size. There can be Gaucho beds ranging from very small to large. But obviously, they’re smaller than a regular Queen-size bed. It makes it easy to fold up and turn into couches to arrange a seating space while not in use. 

So, it can be said that they need to be smaller in order to retract into the rest of the bed and fit in smaller spaces. Now if you’re wondering whether these beds are too small to fit in, let us assure you there’s nothing to worry about it. Anyone can sleep in them regardless of age.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I make my own Gaucho bed?

Surely you can make your own Gaucho bed. But to make it happen, you’ve to be really good with your hands. Otherwise, you won’t be able to make a perfect or comfortable Gaucho bed. First, watch relevant video tutorials to know what you need to do while making the bed and try making it. If you think it isn’t worth it, it’ll be wise to purchase one from the market. 

Where is the best place to buy a Gaucho bed?

Purchasing a Gaucho bed can be extremely difficult. They aren’t typically sold by classic RV brands. Therefore, you can search online to find a seller or check RV forums for people advertising their businesses. You can also find offline small businesses that sell Gaucho beds. Unfortunately, they aren’t always easy to find and you may need to spend some time looking around to find a good seller. 


As you’ve read this far, it’s pretty assumable that you have a clear concept about Gaucho and its usage in a camper. Now that you know about it, get a Gaucho bed for your RV to save some space. Let us know if this post proves useful and for more questions feel free to knock us. 

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