RV Now – Don’t Wait – Here’s Why!

Has it always been your dream to RV full time or RV extensively, but are you waiting for retirement? Are you waiting for your kids to finish school?  Do you want to RV now, but are afraid of what others will think? Is RVing your dream, but you don’t know how to afford it? All of these questions and doubts are completely understandable to have, but I’m going to tell you why you should RV NOW and leave all these doubts behind…

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Before I start, let me say this:

This is a huge decision.

I am NOT negating that.

I want you to know that RV Life is POSSIBLE!!

Rather Watch?

Waiting for retirement…

Ah…retirement. So, you work ALL your life and then when you have given so much of yourself…you can FINALLY do what you want.

I mean, that’s the promise, right?

However, you get to retirement age and realize you’re now too tired or unhealthy to travel…

Maybe it’s retirement age, but you can’t actually retire…

I’m not saying this isn’t a great goal, but it isn’t always the great promise of freedom that we are told.

At my job (yes I RV and still work), they send out notifications whenever a current or former employee dies. It is really uninspiring, especially those that never made it to retirement or pass away just a year or less after they retired. So much for their dream of traveling…

So what do you do?

Your first option is to RV and work (here are some ideas to get you started).

If you are not interested in working, save money and sell your things. If you sell your house, that may also give you quite a bit of money be able to RV now!

Lastly, you can keep things simple – keep your campground fees low with campground memberships or boondocking, eat at home, enjoy all the free activities you can. Want to know more about saving on campground fees? Click here.

The biggest thing to keep in mind – you CAN wait for retirement, but you don’t have to!! You can make a plan and RV NOW!

Waiting for the kids to finish school…

RV Now

Sunset on Lake Ontario

I get it, you want your kids to have a “normal” and “stable” life.

That is awesome, BUT…

RVing will give your kids a new and fresh perspective. They will meet people, see how others live. Your kids will see, feel, smell, touch the world around them.

We are a product of our childhood experiences and a child that can experience different cultures, different oceans, lakes, animals… They will never be the same.

Yes, learning in a book around your peers can be a good experience for kids, but it will never compare with being immersed in travel and having your everyday life be a hands-on experience.

So how do you RV now?

First – Leave the fear behind. You aren’t going to ruin your kids!

Second – Remember that learning and development happens outside of 4 walls. Enjoy the time.

Don’t forget, just because you skip school and RV NOW doesn’t mean that you can never go back. Put the fear aside and load up the kids and make lasting, unforgettable memories.

Are you afraid of what others will think?

RV Now

People’s disapproval can’t keep us from RV life!

I know you don’t care what others think…but somewhere deep inside…maybe you do… I know this because sometimes these thoughts and doubts come to me too!!

It’s your 20 or 30 year high school reunion. What are you going to tell your classmates: “Oh yeah, I sold my house and now I RV full time!”

Well…that is exactly what I did at my 20 year reunion.

Here’s the crazy thing though… Most of my former classmates were already watching my YouTube videos!! And you know what? Most of them admired what I did and were supportive of our choice. And what about my other classmates? Well, we talked about the venue and the food…

OK – say it isn’t a “choice”.

Maybe you needed to get out of debt or you couldn’t buy that house because your credit score was terrible or you simply couldn’t afford it.

Maybe without the RV, you would be homeless…

Let me tell you something – you have a place to call your own. You have a home. That is a good place to start…

No matter the reason, you did a make a choice…PLEASE LET ME CLARIFY:

Everyday we choose to let our circumstances put us down or we get up and keep going and make the next day better.

You chose what was right for you. At the end of the day, the only one you have to answer to is yourself (and God).

If you can do that and sleep soundly at night, then you are good. Make a plan. Know what you want in life and go for it!

Forget everyone else and what they think and say… RV NOW!

Is your family reacting negatively? Watch our video below:


You don’t know how to afford it…

RV Now!

This place was FREE!

Yes, RVs are cheaper than houses (although some motorhomes can get up there), but they are still a real expense.

Not only do you have to buy that RV, but you also have to park it somewhere… you need fuel… not to mention the other, everyday living expenses.

Buy one of these and look at it every day! Don’t Let let the dream die!!

Just like people driving old beat up cars have a $1,000 iPhone, people put their money where their passions lie.

If it is that important to you, you can and will find the money.

For Example:

I won’t buy jeans that cost more than $20 bucks, but I have no problem paying $200 for an afternoon at the hair salon. Please note I haven’t been in 5 years…but you get the point. 

So, are there ways to get around the costs? Yes!

First – Buy used, live frugally (Read “How to RV on the Cheap“), get out of debt (or work to get out debt like us)…

Second – You can RV NOW and work. Take your job on the road, find workamping jobs, or you can find a travel job (like a travel nurse, linemen, etc.). Find out more in “Making Money While RVing – An RVers Guide

Can’t afford it right now? Buy one of these and look at it every day…Make it a goal to get there!! Don’t let the dream die!!

You can RV NOW!! Don't let things like retirement, kids at home, other people's doubts, or affordability stop you from living your RV living dreams! Here's why! #RVlife #RVliving

I know, I threw a bunch of stuff at you…

I know I simplified it…

I did this to inspire you…

You have one life, don’t let fear and doubt keep you from living the life YOU WANT!

Want more inspiration? Read my post “RV Living and Facing Fears

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I don’t have a job that is transferrable to living on the road. I had been working hard at my amazon used books business, but was not making enough to put money towards RV repairs and a get going fund. So, I took a desk job, my first ever, and put my son in preschool. I will get my small amount of debt paid off and repairs done, while I work, and get certified as a yoga teacher and doula. I would love travel ready job to fall into my lap.


I think it is great to inspire people to do great things but RVing is NOT one of them. WHY? Campgrounds are already impossible to get into without reservations months ahead or go out of season, highways already have to much traffic, and if they start to and don’t like it all you are going to hear ( if you happen to run into them) is how they were talked into such a lifestyle and don’t like it, which brings everyone down with the negative energy. I say, you live your life your way and I will live mine my… Read more »