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Undoubtedly, the RV front cap is a vital part of the RV as it protects the RV from outer impacts such as dirt, debris, rain, and so on. That’s why over time it wore down. At this point, you may need to repair it (if possible) or replace it with a new one. But the fact is when it comes to replacement, more or less you’ll require to pay a huge expense. Typically, the pricing for the overall replacement ranges from $2000 to $5000.

Here, we’re about to discuss things regarding the RV front cap replacement cost. So, if you’re an RVer and thinking about replacing your old, damaged front cap; you’ve come to the exact place. Now without any further ado, let’s get into the detailed information. 

RV Front Cap Replacement Cost

How Much Does It Cost to Replace an RV Front Cap?

For your information, the overall replacement cost varies on different factors. For example – the quality and size of the front cap, the shipping charges, the labor cost, etc. These factors will be counted in the primary stage of replacement. If you need any further replacement or repair in the future (like delamination), it’ll require additional cost at that time.  

Here are the factors in detail. Just have a look at them to understand how they make variations in the replacement cost –

1. Size

The size does matter when buying a new unit. Depending on your RV, the front cap can be small or large. And obviously, the larger one will cost more compared to the smaller one. 

2. Quality/Type

The caps can be of various types including molded plastic, fiberglass, aluminum, etc. If you go for the plastic or fiberglass one, it’ll cost less as they are comparatively cheap quality and last shorter. On the other hand, if you prefer the aluminum one, it’ll be more expensive because of its higher quality and durability. 

3. Shipping Charge

The shipping charge also counts in the replacement cost when you purchase your RV front cap overseas. It mainly varies on the height, weight, type of the product, etc. So, you should consider the shipping charge in case of online purchases from a distant place. 

4. Labor Cost

Last but not least, you’ll need to consider the labor cost if you hire laborers for the cap placement. 

Verdict: So, it can be said that the RV front cap replacement cost can be low when you purchase a cheap unit, purchase from a nearby store, replace by yourself, etc. On the contrary, the cost will be high when you purchase a quality unit, purchase overseas, hire laborers, etc.


No matter how expensive or cheap an RV you own, every RV should be under proper maintenance. The simple reason is when you properly take care of a product, it doesn’t face much impact or damage, making the product last longer. Similarly, the front cap also requires proper care to ensure longevity. Therefore, make sure to take care of your RV including its accessories so that they last long and you don’t have to repair or replace them any soon. 

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