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Install Electric Bunks in the Toy Hauler | Easy Guideline

Electric lift bunk beds are an innovative use of space in the cramped confines of a toy hauler recreational vehicle. Bunk bed frames are outfitted with motorized scissor lifts, allowing them to be raised and lowered vertically. This provides ample floor space when gear and equipment need room, yet preserves sleeping capacity for extra guests.

Continue reading for a proper guideline that I prepared on how to successfully incorporate this versatile upgrade into your RV.

Install Electric Bunks in Toy Hauler

Plan Your Electric Bunk Installation

Careful planning ensures you choose correctly sized bunks and lifts for your particular floor plan. First, meticulously measure interior dimensions to determine optimum bunk sizes, numbers, and placements. Research available electric lift capacity ratings to handle combined mattress weight. Account for the added payload you are adding to avoid exceeding axle ratings. Consider power needs – will bunk motors tap the house battery bank or use converters/shore power? Lastly, order all necessary hardware before installation for a smooth process.

Remove Existing Bunks

Start by dismantling any fixed bunks or shelving occupying the planned bunk installation area. Removing fixed items requires care to avoid wall panel damage. With fixed components safely out of the way, sweep and clean the spaces to prepare for new electrical bunk mounts. Salvage, store or discard former bunk wood and mattresses as needed.

Mount the Electric Lift Mechanisms

The key working parts – electric gear lifts, scissor arms, and mounting brackets – must be securely attached following the included manuals. Use extreme care when bolting into floor and wall structural members. Lag bolts tightly into underlying wall studs can handle shear and tensile loads. Verify lift alignments by test raising/lowering the mechanism fully before applying bunk weight.

Add the Bunk Frames and Mattresses

With lift operation validated, firmly bolt bunk frames onto the mount points with supplied hardware. Custom mattresses are recommended for ideal fit and comfort. Check for adequate clearance around walls and ceiling when raising/lowering the loaded beds. Confirm bunks sit level and square when lowered for use.

Electrical and Safety Considerations

The bunk lift motors will draw considerable current, often demanding direct connection to robust 12V DC vehicle electrical systems rather than small converters. Install fuses/breakers per documentation. Integrate safety cut-offs like limit switches and pinch force deactivators that instantly halt lifts if obstructions occur. Pad sharp corners to protect occupants.

Test and Do Final Adjustments

Vigorously cycle the loaded bunks up and down at least ten times, checking for any instability, uneven lift, or eccentric sounds suggesting a needed realignment. Fine-tune to eliminate binding and verify automatic safety cut-offs function properly. Consider adding visual indicators or simple remote controls to tell/show when bunks are raised or lowered.

Usage and Ongoing Maintenance

Demonstrate proper control of the electric bunks to all vehicle occupants. Keep mechanisms clean/lubricated per maintenance guidance to ensure years of trouble-free operation. Monitor for unusual wear or noise and have an RV technician promptly address any issues.

Following these electric lift bunk guidelines helps incorporate this nifty innovation into your prized toy hauler! Enjoy plenty of gear storage when parked yet accommodate guests comfortably.

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