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How to Keep Things from Sliding Around in a Camper (What Tips and Tricks I Use)

Embracing the RV lifestyle, with its freedom and adventure, has its quirks. One notable challenge many face is how to keep their belongings from having their own little party when on the move. We’ve all been there – a sudden turn, and suddenly, it sounds like a minor skirmish in the back.

A well-organized camper, with items securely in place, is the key to a stress-free journey.

If the fear of opening your camper door to find a scene of chaos deters you from taking those winding routes or off-road adventures, then stick around. Let’s read to ensure everything stays put, right where you left them.

How to Keep Things from Sliding Around in a Camper

Practical Tips and Tricks for Not Sliding Anything from Around

  1. Non-Slip Mats: One of the simplest solutions, non-slip mats can be cut to size and placed in cupboards, on counters, and in storage areas. They provide a grippy surface that helps prevent items from sliding.
  2. Tension Rods: Perfect for cupboards or open storage areas, tension rods can be adjusted to fit and act as a barrier, keeping items like spices, bottles, and crockery in place.
  3. Velcro Strips: These are a camper owner’s best friend. Attach one side to the item and the other to a surface in the camper. It’s especially useful for remotes, flashlights, or items you want to be easily accessible.
  4. Bungee Cords: For larger items, or things you don’t access frequently, bungee cords can hold them in place. They’re flexible and can be used in multiple configurations.
  5. Stackable Containers: with Lids For pantry items or miscellaneous bits and pieces, these containers save space and ensure items stay in one place. Opt for clear ones so you can easily see the contents.
  6. Magnetic Strips: Brilliant for kitchen utensils, knives, or even personal care items, magnetic strips can be attached to walls, keeping items off surfaces but within easy reach.
  7. Proper Weight: Distribution Ensure heavier items are stored at the bottom. This not only prevents them from toppling over but also helps maintain the camper’s balance.

How Do I Secure Small Items While RVing

While securing larger belongings in a camper is relatively straightforward, it’s those smaller, often overlooked items that tend to create the most chaos during transit. From that favorite mug you can’t travel without to the tiny screws essential for a quick fix, the little things matter. Let’s explore techniques to ensure these smaller items remain stationary and organized.

Pouches and Zippered Bags

For the Bits and Bobs:
Every RVer has a collection of miscellaneous small items, be it batteries, charging cables, or even hair ties. A set of zippered pouches, preferably transparent or mesh ones, can be incredibly useful. By categorizing items and stowing them in designated pouches, not only do you prevent them from roaming free, but you also make locating them a breeze.

Drawer Organizers

Every Nook and Cranny Matters:
We’ve all experienced the frustration of rummaging through a drawer full of miscellaneous items, trying to find that one elusive thing. Drawer dividers or organizers can be a godsend. They compartmentalize your storage spaces, ensuring every tiny item has its own snug spot.

Magnetic Containers

Spice Up Your Kitchen Space:
One of the delightful perks of RVing is cooking a meal while surrounded by nature. But how do you keep those myriad spice jars from causing a mini avalanche every time you open the cupboard? Magnetic spice containers, which can stick to the inside of cupboard doors or any metal surface, are your answer.

Jewelry Organizers

Because Style Doesn’t Take a Vacation:
For those who like to accessorize even on the road, managing jewelry can be a task. Traditional jewelry boxes are bulky, and stowing jewelry in random drawers risks tangling and damage. Foldable hanging jewelry organizers, with separate soft pouches for each item, can keep everything tangle-free and in pristine condition.

Collapsible Containers

For the Fluid Needs:
Not every storage need is constant. Perhaps today you need space for a set of screws, and tomorrow for some seashells your kid picked up. Collapsible silicone containers can be expanded or flattened as per your requirement, making them perfect for fluctuating storage needs.

Tackle Boxes

Not Just for Fishing:
While they’re designed for fishing lures, tackle boxes, with their myriad tiny compartments, can be incredibly handy for storing a range of small items, from sewing kits to art supplies.

Elastic Grid Organizers

Techie’s Delight:
With gadgets becoming an integral part of our lives, the number of accompanying accessories like earbuds, memory cards, and chargers has proliferated. An elastic grid organizer holds these items in place, ensuring they’re easily accessible and tangle-free.

Why It’s Essential to Secure Items in Your Camper

Picture this: you’ve just driven through some magnificent landscapes, the sun is setting, and you decide to stop and set camp. But as you open your RV door, you’re met with a cascade of utensils, clothes, and the remnants of what was once a well-packed pantry. Frustrating, right?

Securing items in your camper isn’t just about cleanliness; it’s a safety imperative. In the event of a sudden brake or sharp turn, unsecured items can become dangerous projectiles. Beyond safety, there’s also the aspect of preserving your belongings and the camper’s interiors from potential damage.


Embarking on an RV adventure is thrilling. However, to truly enjoy the journey, it’s vital to have peace of mind, knowing that every item in your camper is securely in place. A few simple tweaks and tools can make all the difference, turning your journey into a seamless experience. Thank you for journeying with us through this guide, and here’s to many organized, hassle-free adventures ahead!

Further Inquiries with Answers

Is it time-consuming to secure items before each trip?

 It’s a good practice to check before every trip. Roads and travel conditions vary, so it’s best to be prepared. It might take a bit of time initially, but once you’ve established a system, it becomes quicker and more intuitive with each trip.

Can I DIY some of these solutions?

Absolutely! Many RV enthusiasts come up with innovative DIY solutions using everyday items. While home organizers can be used, it’s essential to ensure they’re secured. Campers experience more movement than stationary homes, so extra precautions are necessary.

How do I ensure liquid containers don’t spill?

Opt for containers with tight-sealing lids. Additionally, placing them in a designated box or tray can contain potential spills.

Are there any camper-specific brands or products you recommend?

Absolutely! There are many camper-specific storage and organization products available. They’re designed keeping the unique camper environment in mind. While many generic products work fine, brands like Camco or RV Designer offer solutions tailored for camper needs.

Will securing items impact my camper’s weight limit?

While the securing methods add some weight, it’s minimal. However, always be aware of your camper’s weight limit when adding items.

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