How To Get Rid Of RV Parked On Street (A Proper Guideline for You)

You are minding your business and with a drink in hand, look out the window. Maybe to check your porch or your neighborhood, and see a huge RV blocking your view. It’s just sitting there, on the street, in front of your house. 

Sometimes they just sit in empty places not even in front of anyone’s home, but on the street, for days. Which is not unnatural. People can park wherever they want. It’s a free country, right?

But turns out, they can. Especially with an RV. And in a residential area, it’s a big no-no. It makes people uncomfortable and violates the law. So how to get rid of an RV parked on the street? 

The answer is simple to a bit complicated. You have to check your local law about RV parking. Normally an RV can be in a place for 72 hours. And also can get a permit to park. And going to the authorities is the best choice in any circumstance. We will discuss all of them to give you a clear process of what to do. 

how to get rid of rv parked on street

Things To Do To Get Rid Of RV Parked On Street

We live in a civilized society and not barbarians. So just don’t go approaching any RV on the streets with a baseball bat handy to get rid of them. Rather be diplomatic and humane about it. Here is what you should do if you see an RV parked on the street in your area. 

1. Check Local Laws And Regulations About RV Parking

Every area has different laws relating to RVs. What size of RV can be parked on streets, how long they can stay, how they can get a permit, how it should be parked, and everything else. You can look this up on the internet and take action according to your local law. If the RV is oversized, or suspicious, take note of it. And also take note of the RVs license plate. Which will come in handy later. 

2. Always Go For The Authorities Instead Of Personal Interactions

Personal confrontations are never a good thing. Sure it makes you feel like the man of your house, but it’s best you don’t. Because the RV owner is also the man of his house, and might not take it nicely. Rather take the sensible citizen route. Contact the authorities if you find the RV suspicious, violating your area’s RV parking rule, or even abandoned. Make sure to inform them about the location, color of the RV, license number, and any other info. They will take action for you. 

3. Community Police Or Watch

Every residential area has a watch of its own. Rather than confronting the RV owner personally, you can ask them for a helping hand. And they will look into the matter. This is a more professional approach as they have the authority right after the police. 

4. Be Humble, In Person And Words

Any situation can escalate or de-escalate depending on your behavior and choice of words. If you have to confront the RV owner yourself in any case, be mindful. Do not offend, get personal, or anything in between. Rather ask about their well-being and plans for staying. This will give them space to open up if they are friendly. Using harsh words will result in a different way, which nobody wants. 

5. Day Is Better Than Night

If you are keen on talking to the RV owners, daytime is the best time to approach them. Because nighttime is when the creeps crawl. Also, don’t go up knocking on their door. Rather wait for them to come out and approach them. Nobody wants their privacy violated. 

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers (FAQs)

Can I park my RV on the street while I’m renovating or storing it temporarily?

Different cities have different regulations on RV parking on the street. No matter if you are parking on your own land or in front of your house, you might get fined. So make sure you get a permit from the authorities. This will let them know that you are renovating or storing it temporarily, not a permanent stay. 

What are the penalties for violating RV parking regulations?

Violating RV parking regulations might end you up with fines, towing, jail time, and others depending on the area you are in. 

Can I park my RV in front of someone else’s house if there are no parking restrictions?

Although there are no parking restrictions in the area you are in, it is not proper behavior to park in someone else house. It’s more of a privacy violation for them, which you don’t want to do as another human being. Rather look for RV parking areas in the area and move there. 

How can I find designated RV parking areas or storage facilities?

You can look online RV forums and even search on the internet for RV parking areas or storage facilities in the area you are in to get the info. Even local authorities can help you with it if you ask them. 


Confrontation of any human being is not a nice thing to do. And if you are not good at controlling your anger, the best action is to totally stay out of it. The authorities are here for a reason, ask them for their help. Never take things personally and let the professionals handle the RV owner. And sit back, relax, and enjoy your drink. 

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