How Far Can You Run A 30 Amp Cord To A Camper? Easy Explanation

Camping means being close to nature. And with an RV, you can get all the amenities along with you. A bedroom, a living space, a kitchen, a toilet, a shower, air conditioning, and heating, are all on the move.

But all of these appliances will need power. The RV can provide a 30 amp cord. But how far can you run a 30 Amp cord to a camper? Because there are some limitations and inconveniences if your cord is long.

The answer to that question is you can run a 30 Amp cord 50 feet long, which is the standard measure. But you have to keep in mind, the longer the cord, the faster the voltage drop. And to fix that problem, we are going to guide you today. 

how far can you run a 30 amp cord to a camper

Things To Keep In Mind While Running A 30 Amp Cord To Your Camper | Wire Gauge

30 Amp RV extension cords come in 25 ft, 50 ft, 75 ft, and even 100 ft options. So you can get any of these and be fine with it. But one thing that you have to pay attention to.

Remember pulling the rubber band to its full capacity? How it stretches out? And it gets thinner and thinner? Well, this can be imagined as the gauge of the cord.

As the rubber band stretches, the tension gets thin, and the vulnerable it is. The same thing goes for a power cord. If the wires inside are of lower gauge, meaning, thinner, you will experience power or voltage drop. Especially if it is over 25 feet.

The longer the cord goes, the quicker the power drop. So when you are getting a longer power extension cord for your RV, make sure to get a higher gauge wire. The thick wire will keep the voltage stable and none of your appliances will struggle to get power.

Also, make sure to check the wattage range. 30 Amp cords have a wattage range from 3200-3600 watts. The longer, the higher wattage you should get to keep the power stable and running.

Also, if the temperature fluctuates, your power cord will become more inefficient. Longer cords tend to slow down power at higher and lower temperatures. So going for a high gauge wire would be the best thing to do. The best gauge for a longer cord is 10 AWG. 

That’s the only thing you have to keep in mind and you will be fine with a 30 Amp and 50 ft extension cord. 

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers (FAQs)

Is it safe to use a 30 amp extension cord on an RV?

Yes. It is perfectly safe to use a 30-amp extension cord on an RV. Especially if you have a lot of appliances, a 30 amp cord is the one to get. Make sure to get a better gauge if you are going to run it a long way. 

How long are most RV power cords?

RV power cords go from 25 ft, 50 ft, 75 ft, and up to 100 ft option. So they come in a lot of different sizes. You can get any one of these without any worry. But as longer the cord is, your wire gauge should be 10 AWG. 

How to install a 30 amp RV plug at home?

Installing a 30 amp RV plug at home is pretty straightforward. It’s more like installing another power outlet. So turn off your main power circuit. Start installing the plug along with a new breaker for the outlet. Run the wire through the conduit, yes you need new wiring. Connect the wires to your main power breaker. When everything is done, turn on your power breaker and check the plug. 

Can you run an RV off an extension cord?

Yes. You can run an RV off an extension cord. But make sure it is meant for an RV and comes in the right amperage. Most RVs require a 30 amp or 50 amp. 


So there you have it. You can run your 30 amp camper cord a long way. But keep in mind about the gauge and you will be fine. Also, make sure to check for any damage when you are rolling it up. Damaged cords should be replaced or fixed depending on the condition. Using it would be harmful to you and your appliances. 

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