Do 5th Wheels Have Generators? Proper Explanation for You

For any camper or outdoorsman, 5th wheels are the utmost luxury. They not only come with a bed but all the necessary amenities of a fully furnished home. A working stove, microwave, air conditioner, refrigerator, hot water in the shower, and a toilet. What more can you ask for while camping in the wild outdoors?

And it’s also convenient to drive with. Just hook it up to your truck and go be one with nature. Or have a road trip throughout the country living the digital nomad life. 

While all of these amenities differ from one 5th wheel to another, the power source also differs. Sure you can use the shoreline while you are at a camping ground. But what about when you are boondocking? Do 5th wheels have generators to power everything up?

Well, it depends. Some 5th wheels come with a generator, but most of them don’t. There a reason behind that and we will talk all about it today.

Do 5th Wheels Have Generators

5th Wheel Generators, Why Some Come With One And Some Don’t | Explained

Remember Apple thought of a green environment stunt by not providing a charger with their iPhone once? Well, there’s a same-case scenario with a 5th-wheel generator.

While some 5th wheels come with a generator, most don’t. There will be a dedicated generator space in the 5th wheel, but you will get offered a generator as an add-on or aftermarket purchase.

A lot of campers and travelers who are buying a new 5th wheel for the first time, plan on not boondock or stay out of the RV park. And if that is so, there is no need for a generator. You can always rely on the shoreline and run everything from it.

And even when there is a power outage, your backup batteries will power up everything you need for some time. 

When Do You Need A Generator For A 5th Wheel?

For any travel and camping enthusiasts, you are going to go out boondocking, there is no holding back. RV parks are fun, but what’s the use if you don’t enjoy nature, right?

There is no shoreline in the wilderness, and if you are camping in harsh climates, hot or cold, you will need a generator to power up your air conditioner and heater. Yes, you have a battery backup, but it won’t last for long.

Generator For A 5th Wheel

A generator can easily power up all the amenities and even charge up the batteries when needed. And if you are thinking of getting one, you should check the wattage of each appliance before going for one. 

Generators go from 2000 watts to all the way to 10000 watts. So make sure you calculate and also check the space for the generator on your 5th wheel. And if you already have one at home, that is powerful enough, you can use that one. 

5th wheel generators come in a  lot of sizes, manufactures, and outputs. They even come with diesel, gas, and propane fueling options. So get the one that is more convenient for you. 

Reason Why Some 5th Wheel Dont Come With A Generator

The cost of a new 5th wheel is high. Also, the customization and other appliances add up to a lot. Hence a generator is not the first thing in everyone’s mind.

This is why the generator is not included in the package, as it can go up to thousands of dollars. But leaving it as an aftermarket purchase cuts down on the 5th wheel price. And some people also have a generator lying around in their shed that they can use. So why bother? Rather they create a space for the generator to be placed, which is always a good thing to have. 

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers – FAQs

Does a 5th wheel need a generator?

It all depends on what you are intending to do with your 5th wheel. If you plan on camping out in the wilderness for days, you definitely need a generator as the battery cannot power every appliance. And solar won’t do you much good. But if you are planning on just camping in the RV park or campground, then there is no need for a generator. 

How does a 5th wheel get power?

Most of the appliances are powered by the battery inside it. It gets charged when the engine is running, or the solar, or if connected to a shoreline. Other than that, the batteries can also be powered by a generator. 

Do all 5th wheels have inverters?

If not all, but most 5th wheels come equipped with an inverter. As there will be a lot of shoreline usage, solar power, and generator connections, there is always a need for an inverter. 


So, we guess it is clear by now that not all 5th wheels come with a generator. But you can always add one if you are planning on camping outside. It’s a cool thing to have if you frequent in the wild. But if you are not, then there is no need for one.  

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