How to Clean RV AC Coils (Simple Steps Guide)

There is no way you can be comfy in the wild without air conditioning. Sure it’s different in the winter, or in spring when there’s a breeze. But under the scorching sun? Camping? Nope! 

So before you roll out of your driveway with your RV, a routine cleanup is always a good option. But how do you clean RV AC coils? Well, it’s easier than cleaning a window air conditioner. 

You just take the top hatch off, brush off the dirt, clean the filter, and put it back together. If there’s a bit more grim in it, you can also use soap water. 

Ah, what the heck! Let’s guide you through the steps. 

Clean Rv Ac Coils

6 Easy Steps To Clean Your RV AC Coils

Although cleaning your RV ac coils is easy as cake, you will need some instructions, along with a few items. And if your AC coils are situated on top of the RV, you need to get a second pair of hands. 

The things you will need

  • A Screwdriver. 
  • Soft-bristled brush. 
  • Fin comb (To straighten coils). 
  • Coil cleaner (designed for AC coils).
  • A spray hose or bucket of water.

Step 1: Turn Off The RVs Circuit Breaker

Start by turning off the circuit breaker. You don’t want the AC coils shocking you when you clean it. And it is also necessary for the AC’s safety as running power might short-circuit it. 

Step 2: Remove The AC Coil Cover

Now is the fun part. Start locating your AC cover. It may be on top of your RV on the side, or on the back, depending on your model. A screwdriver will come in handy at this point. Remember to store the screws in a secure place. 

Step 3: Brush Away The Dirt From The Coils

Inspect the coils and start brushing off all the dirt. Use a soft bristle brush, as harder ones will damage the coils. If there is grim dirt in the coils or any insect nest, you should clean it with a cleaner. 

Step 4: Straighten The Bent Fins

Most of the time the coil fins are not bent. But it is possible for them to go bent over time. A fin comb will help you get them straight. Do not attempt to fix them with a screwdriver or other equipment. It will do worse than any good. 

Step 5: Apply Coil Cleaner And Rinse If Necessary

At this point, start doing a thorough cleaning. Mix some coil cleaner in a bucket of water or in a spray can. And spray some on the coils. Do not use a pressure washer, as it will bend and damage the coils. And let it sit for a good 10 minutes. Then rinse off with water. This step is necessary if your AC coils are really dirty and it’s not coming off. Or if there is an insect infestation. 

Step 6: Dry The Coils And Put Back The Cover

Let it air dry or use a microfiber cloth to dry off some water off of the coils. After it dried off perfectly, put back the cover, and screw it securely. And then proceed on turning your RV breakers on. And check if your AC is working perfectly.

(FAQs) Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

How often do you need to clean RV air conditioner coils?

Your RV air conditioner coils should be cleaned once every year. This will prevent any burnouts, heating, and any other troubles while camping

Can we use WD 40 to clean RV AC?

Yes. you can use WD 40 to clean your AC coils and fins. After all, it is a cleaning and rust-removing agent. But make sure to do it after turning off your AC. Otherwise, the compressor will take the WD 40 inside and contaminate your RV. 

Are RV AC filters washable?

Not all RV AC filters are washable. But most are. You can check your RVs user manual to get the correct info or the air conditioner brand that you have. 


A clean AC means better cooling. And with dirt and insect infestation (Bee and Hornet’s nest) it will be hard for it to do what it does best. So make sure to clean every summer before you start using your RV. And if you are constantly living in one, it’s good to clean your AC coils every 6 months or so. As constant usage means more dirt build-up. 

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