Can A Tundra Pull A 5th Wheel? Easy Explanation

Toyota is known for making some mean vehicles. They are not only powerful but are also comfortable riding in the wild. And going places? Bring it on!

And Toyota Tundra is no different. Maybe even more? Yeah it’s a bit more, with Japanese engineering inside, you can rely on it anywhere, anytime. But can a Tundra pull a 5th wheel?

We knew this question was going to come up sooner or later. The thing is, you can pull a 5th wheel with a Tundra, but with its capacity. So if the 5th wheel weighs around 7000 lbs to 8000 lbs, the Tundra can pull it.

But a Tundra can take on 10,200 lbs right? Well,  we will explain why you should not pull on its full capacity. 

can a tundra pull a 5th wheel

Things To Consider While Pulling A 5th Wheel Using A Toyota Tundra

As far as Toyota pickups go, Tundras are on the top of the heavy-duty list. Although it can carry a lot of loads, climb high grounds, and drive offroad with ease, you can only pull certain 5th wheels with it. And the reason behind it comes down to the three points that we are going to explain. 

1. Capacity Of Your Toyota Tundra

A Toyota Tundra, as of the current models, can tow up to 10,200 lbs. Some less heavy-duty ones do not go more than 8800lbs. But if you are going to carry a good-sized 5th wheel with all the appliances, air conditioner, fridge, stove, and furniture, it will round up at least 12,000 lbs. And that the smaller ones.

Bigger 5th wheels can go over 20,000 lbs. Which is way over the capacity of a Toyota Tundra. It will not only weigh it down but also damage the suspension. So if you are keen on pulling a 5th wheel with a Tundra, make sure it goes under 8,000lbs. Why? Because there is the UVW and GVWR to consider.

2. The Math of Weight: UVW (Unloaded Vehicle Weight) And GVWR (Gross Vehicle Weight Rating)

Unloaded Vehicle Weight or UVW means when your vehicle is not loaded with any water or cargo. This goes for both the 5th-wheel RV and the truck you are using to pull it. 

Gross Vehicle Weight Rating or GVWR means how much your vehicle can carry in total. So with all the appliances and cargo, you are going to get the GVWR.

Now that you know both the UVW and GVWR, what you should consider the ideal? Keeping both the GVWR and UVW lower is the best option to go with. Because you are not only going to carry the 5th wheel and appliances, but also you, the passengers, and other necessities. This will all add up to the weight and make it harder for your Tundra to pull. And this is where the 80% rule comes in.

This means you will have to keep the UVW and GVWR under 80%. This is the standard method to tow any 5th wheel, which keeps everything in order. Otherwise, you risk not only damaging your vehicle, but also it hard to maneuver it. 

3. What Is Ideal For Your Tundra

The ideal weight for your Tundra to carry should always be between 7,035 and 8,170 lbs. Why? This is because of the GVWR and the 80% rule. Keeping everything in your control is the key to having a safe and happy ride. Unless you want everything to skid off here and there and find yourself in a ditch, you should never try to pull a huge 5th wheel with your Tundra.

There are a lot of 5th wheels that are in that weight range. And you can go for them. 

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

How big of a camper can a Tundra pull?

Tundra can pull any camper that is under 8,500 lbs. Although the pulling capacity of a Tundra is 10,000 lbs, you should consider the 80% rule. As there will be other cargo like passengers and other appliances, you should never go on full with the capacity. 

Which Toyota Tundra has the highest towing capacity?

The Toyota Tundra 2023 3.4 liter with a V6 drivetrain has the highest towing capacity. It can tow up to 12,000 lbs. Regular Tundra can two around 10,000lbs. 

What size truck Do I need to pull a fifth wheel?

You will need a large truck like the Ford F 250, Chevrolet Silverado 2500, or Ram 2500 to pull a fifth wheel. Basically, a ¾ ton truck is the best for pulling a 5th wheel. 

Can a Toyota Tundra pull a 5000 lb trailer?

Yes. A Tundra can pull a 5000lb trailer as its minimum pulling capacity is 8,000 lbs. 


The Tundra is an amazing vehicle to have and drive. But if you are keen on pulling a huge 5th wheel, it won’t just cut it. Keeping it under the limits will not only make your drive enjoyable, but you will be more in control rather than the 5th wheel pulling you down. So go for the smaller ones, and leave the bigger ones for the trucks that are built for it.

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