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Best Class C Motorhome for Tall Guys | All You Need to Know

As a 6′ 10″ tall person, I’ve always struggled to fit comfortably in most RVs. Standard Class C motorhomes with their 6 to 6 1/2-foot ceiling heights had me hunkering down and bumping my head constantly. Short mattresses left my feet hanging off the ends of beds all night long. Forget having any elbow room in the bathroom or kitchen either! 

After years of unpleasant, cramped camping trips, I finally found the perfect RV for my tall frame – a 32-foot Winnebago Navion with nearly 7 feet of interior head clearance, a spacious rear bath, and a king-size bed that lets me stretch out fully. I can stand up straight without slouching and even have ample clearance in the shower and aisleways. I no longer feel like an oversized Alice in Wonderland trying to fit into a normal RV wonderland! 

For fellow tall travelers hoping to enjoy RVing, the key is finding a rig tailored specifically to accommodate extra height and length. Let me tell you what I’ve learned after much frustrating trial-and-error about finding a livable Class C motorhome for us tall folks.

Best Class C Motorhome for Tall Guys

Interior Height: The Starting Point for Comfort

Imagine navigating a confined space where you constantly have to duck to avoid hitting your head. That’s not exactly the relaxing RV experience anyone wants, especially for tall individuals. Therefore, the text suggests prioritizing sufficient interior height in a Class C motorhome if you’re on the taller side.

Headroom: This refers to the vertical clearance between the floor and the ceiling. For someone who’s 6 feet tall, for instance, an RV with 6 feet 6 inches of headroom would be the minimum for comfortable movement. However, aiming for 6 feet 8 inches to 7 feet would provide even better headroom, especially if you like to raise your arms or jump around (within reason, of course!).

Clearance in key areas: Don’t just focus on the general headroom. Check the clearance in specific areas you’ll use frequently, like the kitchen (above counters and cabinets), bathroom, and living space (around couches and tables). You might find that while the overall headroom is sufficient, there might be awkward dips or low-hanging cabinets in certain spots that could cause you to duck or bump your head.

Doorway clearance: Pay attention to the height of doorways, especially the entry door and bathroom door. A slight bump on the head might seem like a minor annoyance, but it can become irritating over time. Look for doorways that have at least 6 inches of clearance above your height for comfortable passage.

Bed Size Matters When You’re Extra Long

Once adequate clearance has been established, bed size selection plays a vital role in selecting the right Class C motorhome for taller bodies. 

Full-body stretch: Imagine lying down on the bed and extending your arms and legs fully. The ideal bed length should accommodate this comfortable stretch without your feet or head going off the edges. Adding 6 inches to your height is a good rule of thumb to ensure enough buffer space. For example, if you’re 6 feet tall, a bed that’s 6 feet 6 inches long would be the minimum, while 6 feet 8 inches or even 7 feet would be even better for ultimate comfort.

Sleeping arrangements: If you share the RV with a partner, consider their height as well. Choose a bed wide enough for both of you to sleep comfortably side-by-side. Queen-size beds (around 60 inches wide) might be the minimum, while king-size (around 76 inches) would offer ample space for couples of average height. Consider bunk beds if traveling with kids, as they can maximize space while providing separate sleeping areas.

Watch Clearances in the Bathroom & Kitchen Areas

Since the unique Class C layout places living amenities amidst the driving area, be mindful of clearances in spaces like the bathroom and kitchen. Avoid models with cramped galleys or compact bathrooms that might be uncomfortable. Look for a center-aisle floor plan with an open layout to prevent constantly ducking around while using these spaces, especially for taller passengers.

Overall Length Means a Roomier Feel

In the case when most Class C motorhomes meet interior height and bed length requirements, opt for a longer model (24 feet and above) which will have a more spacious feel versus shorter RVs. The few extra feet of living area make a noticeable difference in livability, mainly if spending extended time traveling. Consider the maximum length allowed at desired camping destinations before choosing an RV.

Top Class C Recommendations for Tall Travelers

The criteria above narrow suitable choices down to a handful of great “tall-friendly” Class C models:

Thor Chateau 25V Motorhome

Interior height: 6’7″ (2 meters) – This should accommodate most people comfortably standing and moving around inside the motorhome.

Bed length: 6’8″ (2 meters) – This is a generous length for a bed in a motorhome, suitable for taller individuals or those who prefer some extra space.

Comfort Features:

Power driver’s seat: This allows for easy adjustment of the driver’s seat position for optimal comfort and driving posture.

Tilt/telescoping steering wheel: This provides added flexibility to adjust the steering wheel position for comfort and easier driving for people of different heights.

Additional information:

Without knowing the model year or other details, it’s difficult to provide specifics on other features or amenities. However, you can find more detailed information about the Thor Chateau 25V on the Thor Motor Coach website or through online reviews and owner forums.


If you’re particularly tall (above 6’5″), you may want to double-check the interior height and clearance in specific areas like the shower to ensure your comfort.

Consider your sleeping arrangements and whether the bed size is suitable for everyone sharing the motorhome.

Winnebago Aspect

The Winnebago Aspect is another solid contender in the Class C motorhome category, 


Interior height: 6’6″ (1.98 meters) – Slightly less headroom than the Thor Chateau 25V, but still comfortable for most individuals.

Bed length: 6’8″ (2 meters) – Matching the Thor Chateau in generous bed size for tall travelers or those seeking extra space.

Power driver’s seat and tilt/telescoping steering wheel: Similar to the Thor Chateau, providing comfort and convenience for drivers of different heights.

Additional features:

Upscale amenities like Corian countertops and backsplash, MCD solar and blackout roller shades, and an Infotainment Center with Rand McNally RV GPS.

Two floorplan options: the 27K with 2 slideouts and a choice of sofa or dinette, and the 30J with 3 slideouts and a choice of sofas.


The slightly lower interior height compared to the Thor Chateau might be worth noting for very tall individuals.

The Winnebago Aspect tends to be a bit on the higher end price-wise compared to other Class C options.

Jayco Greyhawk motorhome

The Jayco Greyhawk provides a comfortable and feature-packed Class C experience:

Interior height: 6’5″ (1.95 meters) – Offers good headroom, but slightly less than the Thor Chateau and Winnebago Aspect.

Bed length: 6’7″ (2 meters) – Still a generous size for most sleepers, offering a comfortable night’s rest.

Power driver’s seat and tilt/telescoping steering wheel: Ensuring comfort and driving ease for various preferences.

Additional features:

Available in multiple floorplans to suit different needs and preferences.

Known for its sturdy construction and reliable performance.

Generally more affordable compared to the Thor Chateau and Winnebago Aspect.


Like the Winnebago Aspect, the headroom might be a slight concern for very tall individuals.

Some users mention slightly less storage space compared to other Class C options.

Airstream Interstate motorhome

The Airstream Interstate brings iconic design and luxurious comfort to the Class C realm:

Interior height: 6’4″ (1.93 meters) – Offers adequate headroom for most people, but the shortest among the four options.

Bed length: 6’6″ (1.98 meters) – Still a comfortable bed size for most travelers.

Power driver’s seat and tilt/telescoping steering wheel: Providing optimal driving comfort for different heights.

Additional features:

Sleek and aerodynamic Airstream design that stands out from the crowd.

High-quality materials and finishes throughout the interior.

Advanced safety features and driver assistance systems.


The lowest interior height among the four options, potentially feeling less spacious for very tall individuals.

The Airstream Interstate comes at a premium price, being the most expensive of the four choices.

Ultimately, the best choice for you will depend on your individual needs and priorities. Consider factors like headroom, bed size, amenities, budget, and driving preferences to make an informed decision.

Making Class C RVs More Livable for Tall People

Beyond the RV selection itself, certain upgrades help maximize comfort for tall travelers:

1. Flip-Up and Reclining Furniture

Installing a flip-up table/desk and swapping out standard dinette seats for reclining chairs can significantly improve legroom when seated. This allows stretching legs forward without jamming knees against fixed surfaces.

2. Adjustable Shower Heads and Glass Doors

Upgrading to handheld or slide bar shower heads enables finding the perfect height for tall users. Swapping out shower curtains for glass doors containing shelves also opens up limited bathroom space.

3. Mattress Toppers and Extenders

Since many RV mattresses are not long enough for very tall people, using foam or memory foam toppers can provide extra length. Specialty companies also sell mattress extender pads with built-in pockets to accommodate feet hanging over the bed.

Find Your Perfect Class C Motorhome

For tall individuals and families hoping to enjoy RV travel, select Class C models can readily accommodate extra height and length needs with standup headroom and beds sized for taller bodies. Choosing the right interior height, bed size, kitchen/bath layout, and overall length allows comfortable long-term living. With adaptable furniture and sleeping upgrades, even very tall people can relish RVing in a Class C motorhome perfectly tailored to fit their frame.

FAQs About Class C RVs for Tall People

  • What is the best Class C RV for tall people?

The Winnebago View and Navion models over 24 feet with 6’10” interior ceiling heights and king-size bed options work very well for tall travelers. Four Winds and Coachmen Leprechaun also have options accommodating taller passengers.

  • What RV brands are good for tall people?

Winnebago, Thor Motor Coach, Coachmen, Forest River, and Fleetwood models can all satisfy height and length requirements to comfortably fit taller bodies. Focus mainly on the specific layout and dimensions rather than the brand alone.

  • Do RV dealers make height adjustments for tall drivers?

Yes. Many dealers can adapt the driver/passenger seating and console area in RVs. Ask them about installing swivel chairs, lowering the floor, or adjusting steering wheel tilt/distance to tailor the cockpit ergonomics to suit taller drivers.

  • What mattress upgrades help tall people sleep better?

Using thicker foam, memory foam, or latex mattress toppers can provide the needed length if the RV mattress itself runs short. RVT Mattress Extender Pads have pockets accommodating feet hanging off the mattress with extra padding.

  • Should tall people only consider Class A motorhomes?

Not necessarily. While Class A motorhomes provide more overall space and height clearance, many Class C layouts and dimensions can readily meet most height and length needs for tall travelers without requiring a larger vehicle.

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