5 Practical Must-Haves for RV Living

After seven months of RV living, we have compiled a list of must-haves. These items have made our lives on the road so much better.

We wished we would have known about these when we bought our RV and hope that this post will help you as you plan your RV life.

Practical Must-Haves for RV Living

What Are the 5 Practical Must-have Items for RV Living?

If you sit down to make a list of must-have accessories for RV living, in the end, you won’t find it any shorter. There are so many items that can make your RV living far better in so many cases. Here, we will talk about the 5 items that we found pretty useful in our case. Here are them one by one –


It took us about a month to realize that we had a big problem with humidity.

Our towels never dried and the RV felt uncomfortable.

We tried running the fan and cracking open a window, but it didn’t help.

After doing a little research and asking RV living forums for advice, we received the same answer get a dehumidifier.

We are so happy with this purchase. It never ceases to amaze me every morning when I dump out all the water that has been collected from the air.

Not only does it remove moisture, but it also collects dust and other particulates from the air (it has a small screen that acts as a filter) and helps us sleep at night (ambient noise).

Yet another bonus, it helps dry any clothes you hand wash.

We purchased the 32-pint Haier dehumidifier.

Pizza Stone

(RV Living Oven Issue – Burnt cookies and so on)

We were burning everything we cooked in the RV oven. It didn’t matter if it was a pizza, muffins, or cookies.

Then some of our close people suggested we may purchase a pizza stone or oven tiles.

We purchased a pizza stone because it was convenient – found it while grocery shopping one day.

We keep the pizza stone in the oven all the time. The stone distributes the heat evenly. We do not cook on the stone itself.

Since purchasing the pizza stone, we have not burned too many.

But the thing is the pizza stone has actually cracked accidentally and it still works!!

But if you don’t want to let this happen, here are some pro tips to keep it from cracking –

  • Store it somewhere safely (maybe wrapped) on travel days
  • Do not place it in a hot oven when it is wet
  • Avoid placing wet items above hot stone Reasons it cracked

Cell Booster

(Yet another RV Living issue – poor cell reception!!)

We went many months without having cell issues and didn’t expect to have any since we tend to stay in fairly civilized places.

Well, we were wrong.

One of our recent locations was very beautiful but had a very poor cellular signal.

We were able to make calls only while standing on the picnic table!!

To make matters worse, I was unable to work (no cell signal = no mobile internet).

After a few days of this, we decided to start researching cell boosters.

They have several different kinds of cars, trucks, RVs, homes, and offices.

Please note, this will only boost what you have. If there is zero cell reception, the WeBoost will have no effect on your reception. It has to have something to boost.

We decided to purchase the RV-specific WeBoost. It really helped and we consider it a must-have, especially if you work remotely.

Portable RV Waste Tank

If you will be somewhere without sewer hookup at your campsite (no way to drain your black tank or grey tank) and your tanks fill up you have 2 options –

  • Drive your RV to a dump station (which may or may not be near you)
  • Use an external, portable waste tank that you can then tote to the RV Park dump station (which may or may not be up an extremely steep hill)

New Air Conditioner

We were very surprised when our AC went out. I mean, it was a fairly new unit.

Turns out, our AC model was defective and the company replaced it without charging us (thanks to warranty/recall!!).

We only paid the AC guy that installed it. Great news since summer is around the corner and we don’t have the freedom (yet) to follow the weather.

So, if you feel like your unit isn’t working well, contact the manufacturer. Our unit never worked well and we thought it was a normal RV AC function, but it turns out the unit was just bad.

If you are no longer under warranty, you may need to purchase your own unit.

Final Thoughts

So, those are our 5 must-haves for RV living. Would you add something else to the list? Have you used any of the items we listed? Do you want to purchase the items we mentioned? Are you new to RVing? Let us know what you think and thanks for reading and supporting our adventures!

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