This is for all you RVers that are still out and about in the winter months. Maybe you RV full time or maybe you just want to see some snow and build a snowman with the kids for winter break. Whatever the reason, you can’t just load up and head out. You need some practical things to make your winter RVing a wonderful and memorable experience. Keep reading for the winter RVing must haves!!

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First, let’s go over the practical stuff…nothing fancy here… Want to skip to the fun stuff?? Click Here!!



This one is huge!! You need a dehumidifier to keep your RV comfortable and to keep moisture from gathering in those hard to reach corners. Moisture in those hard to reach areas can lead to mold and you don’t want that in your RV. An added bonus of the dehumidifier is that it warms and filters the air.


Of course your RV has a built in heater, but they aren’t always very efficient, especially if you are going to be winter RVing in a really cold climate.


Things you want to keep in mind with a portable electric heater:

1) This will increase your costs if you are staying in a park that meters your electricity

2) Some parks don’t allow them, so you’ll need to do some research.


When we are winter RVing, we tend to trade between our propane heater and our portable heater. Helps us conserve propane and distribute the heat more evenly.


This is a must have if you will be traveling anywhere the temperature dips below freezing. You don’t want a ruptured or frozen hose. Trust us, it’s no fun blow drying your hose in PJs on a frigid winter morning… Definitely worth the purchase.


I know…This is actually 2 things!!


You can use them together and wrap your heated water hose!! I know, the water hose is already heated, but if you are going to be somewhere that will be below freezing for an extended period of time, this will keep your water flowing!!


First you wrap your hose with the heat tape and then put the foam insulation on top of that. Simple and inexpensive!


Make sure your grey and black tanks don’t freeze!! Again, there is nothing fun about thawing things out with your blow dryer. These tank heaters have thermostats and adhesives to make application and use fairly simple.


This will help keep the underside for your RV warmer. It will help keep those pipes and tanks from freezing as well. RV skirting will also help the inside of our RV stay warmer. There are a variety of skirts out there – from vinyl kits to DIY foam or plywood skirts.



The easiest and cheapest way to insulate your windows is to buy Reflectix. Just cut and mount. We use velcro for ours. We use these overnight (summer and winter).

Practical & Inexpensive


If you want something prettier, try blackout curtains. Not only do they keep your RV toasty, but they also provide noise reduction and can make the space seem a bit more homey.


Practical & Pretty


OK – now that we have been practical (or for those of your that skipped all that boring stuff)…let’s have fun with winter RVing!

Thinking of RVing in winter? Well, here is a list of some practical (and some fun) must haves!! This list is great whether you are interested in #RVliving or just a short winter trip!


It’s winter! You have to have a fire!!


Some campgrounds and RV parks have a fire pit already… BUT some don’t or maybe you want something a little more fun!!


Well, you can get get some really amazing ones for looks, warmth, and smore’s!! OH yeah, and SMORE’S are a must!! lol



OK, it’s not magic… If you have kids like me that are not excited by the fire anymore… grab some of these pine cones that change color in the fire!! Toss one or more in at a time for a unique campfire experience!! Oh and if you’re not the best at getting the fire going, try some fire starters! Gets them going every time!


This is for those of you that want to sit outside, but not freeze. You can bring a little heat outside while you try to light the fire or for whatever other reason you’d like!!



Lights aren’t just for Christmas…


Make your own rules and your winter RVing outdoor space your own. Celebrate winter with some outdoor lights – it will make your space pretty and usable!


And let’s not forget, you’ll need the extra lights for those short winter days!


This may be an obvious thing, I know… But how about a wearable blanket? I’m still wondering how in 30-something years I still don’t have one of these. I think this might be the year.


This is for those of you wanting to go winter RVing just for some snowy fun!! This nifty device helps you make snowballs with smiley faces!! Pretty cool. Think I’m adding it to the list of fun must haves!!

 Winter RVing


Couldn’t help it! You can sport your own Exploring the Local Life long sleeved t-shirt! 🙂 It’s a great way to stay warm in a fun and comfy way!!


OK – so how did I do? Did I miss anything?

Hope this helps with your winter RVing!!

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