Everyone loves the summer for RVing – the kids are off from school and well…we are told summer is time to vacation and let loose! Seriously though, in the northern states, summer is a special time to enjoy the warm weather and all the gorgeous lakes that have thawed and warmed enough for swimmers to enjoy. So why should you RV in the fall? What makes it so special?

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1 – Cooler Weather

To RV in the fall means cooler weather…unless you are in Florida, but even then you may be able to enjoy temperatures in the 80s instead of the 90s. This means you can truly enjoy the great outdoors. You can take a hike in pleasant weather, you can open your windows and let in some fresh air, and lets not forget the campfire! Break out the s’mores and gather around the fire! Need some s’mores recipes? Check out Liz Wilcox’s 5 S’mores Recipes to Rock the Campfire Scene.

2 – Fall Foliage

Aside from the amazing temperatures, you can experience some amazing fall colors. Is there anything better than than seeing the vibrant reds, oranges, and yellows in the forest? It makes the hike and the entire camping experience so amazing. Nothing like watching the forests show off! Make sure to bring your camera along to capture the beauty and these special fall moments with your family and friends. Another way to remember this special time, collect some of the most vibrant leaves and make some art – use them to inspire paintings and drawings. You can even make a collage with the leaves. Here are some fun arts and crafts fall leave projects.

3 – It’s the Off-Season

It is a great time to get away from work and school and reconnect with nature. When you RV in the fall, it gives you time to recharge and relax in the great outdoors without the crowds. This means you might be able to get into that RV park or campground that is normally booked during the peak season. Some campgrounds even have cheaper rates during the off-season.

RV in the fall

4 – Fall Only Fun

Fall brings season-specific festivals like Apple Festivals, Harvest Festivals, and Octoberfest to name a few. Let’s not forget visiting nearby pumpkin patches and being able to carve your pumpkins and decorate your campsite! Sure you can do this from your house, but adding a camping trip will make the time that much more memorable. Campgrounds also have special events during this time to usher in this beautiful time of the year. The days start getting shorter meaning that little ones can enjoy some night time activities – watch the skies, count the stars, and say hi to the moon! Not sure where to find fall festivals? Search here.

RV in the Fall
Our first time carving while camping!

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Final Thoughts –

So what do you think? Do you go RVing in the fall or are you already prepping for winter? Do you have some fantastic fall camping memories?

If you are heading to Georgia this fall, we recommend hiking John’s Mountain and visiting some local farms!

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