Going RV’ing – whether on a weekend camping trip or Full Time year round is a great opportunity to get STUFF. Stuff you need, stuff that maybe you might need… and stuff you don’t need. So here are our Top Ten Must Haves for RV Living – we will never buy.

This doesn’t mean that these most excellent products don’t have uses for us, but just not at this point in our journey to simplify our living. Let us know what you think in the comments! So without further ado here’s our list (with Amazon links) for your critique and shopping pleasure!

This post has affiliate links all over. That doesn’t diminish the thoughts we want to share with you…

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#1 Ice Maker

An Ice Maker is an indispensable tool for a good time hanging out at the campground enjoying your iced coffee, or alcoholic beverage of choice. However we’re not on vacation (good for you if you are!). We have a day to day grind of getting up, taking care of the kids, and getting to work. Space is at a premium, and we already have a refrigerator/freezer. Do you have other opportunities where an ice maker works for you?

RV Living

#2 Instant Pot

How many ways can you cook RVing it? Our basic Travel Trailer has a stove top, an oven, and a microwave. Then many campsites also have firepits and charcoal grills. So, why do we need yet another way to cook things? Well yes, because it’s cool. Get yourself an Instant Pot. This marvel of modern technology will “do the job of a slow cooker, electric pressure cooker, rice cooker, steamer, yogurt maker, sauté/browning pan, and warming pot”* And will save you time doing it – with bluetooth! RV Living made easy, right?

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#3 Zero Gravity Chairs

Let’s kick back and relax! In chairs that we can’t fit into our Travel Trailer’s storage berths!!! But seriously, you want good chairs to enjoy your campsite and watch the sunset. So be sure to get chairs that won’t get in the way of RV living. If you have the space – go for it. But for us in our Grey Wolf 26DBH, these comfy chairs are out!

RV Living

#4 Three Axle 5th Wheel

RV living for many people means pulling out all the stops and going BIG. Fifth Wheel big, with a whopping 3 Axle Fifth Wheel. God Bless You and more power to you, and I hope that all of you will be happy together. We however, will keep it smaller with our little boat. If you are however, in the market for any size RV/FifthWheel/Class B/C or Travel Trailer, make sure to use a convenient and FREE Buyers Worksheet from RVing Planet.

This is where I’d put a photo of a 3 axle Fifth Wheel, but they’re a little rare. Our friends at Chickery’s Travel’s have this beaut!

RV Living

#5 Inflatable Hot Tub

Yes… This is a thing, and it looks wonderful. I thought Jessica was kidding when she brought this up, but hey, if you have the time, and it’s cool outside? Why not? I just can’t look forward to deflating, drying, and putting it back in the bag! Maybe when we go to Colorado again..?

RV Living

#6 Golf Cart

Sometimes a home on wheels and a modern automobile is just not enough. Even your legs aren’t going to cut it. You gotta have moar power! If this is you, get yourself a Golf Cart! Don’t forget to accessorize either. Golf carts (or golf cars) are booming in popularity, so if you need one – get one. But while our legs can get us where we need to go, we’ll skip it. Or drive there in our eco-friendly massive truck!

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Keep it Real

#7 Berkey Water Filter

The Berkey Water Filter is one of those indispensable products that you can’t do without… right? Well this is one that we may actually get, and soon. As our friends at Crazy Family Adventure will attest, if you dry-camp or boondock, having an excellent water filter that you can just go to the creek, scoop up some water and filter it out in a few minutes, is a necessity. So ok, we’ll actually get a kick ass water filter before too long…

RV Living

#8 Wall Soap Dispenser

Convenient? Yes. Needed? Yes. Gonna buy it? No.  Why? Because. Well, not just “because”, but because it has to be mounted. Depending on what you get there may be drilling involved, and let me say that I am not drilling anywhere near a wet area in my RV! Ok, maybe velcro? But again, how will the velcro stand up to a wet environment? Not to mention, Jessica is getting sick of all the velcro I’m putting up in the RV and pickup truck. Gotta pick your battles. Anyhow, if you think it is worth it (I do, just not going to do it), get yourself a very convenient and helpful Wall Soap Dispenser.

RV Living

#9 Dishwasher

Yes, you too can have a wonder of modern technology sitting on your countertop inside your Travel Trailer, Class A, or heck even your Tab camper! But… where did our counterspace go? If you have a big Diesel Pusher, or something like the aforementioned 3 Axle Fifth Wheel (remember I still love you) – the more power to you! We’ll stick with Dishwasher A (Robert), Diswasher B (Jessica) and Dishwasher C (Nadia). Provisional Dishwasher D (Daniel) has never washed a plate in his life!

RV Living

#10 Dyson Air Multiplier Fan

This. Is a fan my friends… It moves air, does it well, with panache, and electricity…. It, in short, is a work of art.

RV Living

However, for the price, I’m going with old reliable. And so should you.

RV Living

Final Thoughts

Well, that sums it up. These are 10 AMAZING items that can make your RV living more comfortable and convenient, but for our lives, they just don’t work. Our RV journey is all about simplicity and minimalism. Sometimes that means we have to live without perfectly formed ice cubes and uncomfortable lawn chairs. Intersted in a more practical list? Well, we have two: 5 Must Haves for RV Living and 12 Items New RV Owners Must Buy!

Robert – who has written posts on Exploring the Local Life.

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14 thoughts on “Top Ten Must Haves for RV Living …We Will Never Buy

  1. I respectfully disagree on just a couple items. I do the majority of our cooking in the Instant Pot. The reason? I can do other tasks while it does its thing without having to be there to flip, stir, or saute’. The other is the golf cart (the whole they-carry-a-golf-cart judgment from other RVers really hurts)–we have mobility/health issues that prevent us from using our two legs at times, but we definitely do use them when we’re able. Otherwise, I pretty much agree with all of your items (except the lawn chairs–if they come along at the right price–they’re on the maybe list). I love this lifestyle–there are a million different ways of living it and no ‘one’ way is right. I do enjoy your posts! Hope to see you on the road. Dawn

    1. Hi Dawn – Thanks for sharing your thoughts and your own must haves. 🙂 I just know that if we bought a instant pot it would never get used. I think it is amazing that so many get them and love them!! The golf cart is definitely fun and in some cases very needed. For us, there is no need. 🙂 It would just be another thing to have and maintain. Who knows, in 10 years we may have all of these!! 🙂

  2. There’s many (most) I agree w/, some no. I just traded my instant pot for a bigger crock pot. I too hated it. Our ice maker came w/ the coach & is built in so we LOVE it, yes it’s all about the cocktails. Lol
    And a golf cart is great too. As a matter of fact we are trading the car in for a pickup to carry the golf cart & kayaks. Everything else spot on.

    1. Since creating this post, we have been making ice with our little ice tray. lol. It’s keeping us from buying the portable ice maker!! Did you get your truck for the golf cart and kayaks? 🙂

  3. The portable hot tub looks amazing. Though I won’t be buying it! I do yearn for an instant pot. I got a ninja version of it without realizing that it had non stick coating inside, which I prefer not to use. It also doesn’t pressure cook and doesn’t do yogurt. Oh well. I might invest in an instant pot when we get on the road.

    1. I know Jenn…that hot tub does sound like a lot of fun!! Let me know if you end up with the instant pot and how you like it!!

  4. Mostly in agreement, but I see two must-haves for us (Instant Potnis IMO indispensable & the shower dispenser does away with all the annoying bottles), and one thing we have but agree is a storage hog: zero gravity chairs.

    We were on the fence about our Berkey but decided after experiencing really gross water on our last trip that we needed it. Hubby actually drove ~35-40 miles each way to go home and get it.

    1. I’m pretty sure we will end up with a Berkey…the other items… Glad that you have found the things that work best for you. Even those space hogs! lol

  5. Oh good lord ! Why leave your house! This list is ridiculous ! None of this needs in a camper !

  6. Totally agree, nice stuff, but who really needs it?? Space and weight are already at a premium…yeah, good list.

  7. Hi new comers needed a lot or they think so. The best thing we have is a 2 Burner propane cooker for the out outside. No bacon smell or tacos in the camper. Nice!! I use it all the time. The icemaker is a plus I had one for 10 years. We live in a camper eight months out of the year. Love Camping Life

    1. So true. We have one of these 2 burner stoves as well. We keep it for emergencies (or when we are irresponsible and run out of propane).

      We just use an old fashion ice cube tray. 🙂 Although every now and then I think having a ice maker would be great. I’m not ready to give up my already limited counter space up… 🙂

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