Two weeks ago, Robert shared his thoughts on one year of RV living (check it out here) and now it’s my turn.

I’d like to start out by saying it feels like we just moved in and at the same time it feels like we haven’t lived in a house in years.

So, how did it all begin?

Like Robert said, it was just a nice little dream we had – get a RV, see the country, go camping, but be able to sleep in an actual home as opposed to a nylon tent, oh and have our own bathroom.

While I love the outdoors, tent camping got old real quick, or maybe it was me that got old. Anyway, I digress.

We started looking at RVs and of course started searching YouTube for other crazy people that wanted to full time in a RV.

We started watching and the more we watched the more we felt we could really do it, even with kids and pets.

Tent camping, long, long ago

So, do I think we made the right choice?

Now that one year of RV living has come and gone, I can say absolutely!

The alternative would be to rent a house or apartment, but those options just don’t fit with our lives or our goals.

They are both lovely, but require quite a bit of maintenance that we have done (or we at least attempted to do) and just don’t want to deal with anymore.

We just felt like we were missing out on what we wanted to do – which is to go out and explore.

I’m not saying maintaining the RV is a cake walk, but we kind of like it . Strange, I know. Maybe I won’t feel that way in a few years, we will see.

Also, renting meant we would be taking care of someone else’s property. With kids and pets, I just didn’t want to deal with “messing things up”.

Could we have purchased a home, yes, but again, we didn’t want that responsibility or to be tied to a place.

I also really like being able to just move our house wherever and whenever we want.

If we have to go across the country for work, no problem. We can just go.

If we want to visit friends and family, there’s no packing.


Want to know even more about why we chose this life? Watch below!


Now to the downsides…

After one year of RV living I really miss our washer and dryer.

If you follow our adventures on YouTube, you will know that I have mentioned this many times.

There are units that have washer/dryer hookups/vents. We did not choose a RV with this feature.

We intentionally went with a simple RV.

At the time I did not realize how much I would dislike using the laundromat.

I have used them in the past, but that was 12 years ago, before kids and piles and piles of laundry.

One Year of RV Living

Everyone smile…

We didn’t know exactly what we needed when we purchased our RV.

This isn’t really different than when you buy your first home.

You just know you need a formal dining room, family room, and living room…3 years later you realize you eat at the kitchen bar and have never sat in your living room.

Same thing with the RV.

We plan on making the RV fit our lives better by making some changes which we are still hashing out.

Could we buy another RV, of course, but that would mean a new loan and selling our current RV at a loss…no thanks.

We will keep our debt load the same and make small changes as we go…ourselves…and keep it economical (aka cheap).

We have been full time RVing for a year now. Find out what she thinks of this life. Was it a mistake? Would she do it again? #rvcamping #fulltimervliving

Final Thoughts on one year of RV living…

RV living is not perfect, but neither is living in house or apartment or condo or townhouse or whatever.

Life is life and it happens everywhere, but by choosing to live in a smaller space, we have realized how little we really need.

It has given us ample opportunities to work together and respect each other’s needs (we are still working on this of course).

We get to explore different places and meet new people, which is usually cool and exciting…occasionally disappointing.

The biggest thing is we are facing our fears one day at a time – fear of doing something unusual, fear of leaving the comfortable, fear of getting lost, fear of being without…we are facing and conquering these fears…together.

One Year of RV Living



Spending time together…




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