Have you decided to buy a RV? That’s fantastic!! If you have already started the RV buying process, you have probably discovered just how overwhelming it can be to compare RV layouts while keeping that budget in mind. If you haven’t started the RV buying process yet, let us save you some frustration. In this blog post we will share some amazing RV buying and shopping guides that will keep you organized and prepared.


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RV Buying – Staying on Budget

RV Buying The first place to start in the RV buying process, is to know how much you have and how much you can spend. It can be really easy to forget the budget when you see that beautiful RV with a residential fridge, a porch, and a washer/dryer connection. The best way to remember the budget and keep it in mind, is to do some serious calculations in an organized fashion. Sure you can jot it down on a piece of paper, in a notebook, or on your google drive…but maybe you need a little extra help getting started and keeping it all together. Well, there’s a Budget Saver Plan that helps you get started on figuring out your budget…in great detail. This plan will help you estimate the cost of outfitting the RV as well. There the price of the RV and then there are all the extras including hitching & leveling equipment and other supplies. These are things we usually forget about when calculating a budget. Now you are ready to start visiting dealerships to see what they have and what kind of pricing they are offering.

RV Buying – Before You Buy

RV Buying

OK, so you have a budget and you have been visiting the dealerships. Have you found what you are looking for? If you have, don’t just buy on the spot. Go back home and make sure that you (and your partner if applicable) are happy with what you have seen. You are still on budget and ready to make that huge decision. To make the process of purchasing the RV less stressful, there are several things you need to do, like schedule and appointment and make sure that you have everything that the dealership will require for purchase. Also keep track of everything the salesman has promised to include! The Before You Buy Stress Less Checklist can really help avoid all the craziness and stress that can occur during the RV buying process. It will also help you stay in control of the sale.

How to have a stress free RV buying experience. Get all the tools you need to have an enjoyable RV buying experience.

RV Buying – Not Sure Where to Start

Ok, so you’ve read about the checklists above, but you still have no idea where to start. There are two very simple options to get you started.

RV Buying
First is the FREE 3 Day RV Buyers Email Course. It is packed with tips and tactics, to help you save money and find the right RV for your family faster!


RV Buying

Second is the Free RV Buyers Worksheet. It will help you identify what your RV must have, figuring out the cost of the RV, what you need for towing, and how to keep track of all the RVs you like.

RV Buying – Everything You will Ever Need to Guide you Through the Process

RV Buying

You’ve looked at and maybe thought about getting the guides above, but still want more… Well, lucky for you there is another amazing bundle full of a ton of guides and worksheets for you (Ultimate RV Buyers Guide). Not only does it include all the worksheets and guides above, but it also includes the following:

Road Ready Checklist – handcrafted checklist is to help you to prepare for your trip – inside the RV, outside the RV, and customize with your own reminders

Winterize your RV Checklist – Avoid common mistakes, tips & tools to properly winterize, BONUS: detailed how to’s from 5 RVing authorities

RV Buyers – Trade-In Appraisal Guidebook – Know exactly how to get the most money for your trade

Final Thoughts

Well, I hope the above worksheets and guides will help make your buying process much smoother and stress free. Please let us know what you think and if you decide to purchase them. Also, let us know if you have other tools that you have used to get you through the RV buying process. Thanks for reading and happy travels!


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