We want you to be prepared when you start your RV Adventure and in order to help with your planning, we’ve come up with this helpful Shopping List for New RV Owners.

This list is about products you need as part of actually buying the RV. These aren’t convenience items or nice to haves like some of the items in our previous blog post, but tools and supplies that you simply have to have for the day to day and safe functionality for RV’ing. We’ll prepare a separate shopping list for living items soon.

We’ve provided Amazon links for these products, if you make a purchase via these links we will receive a small commission.

Okay new RV owners, Let’s dig in.

Sewer Hose and Disposable Nitrile Gloves

You can’t get around this one. If you RV, you will wash dishes, shower, and use the restroom. You want to get a good quality sewer hose that is at least 20′ long, and quality nitrile gloves to go with it. I recommend getting the Sewer Kit below from Camco. The hose swivels at all ends which avoids kinking and twisting stress on the hose. It also has end caps for keeping things sanitary when you disconnect, and an opaque sewer elbow. You want to know things are flowing well, you don’t necessarily want to see what’s actually going down. And the gloves. I don’t like worrying about what may have splashed on my gloves, so I use a fresh pair every time.

1. Sewer Hose

New RVers
2 – Nitrile Gloves

Rather watch? Here’s the live chat replay about the 12 items:


Fresh Water Hoses

Rather than a run of the mill water hose, make sure to get a purpose made fresh water hose. Forget that old hose sitting on the back porch, do it right. Minimum, 25′. In fact, get two. Yes two. You never know what accident could befall your first hose, especially since the fresh water fixtures and black/grey tank drains are typically on the same side of the RV not far from each other. Just sayin…

New RV Owners
2 – Fresh Water Hose

Heated Water Hose

If you’re camping year round or anywhere north of Central Florida or South Texas I definitely recommend a heated water hose. You don’t want to deal with the mayhem of a ruptured hose at 3:00 in the morning. Be prepared.

New RV Owners
4 – Heated Water Hose

Wheel Chocks and Levelers

You’re living life on wheels now so make sure you are living level and staying put when you park! Don’t forget your wheel chocks, and unless you have a self leveling rig, some simple levelers to help out!

New RV Owners
5A – Wheel Chocks

New RV Owners
5B – Wheel Chocks
New RV Owners
6 – Levelers

Weight Distribution Hitch and Sway Bar

If you’re towing a Travel Trailer like us, a weight distribution hitch is essential. When you place a load on your hitch ball, you’re unbalancing your truck/SUV by taking weight off of the front axle reducing control authority for turning and braking. A weight distribution hitch leverages weight back to the front of the tow vehicle as the nice Australian in this video explains. Take a look and then check the Amazon link below. Also, it pays to add a sway bar. Our TT is rock solid on the highway, partly due to having a sway control bar. GET PROFESSIONAL ASSISTANCE IF NECESSARY.

New RV Owners
7 – Weight Distribution Hitch and Sway Bar

Hitch Lock

This one’s easy, and cheap – Keep your party hitched together with a hitch lock.

New RV Owners
8 – Hitch Lock

Surge Supressor

This item on Shopping List for New RV Owners is one that we haven’t gotten yet but really need to, and soon. It’s a portable surge protector, and make sure to get the right one for you (30 or 50 Amp). We’ve taken on a machine worth thousands of dollars so spending two to three hundred dollars really has to happen. The two below additionally reset themselves after protecting your RV, which is important if you have pets travelling with you.

9A – 30 amp

New RV Owners
                           9B – 50 Amp

Amp Adapters

Continuing with the electric theme you definitely want a 50 Amp to 30 Amp adapter or of course a 30 Amp to 50 Amp adapter. There’s nothing worse that traveling all day, pulling into an overnight RV park and realizing that there are no 30 Amp sites left for your TT or a 50 Amp site for your Bus. An electrical adapter takes care of that problem so that you can hook up to any power outlet. It helped us out when our monthly parking site was occupied by another guest for 5 days last June and we had to park on a grassy spot with 50 Amp service. (Actually it was a gorgeous unofficial spot that they ran auxiliary power to that we were sad to leave).

New RV Owners
    10A – 30 Amp to 50 Amp
New RV Owners
10B – 50 Amp to 30 Amp


Power Cords

Critical for our Shopping List for New RV Owners is a spare power cord. We keep all our spare equipment separate from our day to day supplies to ensure survivability. And you don’t want to make a 2:00 am run to WalMart on New Year’s Eve if you can avoid it.

New RV Owners
                11A – 30 Amp Cord
New RV Owners
                   11B – 50 Amp Cord

RV Inverter Generator

Last but not least – and optional unless you’re going to be boondocking regularly – a gas inverter generator.
We haven’t purchased one yet, but will get in the next year we hope. We want to hit some remote spots and this will be a must have. We’ll do a full review when we do purchase one. Below are 3 examples that I have my eye on:

New RV Owners
12A – Yamaha EF3000iSEB a proven performer.
New RV Owners
12B – Briggs & Stratton 30545 P3000 a well known name, with a new product on the market
New RV Owners
12C – Honda EU3000I Handi 3000W. Honda has an excellent reputation in small engines

Final Thoughts

Now you can always find more RV products besides our Shopping List for New RV Owners, but we feel this list can help you cover the essentials for a smooth start to your RV adventure!

Please let us know what you think and if you have any questions for us! Being a new RV owner can be overwhelming, please let us know how we can help you!!

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Here are 12 must have items for any new RVer! You won't get very far without these items!!


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6 thoughts on “12 Items New RV Owners Must Buy!

  1. Your list is great. However one of the very first things I would tell any new RVer is upgrade your shower head!!!

  2. Thanks for you tips and advice. We are new to RVing and will be going on a year long adventure starting in the spring. One decision we are struggling with is a car. We have a class A and are a bit nervous about towing a car (adding length etc). We see so many that do – so we feel that it must not be that difficult. We also feel like we would use it all the time. Thoughts? Thanks for all your wisdom!

    1. Hi Ginny!! A lot of people have a tow vehicle and use it a lot. There are others that do not. How big is your Class A? Would you be comfortable taking it to the grocery store or other locations? Do you think you would be able to walk or bike to tourism locations or other places you would like to visit? People bring the tow along to be able to get around without having to take their entire RV. If we had a large Class A, we would probably want a small tow vehicle for getting around town and hitting the grocery store. I hope this helps that you enjoy your year long adventure!!

  3. I guess it depends what you tow or maybe you have a motorhome and wouldn’t need a few of these items however I would add toilet chemicals (to maintain fresh air smell and help to break down solids in your black water holding tank)( did I mention less smelly air!!!) toilet paper 1 or 2 ply you can get at camping world but your local Walmart caries it also. we also used bottled water for drinking and the coffee maker and icemaker. we use the trailer / faucet water for cooking and cleaning. small box of common tools for simple fixes to include lug wrench for tire changing, sledge hammer for setting up camp or fixing your computer, axe for firewood or clearing a campsite or getting unstuck, shovel for fire pit, getting unstuck, good for various things around camp., and maybe later get a chainsaw (if you are really stressed). trust me when I say these are required, be considerate to your neighbors. (did I mention toilet chemicals???) have a great RVer day.

    1. OMG – the sledgehammer!! I nearly spit out my gum…
      None of the must haves list are exhaustive and definitely reflect our needs and things we have purchased ourselves. 🙂

      Thanks for the suggestions!!!

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