Thinking of RVing in Cape Cod?

We had 10 days and while we could have done something new each day, we took it pretty easy.

When you RV full time (with kids) and work full time, you need some down time.

The possibilities are endless, but here is what we did.


RVing in Cape Cod

Where to Stay while RVing in Cape Cod:

We stayed at Gateway to Cape Cod. It is located just outside of Cape Cod and gives you access to the Cape, Boston, and Plymouth.

To be honest, the main reason we stayed there was because it was  included in our membership, BUT it was nice. We really enjoyed ourselves.

It does get muddy when it rains, but the pool is nice, you can get a cozy spot backing up into the woods or a spot in the middle of all the action.

There is also a lovely pond with a small pier for fishing.

We chose a lovely spot in section A, it was quiet and there were only trees behind us.

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 RVing in Cape Cod

What to do When RVing in Cape Cod:

*Our visits to the Cape Cod Museum of Natural History and Heritage Museums & Gardens were complimentary, but the opinions are our own.

Visit Onset Beach

This is located just west of Cape Cod (like just on the border).

It is a nice sandy beach on Buzzards Bay. The beach has lifeguards, concessions & restrooms, plus summertime events.

We visited in Mid-May and the only things available were the restrooms.

The beach was fairly quiet the day we visited, mid-week before school was out and before 5pm.

We found adequate paid parking and spent about an hour walking the beach and swimming.

The kids were a bit disappointed that there were no waves, but it was nice to cool off on a warm afternoon.

RVing in Cape Cod

Go see Plymouth Rock

OK, this isn’t actually part of Cape Cod, but it’s worth exploring.

Yes, it is a rock that you look at, but the parks, views, and cute shops are lovely to explore once you have seen the rock.

It’s free and opens the door to interesting discussions about history and the sense of adventure and determination that the first settlers in Plymouth must have had.

RVing in Cape CodRVing in Cape Cod



Explore Cape Cod Museum of Natural History*

I knew that this was going to be a hit with the family. We are big fans of scientific museums.

I think the biggest unexpected things were:

the small, but diverse aquarium with a tank that simulated a tidal pool;

the opportunity to feed butterflies;

wood bird carvings by Stephen Rich; and

the hike out to the mudflats on Cape Cod.

This is definitely a kid friendly spot, but also has plenty for the adults to explore and enjoy as well.

We spent about 3 hours at the museum and on the hike out to the mudflats.

 RVing in Cape Cod

Join us on our visit:



Enjoy the Heritage Museums & Gardens *

There is nothing quite like strolling through beautiful and peaceful gardens, but having the museums and art gallery as a bonus was a real treat.

There is something for everyone here.

It 100 acres of beauty.

Don’t let that number intimidate you though, especially if you cannot walk far due to disabilities.

The gardens have golf carts and trams that will pick you up and take you to a particular section.

Something that we didn’t get to explore (our kid are still not ready for this kind of fun) was the Adventure Park with zip lines and challenge bridges to cross.

RVing in Cape Cod

Highlights from our visit:

Things that we didn’t do

Adventuring down to Provincetown (or P-Town as the locals refer to it).

We tried several times, but someone always had to pee or eat or whatever (remember we have small kiddos)…and that 2 hour drive on that single lane road just seemed daunting.

We totally wimped out.

We also didn’t take any ferries or hit any other beaches other than Onset Beach.

We could have easily spent a small fortune in Cape Cod and made sure to keep costs down.

Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket – we’re on a tight budget, so this isn’t going to happen for quite a while.


Visiting Cape Cod? Then you must visit the Cape Cod Museum of Natural History. This local museum is full of fantastic exhibits and local flavor. This was huge hit for our family and highly recommend it.  #thingstodoincapecod #capecodfamilyfun #roadschool

Where to eat While RVing in Cape Cod:

We are frugal travelers and tend to eat at home nearly every day except for travel days (moving from one spot to another), but on this trip we did decide to splurge a few times. In some cases it was a win, in other times…well…


Stash’s Onset Beach.

We ordered chicken tenders for the kids, Robert had a messy (and delicious) burger, and I had a fish sandwich.

Everything was good, reasonably priced, quick, and with a wonderful view of the beach on their patio.

Definitely a nice place to fill up before hitting the beach.


Dunkin’ Donuts

Ok, this isn’t a typical Exploring the Local Life recommendation, but…

This nation-wide change began in Quincy, MA and you can’t drive around Cape Cod without finding one on every corner.

I think there are more Dunkin’ Donuts than McDonald’s in the area.

Anyway, it was fun to stop in and grab a quick snack or breakfast like the locals. 😉

Baxter’s Fish ‘N’ Chips

This is a local spot established in 1957.

It is the family friendly part of the restaurant and serves kid friendly fare.

The view is amazing.

It is right on the water and you can see all kinds of boats and ships go by.

The food was fresh and OK, but we weren’t expecting the huge bill we got, but we are in Cape Cod, right?

Definitely a fun place with a laid back and beautiful atmosphere and we love supporting local, but it was out of our budget and wish we would have done more research before stopping in.

RVing in Cape Cod

The Robin’s Nest Ice Cream and Food

This is a fun little local spot just down the street from Gateway to Cape Cod RV Campground.

The prices were low and ice cream was fabulous.

Robert was even able to grab some ice cream cones and bring them back to the RV before they completely melted!!

There’s an area to enjoy your ice cream or food outside in the warm sun.

What we didn’t eat

Anything involving lobsters or should I say lobstahs.


Well, none of us actually enjoy eating them…either due to mild allergic reactions or just for taste. I know…crazy!

We didn’t try any local coffee shops, or did we? Can we count Dunkin’ Donuts since they are local to area?

To clarify, we didn’t hit any local gourmet coffee shops, which we typically visit during our travels.

 RVing in Cape Cod

RVing in Cape Cod, My Final Thoughts –

We enjoyed our visit even though we did miss a few things here and there.

We travel all the time and sometimes we have to work or just take a day and do nothing but hit the pool or watch Netflix.

Since it is our life, there is no urgency to hit all the sights or to rush around.

We know we will be back and maybe then the kids will be older and the drive to P-Town will not be a big deal or someone will want to try the lobstah roll.

What about you?

Have you visited the area, what are your favorite places to visit?

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