Are you thinking of moving from your house or apartment into a RV? Are you in the middle of the process and wondering if it will ever end? Do you need help with the transition? Then this post is for you.


Designate areas of your house as “keep”, “trash”, “sell” and “donate”. Review these categories often.

RV Transition - From House to RV


RV Transition - From House to RV

Our very last yard sale…

Strategies for moving from house to RV: handling all your stuff and your emotions.Emotional Well-Being

Although you are transitioning from a house to RV and are likely looking forward to freedom, travel, or money savings, you might be feeling very far from excited. This is completely normal. When we were going through this process we felt exhausted, anxious, doubtful, frustrated, and stressed. We kept focusing on the goal and the end point. We knew that it would be ok…that we were making the right decision. We would be OK, even if we accidentally threw out a much needed item, it can be replaced, right?

The hardest things were the sentimental items and the remaining, lingering things in the garage. How many sentimental things did we have? Would we take them in the RV, put them in storage, or ask family or friends to keep them? What about all the the stuff strewn about the garage? There was a lot of guilt surrounding all the waste we had created and our misuse of our money.

The process is difficult, but something that must be done in order to live in a RV. You can do this! When you are done, when you are in your RV and you realize you don’t miss any of those things…it will be an amazing feeling.

We chat about our own experience in this video below.

Final Thoughts

Thank you so much for reading and watching. Please let us know how you are feeling as you transition from your home to your RV. As always, comment below if you have any questions.

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6 thoughts on “RV Transition – From House to RV

  1. Thank you for posting your experience! We are at the beginning of this journey. We just decided we want to sell the house and full time RV about a month ago. We are still deciding which type of RV to get trailer vs motor home. I’ve never home schooled my kids and they are 6 and 4. You and your family are a true inspiration!!

    1. Hi Franchesca. So glad our experiences are helping you. What kind of timeline do you have? Finding the right RV is fun and can get a little stressful. We had 2 that we absolutely loved and had to decide between them. It was a tough decision. If you have the time and are able, you can start homeschooling your kids now. That would help with the transition. The less new things everyone has to deal with, the smoother (kind of) the transition will be. Let us know if you have any questions. đŸ™‚ Thank you!

  2. We are in the process of transitioning and it’s exciting yet terrifying. Our mantra is, ” Move forward and enjoy the process.” Being a military family we are used to moving and purging so for the most part we treat it like any other PCS. We can’t wait to join the Rv lifestyle in four short weeks. Maybe we will see you on the road sometime. Until then, you are my Rv life guru. Your videos and blog posts are great. I’m currently setting up our social media sites and will gladly share our info so we can follow each others travels. Road schooling, exploring, and just living this lifestyle makes for a great family adventure. Enjoy your travels!

    1. Yes – Exciting yet terrifying. Best description of the process. Four weeks, how exciting! Yes, it would be great to see you on the road as well. We love meeting people that have taken the leap and hit the road with their families. I’m so happy that you enjoy our posts and videos. Definitely share you social media links. We love supporting others in their adventures. Let us know when you have officially launched and where you’ll be!!

  3. How do you manage full time RV living with 2 young children? We are about to have our second in a couple of months, and are planning to make the full time transition a few months after that. Our major motivator is that we too are a military family (as a previous commenter mentioned) and we are so tired of packing and unpacking and going thru a new rental process every 1-2 years.

  4. Oh, I am just seeing this comment. I’m so sorry about my delay!! How do we manage, well, we have some amazing days and we have some loud and miserable days. Like the past few days have been pretty miserable – rain and super, ultra, mega loud happy kids. I think about the good days though – walking together and chatting about what we see…the campfires…the snuggles…the places we get to see because of this life. Here’s another blog post of ours about living in a RV with kids:

    I hope all of this helps!

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