Concerns when thinking about moving into a RV: 1) how do you afford that life?, 2) where do you put all your stuff? After you get over #1, you move onto #2 and spend the entire full time journey balancing the small size with what you need. Here are some of our economical and easy RV organization solutions.

 How much space do you have?

The first thing is to determine how much space you have and how much you can devote to your things. If you have a really large RV, you may have plenty of storage inside and outside (under the RV) for your things. If you are in a smaller unit (less than 30), you’ll quickly see that you’ll need to be creative. Not only is the storage limited, but it is oddly shaped (even in the larger RVs). Shelves are too tall and too deep…you can lose (or forget) what you have in the back cabinets. And how do you take advantage of all that vertical space (we’re still working on this one!)?

Organizing a tiny space, such as a RV, can be overwhelming. Here are some inexpensive and easy things we have done to organize our shoes, clothes, and toys.

RV Organization – Shoes & Toys

We have a small area under our TV/entertainment unit area that is  meant for shoes. We keep about 3 pairs of adult shoes or 4 pairs of kid shoes (it’s constantly rotating). The rest of the shoes go in Trones shoe storage cabinets from IKEA. Here’s how much they can fit: Kid shoes – about 5 pairs (small kids), including boots, flip flops, and sneakers, Adult Male – 2 pairs of shoes, Small adult shoes – 3 or 4 pairs… We have about 4 Trones dedicated to shoe storage.

RV Organization
These are stacked and drilled into the cabinet.


RV Organization
There are 5 pairs of kids’ shoes in there!!

We have also found that the Trones can fit other things too, like toys and books. We love that they were easy to install, cheap, and colorful. If you want something more muted, they also come in black or white. Overall, a great RV organization solution.

RV Organization
These also store toys & books!!

RV Organization – Clothes

We decided to use the Skubb hanging shoe organize as clothes storage on our bathroom door. We decided to use it for clothes because we have way more clothes than we have shoes. This may change in the future, but again, we were going for easy and cheap storage ideas.

RV Organization

We also love the Skubb box sets. The are one of our favorite RV organization solutions and we have them all over the RV…in all colors. They are not very rigid, but they have worked very well for us and the price is fantastic!!

RV Organization
We use these storage bins all over the RV – for clothes, spices, etc.

Final Thoughts –

Get creative with your RV organization and do what works for you and your needs. We still have tons of work to do, but this is a great start for us. What have you used for organzation in your tight space?

RV Organization
When you start getting really creative!!

RVs may be small, but that doesn't mean you can't create some great storage and organization solutions. Here are our top picks for organizing shoes, clothes, and toys.

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